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Abdl boy stories

Source: deviantart. Evan sighed and breathed in the cool night air. It was late spring, close enough that summer would be coming soon but still brisk at night.

Abdl Boy Stories

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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal. Because to be honest, their interface is really to be reviewed otherwise you would not be here.

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Justice in the near future By deewetMarch 19 diaper dependance forced incontinance. A story by Baby Bobby. It did get me thinking, though, about maybe writing something up myself, that would touch on perhaps more useful and salient considerations, such as "Passing through TSA checkpoints in diapers", and "Finding products in places you've never been", which also ties into "How many diapers should I pack, and what kind?

Diaper genie open rp. I was annoyed as I wanted to spend more time with him doting on me but I knew he needed time too.

I cold! It gets a bit more problematic if all 4 of us and Binky have to be crammed in the car. It was fun seeing it come out in a cloud so I kept doing it while running through the cloud like an airplane, crinkling with every step.

Mark forum as read.

Diaperboy stories

He came back with a different tube of diaper rash cream and after a thorough cleansing with baby wipes and a cloth drying he applied it to my rash still in the inner thigh area. I started playing with the dollhouse and made a little story up about a family of bears who lived in it. I then scooped it up into little piles and rubbed it over the walls leaving a slight dusting on everything I touched.

He said he wanted to finish watching the football game and told me I could watch it in the playpen or play quietly in my nursery. I did know I was not a fan of the stale urine smell but the whiffs of baby powder were very welcoming.

Mommy-In-Law: Week 1 By bakaSeptember 7, femdom forcedfem and 6 more Tagged with: femdom forcedfem diapers wetting messing humilation forced abdl kasarberangs non-contest. It was silly but I liked escaping adult reality. Kayla was happy when she saw Mandy as that was her last memory before everything changed and she figured she had the answer to what has happened to her.

Completed stories

Taking enough nappies for a week's holiday is generally OK - I've got a big bag. He kissed me on the head and went into the living room to watch the game. The baby spit out her pacifier she looked at Mandy. New story from DeeWet By deewetSeptember 23 justice forced diapers and 1 more Tagged with: justice forced diapers forced incontinance. General Fund. The second time I awoke I felt energized and ready to cause mischief.

I rubbed it all over my naked body and watched how it made the powder kind of float down stomach and legs. Nanny goodbody and the lollipops nursery By sissysusie1July 1 cuckold wife and 2 more Tagged with: cuckold wife penis babysitter. By sissysusie1July 25 sissy cuckold and 1 more Tagged with: sissy cuckold wife.

After a while I grew tired of the game and looked over at the supplies on the changing table. Any more, and I've got to scour the countryside looking for big bins or a waste disposal site.

I have to switch to disposables on holiday, and somehow the used ones need to be got rid of. He was wrapped around my finger.

Mandy cooed and picked Kayla in arms. A few days ago By Les LeaSeptember 2 desire regression and 1 more Tagged with: desire regression money. By ElfyJuly 8. Promises promises By sissysusie1March 16 cuckold wife.

Story: cody, the diaper boy next door

While I laid on the rug looking through the books in the room I head him groan and quickly raise his voice asking me what in the hell happened in here. Come get me!

It did not contain a lot of useful information - advising us to "bring enough supplies" is not exactly an epiphany. My fun came to an end when the powder was empty and both me and the floor were covered in it. We've got a roof box, but it's currently full of my stock of nappies Baby for the Week. Followers Current Donation Goals October Goal.

And I need an excuse for heading off as well, unless it's just Mummy and me. In Up. Finally my husband entered the nursery and turned the light on causing me to cover my head under the fleece blanket in the crib. He told me I it was changie time and laid me down on the changing table.

The bottle of baby powder caught my eye and I gave it a quick squeeze and took in the aroma that filled the room. A fate worse than death was arriving at some distant destination for a week of fun and frivolity, to discover that Abdl boy stories local store didn't carry whatever I would normally be wearing, resulting in some awful "making the best of it" solution cobbled from what was available, be it giant back then geriatric diapers, too-small baby diapers assisted with tape, or going back into cloth for a few days, which was always the last resort, because it generated a lot of work, and also howls of protest at the indignity of wearing baby pants I couldn't fasten myself, and that could not be effectively hidden under summer clothing.

The biggest issue for me tends to be waste disposal. The cream was soothing and shortly after it was applied I was powdered and taped into the fresh diaper. Noticing my rash had worsened a bit he pulled the wet diaper back over my diaper area and buckled the strap securing me to the changing table. While I was enjoying this treatment more than I could have imagined I did not want to have others see me in this predicament at least so intimately.

Often I can't just bin them, as maybe we're at the home of a friend or relative, or staying somewhere with limited disposal facilities e. I read an article today sent by one of my diaper suppliers, talking about preparing to go on vacation, for people who wear diapers.

Planets and Pacifiers [Comm] By Horatio HuskyApril 28 diaper diapers and 12 more Tagged with: diaper diapers space furry sci-fi fantasy wetting robotic arms messing babying abdl babyfur diaperfur.

He told me he would be right back and I laid still sucking my pacifier and trying to decide if I liked the sensation of a cold wet diaper laying over me without being taped around my waist.