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7 of 9 nipples

Just finished a matter of honor and the painted on body glove they stuck 7 of 9 in is just ridiculous. I thought Trek moved beyond that when Troi was forced to wear a regular uniform.

7 Of 9 Nipples

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Not drinking anything meant she was also dehydrated. It's a wonder she survived.

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She was becoming hornier and hornier as her growing breasts made her want to lose all control. The size of cargo rooms? This is how I feel about the guy who wrote this story. Despite her newfound breasts consitently arousing her, Seven knew that in order for her to take over, she would have to get an agent to carry out her tasks, since Seven herself would be rendered immobile by her bust.

Quickly she blushed as she realized during her pause she had end up staring agape at them. And the rest of the Borg sued for Seven of Nine using their trademark catchphrase for her stupid tit-mutiny. Seven stood agape at the beautiful site infront of her, as she uncousciusly began to grope herself. An hourglass with a beachball glued to the front of it. The males would also bow down to her but she would send leave them on a small planet so as not to intefer with their female form of life.

She had no doubt that, should a serious confrontation occur, the Captain would not submit to her.

Ha ha ha! Also her breasts would swell even more during her growth phase of the day. Had it not been for her devotion to her new queen, she would have almost certainly have ripped open the strained catsuit Seven wore and tit fucked like never before. Needless to say, it was quite the fantasy as she imagined herself with tits the size of cargo bay rooms with hundreds of slaves obeying her every command. Enormous nipples are both absurd and unappealing!

WeirdFetish also made the pic you see above to help illustrate his epic tale of tittery, which continues after the jump. Like, even murder them?

Yes, nothing is quite as sexy as a robot with encephalitis of the tits trying to maneuver through a doorway. A civilization where no woman could ever leave the room she was in, because her tits were so freakishly large! She savored her expansion but took it slow as to not arouse suspicion. Seven felt a triumph as her normally resilient catsuit tore apart like it was made of paper as her might tits, now about the same size displayed themselves with any cover.

Of course. Breathing Deeply, and regaining her strength, she propped herself, albeit with much effort, to examine how large she had become.

Call me crazy, but when you abbreviate your own stupid fetish you run the risk of losing mainstream readers like ourselves. There was only one thing to do: try to make it to the cargo bay before she became stuck here. Do the turn to face the sun? It seems like, according to the very few scraps of logic featured in this story, that it would be men who would be more willing to submit to the woman with the biggest breasts.

Or maybe Seven contracted some alien spore that 1 landed on her tits and 2 is causing people to submit to her will? Sorry, just a little insane tit-obsessed Borg humor.

She snapped out of her reverie when the lift doors opened, and found that her fantasies had triggered the nanoprobes within her to begin the planned expansion. She would probably be unable to regain control of herself for a good time too. Men, women, children, animals, puppets, everybody.

At least then she could still walk around afterwards. I imagine death by boobs is a pretty dishonorable way for a Klingon to die. Well, the same size of course! Her tits, by her estimates, would weigh at least pounds each and be 5 feet in diameter making it close to impossible to move let alone move through a doorway.

And facecards are wild! Her butt was already swaying with added jiggle and her boobs were threatening to rip out of their feeble constraints. As big as a beanbag chair, she tugged and pulled on her quite elastic shirt material, and managed to tear the outfit to shreds getting her boob free. You will urinate and defecate where you stand, while your subordinates clean you, feed you, and wash you with a stick!

Everybody loves breasts. Does that mean the women with the largest tits can do anything to anyone with smaller tits? The were staggering, in the relatively short two minutes since her breasts had started expanding, they were 1 foot away from touching the floor.

She tried to command them to stop, but found she could barely work up the will too. Then came the hardest part — pulling here other tit out, which was even now slightly bigger than the other one had been to push. Janeway subconsciusly felt inferior to Seven and much more submissive upon gazing up such huge knockers.

I imagine there are some doozies in there, so please share them with your fellow Topless Roboteers in the comments. Her lust for expansion had opened her eyes and saw that all females needed what she was capable of. Pretty good, right?

Her upper part of uniform laid in tatters around her as her breasts began to slow there expansion. Her mind still reeling from the intense orgasm, Seven kneeled as she stroked her funbags which nestled in her lap and onto the cold floor.

It was therefore extremely gratifying to see Captain Janeway, the strongest woman aboard the ship, meekly submitted to her, thereby proving her theory. This is why the woman with the biggest tits has always been elected president of the United States for the last years.

She had to for now, content herself with stroking her tits. And there was no sag either, perky yet spherical they retained their form. Robert Bricken is one of the original co-founders of the site formerly known as Topless Robot, and its first editor-in-chief, serving from He is currently the managing editor of io9. Seven smiled again, and moved away.

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She allowed herself a rare smile at the thought But not a period to end her sentence, as that would have been unseemly. Nipple nipple tweak tweak fly! And yet, some people can take their love too far.

Despite decades as both an amateur and professional nerd, he continues to be completely unprepared for either the zombie apocalypse or the robot uprising. All status will be based solely on breast size and all law will be determined by the most large busted, the queen, Seven of Nine.

She began to force one of her huger-all-the-time tits through the turbolift door and managed to go through the doorway sideways, with one tit inside and one out. For every month she would expand her breasts by half a cup size and relish in the new sensitivity gained.

None of that mattered though as she continued he sexually enthralling stride toward her first follower. Just wanted to make sure that was clear. Can… Can a woman actually tit-fuck another women?

Resistance is futile. But Seven had a mission, and she needed to control hereslf for now. Not all of it, but a lot. Thanks for the free boob job, though. Are they like plants? Though her massive breasts were the main feature, her small waist and large ass contemplated her hourglass figure despite the fact no one could probably see them behind the mass of boob. Of course, this was only a minor incident. They were already the size of large beachballs and still growing. Not yet, that is. She enjoyed how sexy she felt, especially since the BE increased her already ample figure.

What the fuck?

7 of 9 nipples

Somebody deal. Soon after ing the crew, she had realized that the other women aboard Voyager were intimidated by her beauty, and she had quickly theorized that their feelings of inferiority would make them incline to submit to her. How do you feel about breasts? At last, civilization will reach its pinnacle! Seven theorized that when her breasts reached three times their present size, the Captain, and every other woman aboard Voyager, would be intimdated into total submission. Seven went on to explain her revelation.

Seven charged through the door, using her superior borg strength and humoungous knockers to pin the klingon to the wall. It was a relatively new thing she discovered when experimenting with her nano-probes. But unlike the other products of her experimentation, this was something she injected herself with every month. Stop making them bigger, you freak.