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Barriss offee x ahsoka tano

Lucasfilm is reportedly looking for an Asian-born actress to bring the character to life, but there are still no details on what her relationship with Ahsoka Rosario Dawson will look like. Unfortunately, he ended up losing faith in the Jedi Order as the Clone Wars progressed and came to believe that his comrades were as greedy for power as the Sith. Even while training alongside Ahsoka, she remained disillusioned and orchestrated an attack on the Jedi Temple, blaming her colleague.

Barriss Offee X Ahsoka Tano

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Plus, it was close to her dorm. She sighed, wiggling her toes in her boots.


So, this was my first free space I think? She wondered, vaguely, where Anakin was and if he were planning to come back and And someone slid behind the counter, moving behind Ahsoka. Barriss is fancast as Kausar Mohammed, and wears her hair curly and long at the wedding. She jumbled the order she was trying to take and listened to the woman across the counter make a sharp, irritated sound. The brothers had taken their lunch break, so there was no one around to tease if she did anything wrong.

Their relationship and friendship in cw deserved so much better. Fighting through a fractured relationship with the Dark Side and her own troubled past, Barriss is given a final chance to take Ahsoka down and save herself from judgment.

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This is what they do. She slumped down in the employee break room, holding a frozen coffee to her head. She had a lab she needed to get to, really. He shrugged, looking to the side. He owns the place. The blond man from the day before arrived shortly, introduced himself as Rex, and started helping as well. She realized halfway through taking another order that classes must have let out. Despite her lofty position, her repeated failure to bring the Rebel Ahsoka Tano to justice has brought her capabilities as an Inquisitor into question.

Her mouth started aching within the first hour as she tried to maintain a smile. He smiled at her.

About Privacy Policy. Barrissoka is one of my fav ships right now!

“ahsoka”: barriss offee from “the clone wars” could appear in upcoming disney + series

She took order after order, dealing with indifference and rude behavior and occasional kindness. All she has to do is ignore the music.

Anakin taught her how to use the espresso machine. She wiped down the counter and looked up at the ringing of the bell, expecting it to be Anakin. Ahsoka wraps her long braids up into a soft swooping updo, contrasting the sharp lines of her wedding suit. Anakin plucked one off of the tray and handed it to Ahsoka. The Temple was one of the larger coffee shops in town, located near the college, where it got all manner of foot traffic, and right on the coast. Digging into my customer service past shudder.

Ahsoka tano barriss offee plo koon star wars cards

Obi-Wan nodded at her, smiling. The owner burned incense a little more than Ahsoka liked, but she appreciated the soothing music; it was better than listening to the same twenty songs over and over again. She and Anakin got a lunch break, which Ahsoka appreciated.

He had quite a scar himself. Your first morning deserves something special. The guy behind the register had close-cropped blond hair and a frown.

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He glanced over at Ahsoka and offered her a hand. Including help dealing with this one. Anakin grinned over at Ahsoka. Her feet hurt and she had a headache by the time breaktime rolled around. Ahsoka did a double-take when a nearly identical man showed up, not long after, taking the register beside her. He shrugged, grabbing his apron off the back of his chair as he stood, cutting a look towards the counter, where the line was starting to back up.

Barriss stories

Ahsoka swept and she helped him take the chairs off of the tables and spread out the rugs across the floor. He had a plate in one hand, several muffins on it that smelled divine. Ignore him. The line moved. The other girl smiled, nodding.

He was covered with flour, copper hair combed back. She sighed, downed the rest of her drink and went back out into the store which had, at least, settled down after the breakfast rush. Ahsoka, this is Obi-Wan. He bent to brush a kiss across her cheek and they embraced.

Ahsoka and barriss

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Dealing with the customers on the other hand…. Anakin worked behind the counter with her, filling the orders. Anakin snorted. It was, instead, an entire crowd that seemed to have gathered, all at once. Visit Blog. Be here bright and early. It made her want to ask about the scar across his brow, but she swallowed that question back. And everyone said the owner was willing to work around class schedules. You can call me if you need anything, alright?

In fact, I bet you can handle this for five minutes. The patterns are based off her sash in canon. Modern AU. Background canon pairings. I call him R2. Ahsoka could make change with the best of them. It was open and breezy, which was nice. She was a petite girl, with freckles scattered across her cheeks and dark eyes, her dark hijab carefully tucked into place.