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Ashleys diaper adventure

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Ashleys Diaper Adventure

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It was very popular among the ABDL community.

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in Already have an ? Try here Have to say Ashley's Diaper Adventure and love to read Kaidus's stories.

Mbs story site

In Don't Change my life please, spoiler alert! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It's easy! The other story that I really enjoy is That family by Crocodile. I think it was on this site, but I'm not sure.

24/7 diaper training

At first, she is upset to find that nothing happened, but when she gets home from preschool she finds her dad alive again and can raise and take care of her, something he died before he could do. Yeah Kaidus is a good writer.

Register a new. End Spoiler if someone has heard of this story, please tell me I'm not just imagining it. Spolier alert!

Untitled — ashleys diaper adventures

If anyone knows where I could find it that would be great! One of my favorites is "Mommy Makers". Has anyone heard of it? I also am a big fan of hypnosis so if anyone knows of a good story I'd want to read it.

Untitled — ashleys diaper adventures

in here. In Up. Recommended Posts. IndianaJ35 Posted October 17, Posted October 17, The Diapered Doctor Posted October 17, Creepymouse Posted October 17, JBonn Posted October 18, Posted October 18, IndianaJ35 Posted October 20, Posted October 20, I remember Awakenings - also a good read.

All of the Kaidus stories I've read were great.

Mbs story site

Bonsai Posted October 24, Posted October 24, Posted October 25, I have several. Atown41 Posted October 7, Posted October 7, Link to comment. Already have an ?

They both had an Angelfirethat seem to have disappeared. That story was about a teenaged girl who finds a magic recorder that makes whatever she says into become real.

The main character's dad has died before the event of the story. My favorite part about it now it is a breath of fresh air.

Getting back to the OT, I also agree with sonofninasayers. My all-time favourite authors are Incognito Himitsu and Dreyer Bronzewing. In Now. Go to topic listing.

But I cannot seem to find that one anywhere anymore. I tried writing a sequel to that but gave up.

With so many stories out there on this site and others I was wondering if you have a favorite, they are so hit or miss so i figured id see if you guys have any recommendations. Posted October 12, Posted October 14, BBoy Posted October 14, Anything by Jennifer Lorraine. My current favorite story here is Back to Basics.

Not sure on the author. Mine is Sam and Jess. Followers 2. After all the stuff changed because of the girl in Change My Life, Please teenagers are allowed to play in the ball pit, can't swear, ok to wear diapers and other baby's clothes, then only wear diapers and baby's clothes, attend preschool, etc.