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Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom

Ok guys and gals. This one may be a bit far fetched but I will put this out there for thought. Again I did not read the book, only posts about it.

Beginner/s Luck Spanky/s Mom

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In. Beginner's Luck

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It takes a lot of her strength as the mother is fighting to keep her dress from rising but granny wins out and the dress tears off and he up with the curtain. Spanky's Mother's dress is a standard woolen dark blue winter dress.

He had used the idea of a woman having her dress ripped off her and having the woman immobilized and having her head a top the body of some odd looking animal, several times with Thelma Todd. It is the hook of the grommet which snags her dress. The dress has black piping in the front and around the collar it also has a false belt. The Roach studio had briefly looked at the stage mother in it's earlier "show" short "Mike Fright". The mother who tried to rescue her son from the cruel audience laughter has herself fallen victim.

At the theater after the mother has had a 2nd run in with the MC the grandma gives a belly laugh at the mother. When Spanky's act is going on and his mother has gone behind the stage curtain both The MC and the Grandmother spend more time watching the antics of Spanky's mother than watching Spanky on the stage.

Spanky's Mother is "given the hook" Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom her mother raises the back stage curtain and the grommet hook slides up and into Spanky's mother's dress hem. It's interesting as she of course won't let him speak to them but insist She has no idea there is a plot and just tells them " We want Spanky to win" and the " Remember boys he's depending on you".

It has been rumored that it was Stan Laurel that came up with the idea of how to end "Beginner's Luck". One of the spectators was assistant director Gordon Douglas I. He liked what he saw, and immediately wrote the brothers into this film.

He gives Spanky a very stern look and waves his arm at him telling him to stay in place and he can be seen saying " Go On ,Go On ".

Know another quote from beginner's luck?

The Mother starts to Mouth[ SpankySpanky come off ] The shot then goes back to Spanky looking back at his mom shaking his head that he wants to try and win the prize. If you actually run the short backwards the 5 minute level occurs when Spanky stops his mom saying he had to speak to the gang. They showed Little Leonard's mother to be pushy and thinking her son was the greatest trumpet player the world had seen. The next "show " short was this one " Beginner's Luck " and they explored the stage mother more this time picking a younger and certainly better looking woman.

The animal down on it's haunches is actually the body of a lion. Lower down her back you can see the top of her slip. It had a plunging neckline. This type of comedy was thought not to work when the subject was a woman. Stan insisted that this type of comedy would work with a woman, even going so far as having Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom woman try to rescue her son from a public humiliation only to have it turn and she winds up getting a stripped humiliation then to have her freeze onstage and wind up with the prop in front of her.

When Spanky rushes the stage prop into place in front of his mother she is seen from behind motionless, completely frozen from the humiliation. Of course the granny keeps pulling down on the ropes and the curtain keeps rising along with her dress. Carl 'Alfalfa" Switzer and his brother Harold had been in the Our Gang cafe, which was open to the public.

Knowing the mom has gotten them in way over their he with a mean audience and a tough as nails MC. She waits her turn and when she has her chance to teach the younger gal a lesson she jumps at it. There is an old theater saying "give em the hook" referring to a bad stage act that they would send out a long hook and pull the act off the stage. When Spanky's Mother has lost her dress she is kneeling on the stage frozen from Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom predicament she has gone through All she is wearing are her black beret or it's a light tam, her black pump heeled shoes, her sheer black nude colored silk or rayon stockings with a seam up the back, her white panties, her white bra and her full white silk or rayon slip.

One of the most interesting but least spoken about scenes in the short happens when Spanky is on the stage fighting off round after round of pea shot. The false belt has come loose and the dress has been torn. When the gang comes over to Spanky's house his mother can be seen at a sewing machine.

They say making it a dog fits into the plot with the mother doing all those mean things and her head on a dog makes a bitch out of her.

