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Cersei and jaime fanfiction

So I could say I decided to write a bit more on this particular story after all, but if truth be told it has been around for a while. One can place the blame on the current Game of Thrones season for

Cersei And Jaime Fanfiction

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As children, Cersei and Jaime were inseparable. They looked so alike that Cersei would sometimes dress as Jaime and take his lessons in swordfighting. They started sexually experimenting when they were very young, and were once caught by a servant, who informed their mother, and were made to sleep on separate sides of their castle, Casterly Rock. At the age of twelve, their father Tywin brought Cersei to court in King's Landing as the daughter of the Hand of the King, while Jaime became a squire to old Lord Crakehall.

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I started reading it. I haven't found a story yet about Jaime and Cersei being Aerys's children which I like in every way. In the Shadow of the Gallows by Flutiebear When his brother leaves him behind to go play adventurer in the Deep Ro, Carver Hawke makes a fateful choice that changes his life--and the lives of those he loves. Starts right after Hawke leaves for the Deep Ro. Currently in Act 2.

Fics in which aerys is the father of jaime and cersei

Though I guess the easiest to pull of would likely be that Joanna was raped and Tywin didn't know it. I agree!

In fanfics with Tyrion being Aerys's son, he is most of the time aligned with Dany when it is revealed. So I rather think that Joanna would be faithful to Tywin and wouldn't have slept with Aerys out of her own volition. Even if Joanna would have cheated on him, he would be still really angry at Aerys. More posts from the TheCitadel community. Found the internet! Also in canon Tywin really loved Joanna and I think if he would have known it from the start that either Joanna was raped or Joanna had cuckolded him, he would have acted against Aerys earlier.

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Same with the way you portaying the various characters and their decisons and reactions. There is also more dramatic potential with Jaime killing his father and how Daenerys and Jon might react to Jaime and especially Cersei being kin. When his brother leaves him behind to go play adventurer in the Deep Ro, Carver Hawke makes a fateful choice that changes his life--and the lives of those he loves.

I am not saying though that they are all particularly good.

FanfictionBot 2. Maesters roaming the archives. Fics in which Aerys is the father of Jaime and Cersei. Their marriage was described as happy and Aerys while not totally murderous mad yet, was already an asshole at the time Jaime and Cersei was conceived. So their reactions don't tend to be super dramatic and it doesn't change so much in their relationship with each other. A subreddit for fanfiction of George R. Created Nov 6, Top posts february 5th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top.

I am looking for more and would be glad for recs. But Jaime's history with them is more complex and Cersei is Dany's and Jon's enemy in canon and in practically all fanfics I have read so far. Recs Wanted. Posted Cersei and jaime fanfiction 8 months ago. Would love to read them. If you end up liking it please do leave a comment along the way or at least when you finish! And can it be an AU where they were born as Aerys and Rhaellas children? Just out of curiosity, would you prefer it if they were conceived because Joanna was having an affair with Aerys or if they were conceived through less consensual means?

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That is also why I find Jaime and Cersei being Aerys's children more interesting than Tyrion being it. Thanks for the rec.

I also think it is easier to write it if Tywin didn't know about Aerys's fathering Jaime and Cersei. And she might not have told Tywin about the rape, because she knew that Tywin might have reacted really badly and maybe got himself killed or start a war because of it. I can also add to your list that Joffrey's madness would be another case of Targaryen madness. Also Jon has not much of a reason to hate him. But I have seen so far only a handful of fics in which Jaime and Cersei were revealed as Aerys's children.

Carver drabbles, originally published on Tumblr, and collected here. I just would hope that the author would write it well. Considering how Tywin acts towards Tyrion and how much he hated Aerys and how he is all about family legacy, I don't think he would be super happy about Targaryen children continuing the Lannister legacy.

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I see there more interesting story potential. Who knows maybe he even would prefer Tyrion over them as his heir. Like, half of me wants to see Tywin There are so few stories out there with this premise that I wouldn't mind any variant. Reply Share.

The plot and politics are dog shit. And would Tywin know about it? Are you still looking? Sort by: best. It is objectively bad. I read a lot of fics in which Tyrion is really the son of Aerys and not Tywin. At least I think he would have stopped being his Hand sooner and wouldn't have tried to marry Cersei to Rheagar. Can you name those handful of fanfic? It's funny, because Jaime and Cersei being Aerys's makes a lot of thematic sense, a lot more than Tyrion being, that's for sure.

In the Shadow of the Gallows by Flutiebear. In the Shadows Hides the Dragon, a lot of Targ wank but it is one of the most detailed fics I've read.