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Body swap sex story

Mitch Robertson was a little bit homely and so was his girlfriend Layla. They tended to suit one another rather well but Mitch always had the yearning to make love to a really beautiful woman, a fashion model would have done admirably.

Body Swap Sex Story

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How old am I: 42
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Jodi gasped as the throbbing monster, which rightly belonged to Arthur, was long and thick. He jumped off the bed, grabbed her legs, pulled her over to the edge and holding onto her thighs her drove his dick in with one big stroke.

There was no messing about after that, Mitch just rammed it in and out as if the most important thing in his life was to cum inside her cunt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Body swap – chapter 2

When it shot into her mouth he held onto her head and kept fucking her mouth until every drop was spent. Jodi, who was sitting next to him asked him what on earth was a matter with him. Dropping to his knees her took her around the waist, threw himself back on the bed and let her tits dangle into his mouth. Just hearing the word sex come out of her mouth gave Mitch a big hard on.

Body swap incest stories

It was then that he began to put two and two together. The couple they sat next to at the sessions.

At times Jodi would move her ass around squishing the lips of her pussy against his mouth and nose. When he responded with his tongue, running up and down her groove, he could feel her moistened folds start to quiver and she began to moan and pull on his hair.

Body swap incest stories

Like John and Yoko they spent the whole week in bed. In fact, the end of his cock was in the process of burning a hole in his pants. One particular session the Guru tried something experimental. Layla wore glasses, had a rather large nose, big hips, and a very annoying laugh.

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When he was bollock naked she suggested that he should stand on the bed like he used to do. When the fifteen minute of blissful unconsciousness was over he began to feel his body see whether he was back in the right one.

Jodi knelt with her legs each side of him while he feasted on them, moaning and groaning as though she was enjoying every suck. He felt his face and he had a beard, just like Arthur, and then he looked over to where Layla sat and there he was — Mitch Robertson!

Next Post A married couple Next ». He could see his other self and Layla across the room looking sort of confused and so he requested the Guru do his experimental mind levitation again. Arthur and Jodi Miller were completely opposite to them.

Jodi took it slowly into her mouth, he wanted to grab her head and just ram it in but he was patient as she nibbled the end, licked it from his balls and up and then drove it half way down her throat. They tended to suit one another rather well but Mitch always had the yearning to make love to a really beautiful woman, a fashion model would have done admirably.

You must be logged in to post a comment. While this was going on he just stood there with his mouth open. It all seemed like a harmless game.

For : body swap story

He felt a bit unsteady standing there with his legs spread but they began to turn to jelly when she rose out of the covers and moved towards him with her mouth ready for action. The covers fell away exposing those lovely breasts and as their tongues entwined he began to fondle them. He took a long look at his other self before he going into meditation, mumbled goodbye to Jodi under his breath, and the next thing he knew there was a strange sense of peace embracing him.

Jodi was in ecstasy and so was Mitch. Still angry for some reason she took off all of her clothes and threw them across the room and climbed into bed naked.

Fortunately, she said she would drive and as soon as she turned the ignition she began to nag. The bed started to shake as she held onto the back of his legs and started to pump it in and out of her mouth.

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Contact to the webmaster Visit our site for more porn! The exercise lasted for fifteen minutes and when it was all over Mitch seemed to be sitting in a different place, not only that he was wearing a different track suit, one with a light blue stripe down the leg, not a yellow one. She was quite embarrassed by his outburst and even more so when he started to feel himself all over.

When they arrived at the house, that was quite a bit better than the one he and Layla occupied, Jodi got out of the car, slammed the door and let herself into the house. Club - The home of free adult content. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and her ass was like a delicious apple and he wanted desperately to bite it. Jodi just threw her arms around his neck and pressed her gorgeous full lips against his. Anxious to taste her juices he slipped down between her legs until her pussy was right over his mouth, he then stuck his face right into it and began to lick her pink petals and poke his tongue in as far as it would go.

As Mitch was no oil painting himself he resolved that she was as good as it was going to get and that was that.

‘body swapping’ stories

Mitch Robertson was a little bit homely and so was his girlfriend Layla. Jodi went straight to the bedroom and he was only seconds behind her. It was a dream come true.