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Can cats masterbate

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Can Cats Masterbate

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Sometimes animals just masturbate though it can be dominance with other cats. Have you ever wondered; why does my cat paw my face? Cat paw things such as your face as a way to show affection, claim ownership, or to mark their territory. When your cat places their paw on your face or kne your face, it is their way of transferring some of their scents onto you. Anyone who gets awakened by gentle paw taps to the face is quite lucky!

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ed Apr 20, Messages Points Arias only does it on a super fuzzy blanket, never in our bed and he curls right up and falls asleep and he only does it before a nap, never before bed. Search titles only. ed Sep 30, Messages Points Aaahahahahaha, Dex does this too.

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What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Ahicks99 Banned. Or maybe they get into the Rainbow lifestyle, who knows. Here is a thread that may help a bit but spun out of control near the end! Opposable thumbs is da sh.

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Welcome to Sphynxlair! LOL What to do???? Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors. Generally just shooing them away will do the trick! LLevenson Lairian.

Search forums. ed May 13, Messages 3, Points You might want to shoo him from doing his thing in front of people so that he doesn't get in the habit of embarassing you in front of guests, but what he does in private with a deated, machine washable 'friend' instead of your good clothes or blankets, wouldn't hurt anyone; so let him go for it.

Why is my male cat humping my blankets?

ed Apr 27, Messages 1, Points 0. Is he really that human to be masterbating? My mom didn't know about the arousal part of it, but his breathe stinks so bad and he was licking up a Can cats masterbate on it, so she made me wash it! I didn't really have an argument why he shouldn't be allowed to have his fun. Happy Hump Day!!! It was nasty but im so glad to hear that he wasnt the only one. Il let you know what is said!!!!! Oh man, Arias starting going to down on it!

Let him finish? ed Oct 18, Messages Points 0. Still laughing about raping blankets. ed Aug 21, Messages 16 Points He gets up on the fluffiest part of the blankets Any advise? If there are problems I will just let him do it a few times then fix him. TotenEngel Banned. My first Sphynx Walter did this all the time. Any advise would be helpful, of course the right advice would rock Thanks!!! If we had company I would make sure we did not have the blankie out where he could abuse it.

Can cats masterbate?

Install the app. Did you get him fixed late in age? I have never seen his "thing" hanging out afterwards, but I am sure it is! ed Mar 7, Messages 1, Points 0. ed Sep 18, Messages 1, Points 0. Gizzymom Banned. Ok - really weird question Thread starter Sanctuarie Start date Dec 1, Sanctuarie Lairian.

ed Jun 9, Messages 1, Points My Sphynx Kika did that and he was neutered at 7 months. Click to expand ed Oct 18, Messages Points Namir is starting to grab Darwin by the neckskin when they play now and then latelly. I have had male cats that was no problems to not fix so I am hoping he will be one of them and that Darwin don't have to suffer.

ElGatoLoco V. ed Feb 26, Messages 1, Points Holy moly Batman, Butternuts is under a blanket doing it right now. Tux has never done this so no help but I do love the profile picture. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I usually just tell him "hey! I tried to not interrupt him. Do I repromand him for this? ed Oct 7, Messages 1, Points 0. Is this someting normal for my "Teen Sphynx boy"? ed Sep 19, Messages 40 Points 0. Inferno12 Banned. Log in Register.

ed Oct 16, Messages Points 0. We were just in Atlanta for Thanksgiving visiting my folks and my mom had one of those super fluffy snuggie blankets. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Log in. He would go at it on his favortie blanket all the time! It weirded me out too. Stop him right wwhen he starts? ed Nov 10, Messages Points 0. You are using an out of date browser. I used to make him stop but when I told my hubby that I thought Arias was doing something "naughty" he told me "Just let the guy do his thing It's not hurting us and he is enjoying himself". New posts. Poor kitties. Close Menu. Candys V. P Lairian V. P Lairian. Forums New posts Search forums. Wow good morning and reading about masturbating cats. ed Jan 13, Messages 23, Points Male cats do have their fancy with blankets at times.