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Anthro transformation stories

Rat Romeo and Mouse Juliet are star-struck lovers, kept apart by the cruel bigotry of their societies. When Juliet is threatened with an arranged marriage, she decides to take matters into her own hands, seeking a potion to transform herself into a rat. But Juliet quickly discovers she's becoming something far more than just an ordinary rat

Anthro Transformation Stories

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Anthro fox tf

Folder And Then Every Pony Was An Anthro. Everything else is exceptionable so long has it is placed in the right folder witch will be made soon.

Stats generated in 0. Single Character Tranformation.

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Comments 8. The only kink I won't allow is foalcon for personal reasons. And Then Orientation Specfic A folder to help sort through all the stuff you may or may not prefer 5 sub folders.

Stories of this nature are often fetish fuel, but that doesn't mean it has too be dirty. Similar Groups.

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What happened to the story of where Twilight transforms her friends and herself, as well as all of Ponyville, into Anthros? Stories in witch one or more ponies transform into anthropomorphic bipeds of themselves. Never mind, found it. generated in 0.

Support us SubStar Chat! Can stories about people turning into anthro versions of the MLP verse be posted here as well? Though I don't know why, could've sworn I'd had it checked before. I may very well have a few more, but I'll start with this one story for now. Kinda lonely, spacious though.

Red Bomber. Although I was surprised and a wee flattered to be the first.

Thanks Fimfiction The only kink I won't allow is foalcon for personal reasons. Any story in witch the ponies become anthropomorphic are aloud so long a the characters start out as a pony. Sir Hat. I should I don't know First story in here.

The box to view mature works was unchecked on my profile. New Members 0 this week.