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Alexa says jesus is fictional

According to a video posted on Nov. This should tell all Christians how the elitist secular progressives and moral relativists who want to run the world today view Christianity. In their view, Christianity is based on a fictional character in a 2, year old book.

Alexa Says Jesus Is Fictional

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It all started with a viral video released on Friday by conservative comedian Steven Crowder. RedState, a popular website among conservatives, earnestly said that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was using the robot to push an agenda.

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Get a developers kit and you can make Alexa say anything. Posted by 4 years ago. Pagans are noted for their love of Muhammad.

If it were true, literally thousands of people would be able to duplicate thewithin a few minutes. Episcopalian Anglican. How dare you.

No, outraged christians, alexa doesn’t call jesus a “fictional character”

It isn't in there. More posts from the Christianity community. If Alexa commanded you to go to Moriah and sacrifice your only son, would you be a murderer or a knight of faith for doing it? But no, this was immediately disproven.

Amazon's alexa says jesus is a "fictional character" yet mohammed is a prophet

Stop pushing angry lies; some people will believe them. The author of the article you linked now realizes it is fake. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

Does amazon's alexa really say 'jesus is a fictional character'?

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I feel incredibly dumb for having done a piece about it.

Oh, this is so embarrassing! Or, the Echo was hacked. I knew Bezos and amazon were pagans but this is ridiculous. I have a buddy who is a coder.

No, outraged christians, alexa doesn’t call jesus a “fictional character”

Well both are wrong Both were real people. All are welcome to participate. That people are "debating" instead of posting identical videos, shows that it was it's a hoax.

Listen to the video: according to alexa, there are a multitude of genders and mohammed is a prophet but Jesus is a fictional character! Created Jan 25, Top posts december 12th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top. Found the internet!

‘hey alexa: who is jesus?’

The real proof of fraud is the lack of corroboration. Reply Share. Proximity mines in the Facility, please. Alexa is entitled to her own opinions. Or you can just use Simon Says command. How terrible. A video like that could be manipulated or faked many ways, but if no one else is getting thosewe know it's faked.

I haven't a clue as to its authenticity now but does anyone have an alexa and have you tried it? This is a just talking about how white nationalist Steven Crowder claimed this, but no one else has been able to replicate it. Neither were objectively supernatural But still this article is funny. There is more than one Alexa out there.

Does amazon’s alexa say jesus christ ‘is a fictional character’?

Even with a "raw" video, cutting audio clips in would be trivial, and relatively difficult to prove. Methodist, trans, lesbian.

He got his Echo to announce to his partner how awesome she is and how much he lovers her. On Tuesday, however, Camp backtracked after Crowder ed another video on YouTube purportedly showing raw footage of Crowder asking Alexa the questions and getting the answers that he said skewed liberal.

If he can do that, then anything is possible. I thought that disembodied voice answering my questions was the Holy Spirit, but I forgot about buying an Alexa. He did this the first weekend he had the echo.

I tried it out of curiosity on a coworker's Alexa. I wouldn't trust anything he or Daily Wire say without a much more reputable source.

Does amazon's alexa really say 'jesus is a fictional character'?

Apparently you failed to read the entire article. Not only that, but the author of the article you pointed now realizes it is fake. People are debating "how" he faked the video, which is dumb. It will repeat anything. You didn't even look at the article you posted. The fact that you can hack an echo or download the dev kit should be all you need. Oh no.

I knew Steven Crowder was a proud right partisan hack, but has he gone full nationalist? Most Christians believe him to be the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. He is the central figure of Christianity.

Secular Humanist.