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Anakin and padme fanfiction lemon

The sheer joy of finding Anakin alive and well after the horrifying battle above the planet had been matched by her fear--her terror--at what he would say to her news. And she loved him for it.

Anakin And Padme Fanfiction Lemon

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fanfiction. All characters and situations belonging to the Star Wars saga are copyrighted to Lucasfilm Ltd. Everything else, including original characters, is of my own creation. Author's Notes: This is a missing scene from my story "Bonds. While it is not meant to be read on its own, you do not need to read this to enjoy "Bonds. It contains explicit sex.

My age: I'm 25 years old
Ethnicity: Austrian
Sexual orientation: Man
What is my gender: Fem
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The soft flickering light of many candles dances across the darkness of the room.

I am not sure if I will write again. Slowly their lips touched as they tasted each other.

Her thoughts are filled with emotions and a love for Anakin that almost frightens her. She looked into his eyes and slowly began to unbutton his tunic. He reached over to her with his hand and removed her hair from her breasts, exposing them for his deep caresses.

She delicately ran her hands from his rippled stomach and up to his firm chest. Please do not use this story or part of and claim it as your own, thank-you.

Anakin knelt on one knee and removed the dress from around her feet. Tonight they would not know of the fate that awaited them and of the destiny that they would conceive. He would never forgive him for that and for a moment thought of revenge on Dooku and Nute Gunray. He was the chosen one, he was the boy who grew up to become a man, who became a Jedi, who found love, and who would lose everything to the dark side.

She fell into him, and she knew there was nothing and no one else she would ever want.

The meadow

Soft tears rolled down her face. She was no longer scared of him, she knew him, she knew the greatness of his sole which made her weep, and with his gentle touch he made her fly. All Anakin could think of was spending his lifetime loving his sweet angel, and that is all in life he would ever want to do. She slid her hands underneath the fabric and over his manly shoulders and undressed him as she kissed him once again.

Authors Note: I am a young women who has enjoyed the Star Wars saga for many years. Heroes rise, heroes fall, rise again trough it all. He brought her over to the bed that was adorned with lush pillows and luxurious fabrics. Her emotions ran away from her. A small tear ran down his face, as he knew that the dark side was coming for him. His hatred for the loss of his mother, for those who hurt and took away the ones he loved was growing stronger. Love is worth everything we pay. Anakin looked at her with concern and she pulled him close to her so that she could caress him.

This will truly be their one night of peace, their one chance to truly love each other before their world is filled with shadows of darkness, loss and sorrow. He put on his pants and took his lightsaber from the night table. Her soft delicate hands finished unbuttoning his almost see through shirt.

As the priest finishes his blessings, the two move slowly closer never leaving each others gaze. The dark side was forever trying to consume Anakin, however not tonight, not tonight. Anakin let go of the tight grasp around his lightsaberand walked back into the bedroom with his head down. She felt her breath leave her and began to weep.

Torture (smut) - anakin skywalker x reader x padmé amidala

All this time, they never spoke, they could hear each others thoughts and feel each others emotions. I have never written anything like this before in my life, I would like to remain anonymous, however if you have comments Anakin and padme fanfiction lemon my story please let me know. He stood there for a moment, and slowly looked up at the moon and the evening stars. As they made love for the first time as husband and wife they became one, and although they did not know it at the time, they secured the fate of the Force and that of the entire galaxy.

They stood for just a moment but long enough to feel each others warmth and hear each others hearts beating. Anakin met her stares with the pools of his deep blue eyes. He removed her hair clip to let her long soft brown curls fall gently around her shoulders and closed his eyes leaning into her to smell her perfumed filled hair.

She reached for his belt that holstered his lightsaber and removed it from his hips, gently laying it on a nearby night table. Gently he pulled her closer to him and entered her as she gasped and pushed her head back into the pillow exposing her long neck for Anakin to kiss.

With one hand he pulled the covers slightly and lay his wife gently onto the bed. The Wedding Night by: N. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Star Wars or any related propaganda and I am not seeking any money in this fan fiction. Anakin caressed her breasts, shoulders, neck and put his lips onto hers for a deep passionate and long kiss. They moved like two flickering flames in the night intertwined in each others love. Tonight would be a night of peace, love and happiness for the two lovers.

Sw fanfic: harder than expected - r version (one-shot) - sarcastic scribblings — livejournal

The Jedi opened his eyes and looked upon his wife so that those thoughts would fade away. It is done, their forbidden love was now binding and real however would not last forever as they knew it to be. As she made her way back up, she ran her hands up his body, caressing his chest as she lay her head there to hear the betting of his heart. He resented Obi-Wan for not letting him take the trials and develop his skills to become the most powerful Jedi ever known.

Anakin tasted the tears that had rolled onto her soft luscious lips. When there is love, life begins, over and over again.

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As he stood up, he caressed her trembling body with his lips and powerful hands, the hands that one day would betray his master Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Force. A soft warm breeze carries the scent of perfumed flowers; white, yellow and pink flower pedals fall slowly from the trees that serve as their archway and adorn the ground around them.

Although the saga continues, this story has come to an end. He walked up to the night table and gently put down his lightsaber upon it, slowly removing his hand as he walked away from it. Anakin was young, however he lived more than most people did in their lifetime.

Anakin looked at her in his special way, almost innocent however with much passion. Anakin took his gaze away from the night sky and looked down at his Jedi weapon that was cradled in his hands.

Torture (smut) - anakin skywalker x reader x padmé amidala

Anakin had worn his Jedi uniform for their wedding. Anakin was to bring balance to the Force, however no one realized that it would be his children that would fulfill that destiny. Anakin slowly put his arms around her naked body burying his face in her luscious hair.

Anakin lay beside her on his side with one hand underneath his head slightly elevating it so that he could continue looking at her. The moon and stars were shining brightly and the night sky glowed in a wondrous hue. As night falls, Anakin le his bride into the grandest bed room of the summer time retreat.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Anakin pulled away from their deep passionate kiss to look at her while he removed her wedding dress. My generation has grown up on Star Wars, and to date Attack of the Clones is my favorite episode. For the purpose of this story, Anakin has a new prosthetic arm and hand that looks and feels very natural. He clenched it as hard as he could as overwhelming feelings of sorrow filled his heart. As he held it in his hands, he walked through the doorway that led out onto the balcony.

As he stood once again, he gently removed her lacy undergarments, taking the time to look and feel her.