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Banging my grandma

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Banging My Grandma

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Hot Milf Shower Sex 10 min.

Years: 65
My sexual identity: Guy
What is my hair: Long lustrous black hair
What I prefer to listen: Blues
Body piercings: None

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It was at least 2 inches bigger than before and much wider!!! I said, "grandma? Thank you sir.

I would go over to help her do things she would normally have her husband do. I'm literally crying from laughter. When I took off my pants she couldn't stop staring at my penis, which was hard as a rock because of her sexy body.

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It seemed she was just as curious for me as I was for her. She went ohhhhwahhh but it just shoved it deeper. That's what I thought. She let me cum inside her. I had great sex with my grandmother's friend when I was younger.

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I am She has always been flirty with me. Then I fuck her wet hole, it wasn't tight but it was wet enough for me and I pound her like a jackhammer We are still doing it I fucked my mom in Banging my grandma Coral. This was the funnies shit I've read in a long time. By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Old girls rock. I know it sounds strange but heres how it happened My grandma is 75 and she has several health conditions, including Alzheimer's.

Not just once. The whore's already been through menopause, she can't get pregnant. Posted Sep 21, by anonymous views 63 comments. Before doing this I striped naked because I didn't want to get my clothes all wet. She was hot always remember that. Whilst fucking her, I jammed my middle finger up her asshole. So in my mind she wanted to have sex with me.

This was amazing. I said sure because if she died the funeral would probably be on a week day and I can't risk missing a basketball game. She looked at it with wide eyes and an even wider pussy.

So I went. Fuck, she was good. Oh yes,if she wants and you are sure she would also enjoy. I lost any morality i may have had and said alright grandma lets just fuck okay?

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She is 68 and I am She gave me the best fuck ever. The widow down the street was when I told her I fancied her. She had mention how much she missed having sex. After our fuck she licked my asshole and I got hard again and fucked her again.

So like any good grandson I told her I would help her get up. Today was tuesday I know this because While I was brushing my teeth, I heard my mommy moaning from across the hall. So I woke up one day only to look out my window and see several inches of snow, so I looked online to see if i had a snow day My mom normally goes to my grandma's to check on her and make sure she is alive every tuesday.

She said "let me suck you dry ya little dirt bag" Maybe Ill have to try mom out too. I know it by now, you wouldn't think it, when you see such a nice grandma walk, how she can let go when she gets dick. I was alarmed at first I asked why she was naked on the ground and she said she slipped while trying to shower.

I looked at her and said "grandma what the fuck? Do I want to fuck that again? I will second that I am 34 and my girlfriend is What she wont do for me isn't worth doing.

But after several times telling her that it was her I wanted she gave in. You little inconsiderate cunt. After the fucking, she told me it was her plan all along So that was my snow day. After I came, made her suck my cock and lick my balls. I was only 17 and she told me I was better of with a girl of my age. I walk into the bathroom to find her naked lying on the floor. I was so thankful. I liked it so much I came right then and there.

We both climaxed together I know that it is impossible to queef inflate a penis idiot Any one disagree? If you had done the proper thing she would had yelled 'halleluah' many times! You bet!

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After 2 blow jobs and 45 mins of thrusting hard and deep into her wet love hole. She teached me everything to pleasure a woman and I am still greatful for that. I asker her what she was doing I just ignored the comment After that, i feel over because i lost focus. It was literally thee best fuck of my life. Anyway she didn't have enough time to check on my grandma so she asked if i could since i didn't have school.

I have been helping a 87 year old lady friend that lives in our apartment bkick for over two years. I fucked a homeless woman today. Last night she needed help in the bedroom and she said enough is enough. I did the same when my next door neighbor husband passed the wife need help.

When I walked in I yelled, "Grandma, where are you? She replied with a aggressive moan then she took me down and straddled me with her thick cut thighs.