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When the dress has been torn off her as it is rising on the curtain both the right and left full sleeves are banging each other at the cuffs as if the dress is applauding the humiliation that is being given to Spanky's mother. This makes the body of a lion combined with the head of a human female making the complete image a sphinx Those who claim that it is a dog say the animals fur matches the mother's hair.

The Mc is watching her and hoping the kid doesn't walk off and ruin this show. The kids get the idea that he still wants to loose so they go ahead with their plan. On the other side some devilish youngsters must have hoped that this would really happen to some young pretty mother or teacher.

The camera pans over to the stage wing where both The MC and Spanky's Mother were looking out at the audience. The MC was watching the crowd and he knows they love this act and are laughing at him accordingly. When one of the rounds of pea shot bounce off his shield and lands in the mouth of the piano player it would have been better if the round wound up going in her mouth to shut her up for a few minutes. Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame was a frequent contributor when the writers from the Roach Studio needed help with a gag or lines to complete a project.

Her son has to stand by helplessly unable to do anything as his mother gets the works. Not knowing that her humiliation is far from over as the audience will she what she looks like attached to the prop. Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom the dress hem is snatched by the curtain hook the worst thing she could do was to stand up as from that angle it would be almost impossible to unhook.

Daisy dimple and spanky's mom

As the dress is torn off her it goes up the curtain inside out and upside down. The mother looking at the gang sending another round at her son watching them play their silly noise makers. Going against the MC and trying to stop the act she has herself added to the huge audience laughter as she has become a complete spectacle of.

She's looking up at her dress and petrified from the shock of what she just went through.

The next shot is again of the mother standing next to the MC. She is getting more nervous watching this and hearing the increasing sounds of wild laughter. Spanky is " given the hook " when his mother sticks the theaterical pole into the laces on his boot.

She has opened the grommet by accident which holds the curtain halves from coming apart. When her dress is ripped off her it actually tears from under the arms and goes up the curtain. Others feel that the front of the prop should have been the body of a chicken laying an egg, symbolizing her laying an egg trying to make an actor out of her son. It has a row of buttons up the front spaced about an inch apart. When Daisy asks the MC " Mister do you think he stands a chance?

But his grandma even questions the mother's plan but is rebuffed. As Spanky says " My mom is trying to make an actor out of me". She kneels there gazing up at her dress, which is dangling off the curtain top like some trophy.

You can see both of their he popping behind the curtain to look at the mother. In this short both Spanky and his mother are given the hook.

She is sewing a long flowing robe onto Spanky's centurion costume. The cartoon figure appearing on the front of the stage prop is not a dog as most people think. This was the point she turned and started demanding he be taken off. So it is a series of her own accidents along with Grandma's help which lead to her downfall. Proclaiming " Here's where we stop the show" She pulls down on the stage ropes to raise that back curtain.

The grommet has a hook which the ring goes into. Like her dress she has lost her dignity. When Spanky's mother puts the pole into the electrical outlet she get a shock in which she jumps and winds up sitting on her heels. The MC has no idea at this point that the act will continue to get funnier and Spanky's mother getting more desperate to have her son off the stage.

Unable to move petrified in place, She is sitting back on her heels. As the stage prop comes towards her she leans her body forward to get behind it.

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Gently she rests her head into the cutout. While others thought an ostrich, or a fancy french poodle with it's puffed out hair in places and sheared to the skin in others would have been hilarious with the mother's head on top.

If it wasn't wool it would have come loose from the curtain grommet hook. They were performing and entertaining the crowd.

She trips him and he falls down and she proceeds to try to stage him off the stage. The studio backed him and he proved himself once again this was a major hit and audiences loved the idea of the mother getting a stripped humiliation. You can see her finger tips so she has crossed her arms in front of her chest to hide her breasts. If this happened in reality her slip would have been caught by the hook and hiked along with her dress and when the dress moved up along her back it was so tight it probably would have unhooked her bra and hoisted that too, so she could have been in a more reveling position.

They showed her as real as could be and humiliated her for her actions. Spanky's mother covers her breasts then she slides down to sitting on her heals.