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Agents of shield fanfiction may adopts skye

Alphonso Mackenzie had spent the past two years trying to restore the pieces of his life since he lost his hope. Lance Hunter has spent the summer trying to keep whatever he still has together since the accident.

Agents Of Shield Fanfiction May Adopts Skye

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Jemma Simmons loves Will Daniels, and has agreed to marry him. Her wedding is fast approaching, and she needs some help with the planning. She decides to hire a wedding planner. Daisy Johnson is one of the most renowned wedding planners in the business. One thing no one tells you when you go through a DNA altering biomorphic event is how goddamn irritating your own heartbeat is.

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It also explains why Coulson was not in the alternate timeline we saw, but also was not mentioned by anyone. Or Skye, as she still sometimes thought of her as. She toddled over to Daisy, whose eyes were shining a bit brighter than normal. Sunset in the sky, bid the day goodbye by loved-the-stars-too-fondly ship: mayskye, brotp: team - It's the night before a big day for the whole SHIELD family, but no one wants this one to end just yet.

She was already a grown-up when we found her. May had been unable to stop herself from brushing a quick kiss over it. You can read my other Valentine Gifts here. May clenches her fist, rage boiling in her mind. Lily was baffled. Sometimes, when Daisy got nightmares, May sat with her until she fell back asleep again.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Most places I did stay were abusive. An understanding passed between the three of them. Lily seemed satisfied with this answer and looked over at Daisy.

A short drabble taking place in season 1, right after 1x16 but before 1x17, so Daisy will be called Skye. May was focused on her daughter, but she knew Daisy had stiffened at the question. So my theory is that his deal has something to do with being a host for the Rider upon his death.

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. She also said that he knows he is dying and that the team has to let him. May feels anger rising once again. A friend reaches out, and something beautiful begins.

Lily tilted her head up towards her mother. About Privacy Policy.

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A glance at Coulson told her he was worried too. May flicked a glance to her husband. May chanced a glance toward Daisy and saw she was sitting with her back ramrod straight, clutching her laptop with both hands. Lily frowned a little as she tried to remember what that meant. It made May wish Jiaying was still alive just so she could kill her again. So in a way his deal wasn't just to give up May, as so many have suspected, it was to give up the whole team So, even though the team doesn't understand why, they will have to Trust not only Elena, but also "future" Elena and let Coulson die in an effort to save the future.

The team cast has neither confirmed nor denied it. There is trauma in her past, there are scars and anger, and there is also tiredness in her bones. Bruises, burn marks, even small stab wounds. Daisy is an amateur songwriter struggling to get into the spotlight. Melinda May is a worldwide superstar struggling with more than a few things behind the scenes. May, Elena, Fitz, Simmons, Robin If he was alive, but only as the Rider, that would make sense.

Tfw tumblr flags your photoedit post of mayskye and philinda from a melinda may appreciation week back in lol! Yes the Rider already has a host in Robbie -I know- but Robbie said, "I don't envy you" in reference to the deal last time we saw him. Luckily, her girlfriend is there to comfort her. Waking up slow by huntxngbxrd ship: skimmons Daisy and Jemma spend a lazy Saturday morning together.

Bus kids gone wild!

Broken bones, burn marks, bruises Still get panic attacks about it sometimes. For all intents and purposes, Daisy was her older sister.

She brought her head down when Lily leaned up to whisper in her ear. During one night of this, Lily had wandered in because she wanted a glass of water. Now we still know nothing about his deal with Ghost Rider we can't even be certain that he was already dying when he made the deal. Fitz and Simmons were curled up on one end of the couch, their hands intertwined between them.

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But it doesn't all come from what Daisy would have expected. Piper's not sure about it but goes along with it because she loves Daisy. Visit Blog. I have theories about when he was poisoned, but that is not what this post is about. Thanks to jemmafitzsimmons for the banner, and to all of you for participating in another fantastic round of Femslash Feb! Beautiful begins underneath by huntxngbxrd ship: pipsy Daisy and Pipsy go lingerie shopping together.

Daisy was on the other end, typing furiously on her laptop.

Jiaying had tried to kill her, and Daisy had to live with the burden of that ever since. Shenanigans ensue. So everyone who saw the newest episode knows that "future" Elena claimed Coulson is dying confirmed by the sinister black veins across his chest.

Skye pauses the video and looks up at May. May sits down on her bed. A quick little ficlet that was prompted to me by Ionsai for my Pregnancy!

She looked at Coulson and May, who were now holding hands and smiling. Occasionally, Hunter would yell in frustration, and Bobbi would smack him before he could curse. Truth be told, they had talked about this more than once as Lily continued to grow and spend more time with Daisy. Coulson looked like he was unsure if he was happy to be included in this. Tell me a story by florchis ship: mockingshot Bobbi comes back from a mission wearing a dress that Elena appreciates a lot. Shipper ship reginamills lucero hogaza ymir x historia yumihisu rilaya riley x maya chloe x lucifer pareja tekila lucero x Fernando topanga x cory barbara greco franco Santoro meddison addison x meredith cate blanchett x rooney mara Blanca Soto x Fernando Colunga mayskye.

Mack and Elena were sitting at the table with Hunter and Bobbi playing cards. Summary: When Daisy asked May to consider motherhood together, reluctance was to be expected. You, me, and Delilah makes three by tomaztastic ship: pipsy Daisy has an idea. Mentally, physically, sometimes both. Skye lets out a humorless chuckle. It was a rare occasion: A peaceful night at the Playground with the whole team gathered around. If you want.

Jemma helps her lift up her shirt, and nearly gasps at the scars littered all over her body. A side effect of becoming a mom. He gave her a nod and a smile, somehow already knowing what she was thinking. Slight TW for referenced child abuse. He wouldn't have said that about something as simple as death. As someone was kind enough to point out, the team is listed in the cast of Infinity War I have not been able to confirm this.

She takes a deep breathe before talking. Everyone was clearly waiting to hear her response. But, still a little nerve wracking considering she was shot a week ago. The room fell silent. Especially not when it came to Daisy.

On this particular night, everyone was gathered in the common room after dinner. Instead, her little girl was frowning pensively and staring at Daisy. In their line of work, slow days were few and far between, and they had learned to savor them whenever they floated by. Turns out, it's the second best idea Daisy's ever had. But Skye happened, and May rediscovered that her hands were not only meant to kill but could be used to teach and to hold.