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Champion of corellon

The champion of Corellon Larethian is a noble elf fighter, an elf knight or lord who can stand up to any orc or human warrior.

Champion Of Corellon

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With Corellon's grace, I fear no foe who stands within reach of my sword. Many evil warriors believe that elves, while dangerous in ranged combat, have no stomach for melee. They expect that elves would fall like leaves in an autumn windstorm once the battle becomes the work of sword and axe rather than arrow and spell.

Years old: 18
Tint of my iris: I’ve got soft gray eyes
Hair color: I have long bushy reddish hair
My favourite music: Opera
Hobbies: I like singing

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Champion of corellon larethian level 9 spells

Garryl: Reading up more on the tooth now. None of which really work for my idea of a swordwielder.

Rebel Hero Member Posts: There are so many armors with great Dex It doesn't stop you from putting down shields and removing armor, but it does saddle you with some minor albeit stacking penalties for a day if you do. Though I heard the item tooth of something, can't find it now makes you unable to drop your shield and armour, which is somewhat disturbing. Let's have a look, shall we. s: [ 1 ] Go Down.

But seeing how this can be obtained from paladin levels or, better yet, a wand of lesser restoration, it is not really that good.

Best Regards Yirrare. It's nice to have some non-ToB alternatives, since one never knows what books will be allowed when I get my next group.

General prestige class : champion of corellon larethian

Why not mix and match? I must say I like both of your builds. News: our Discord! Sneak around at full speed in super heavy armor getting into position to pop out and full TWF attack with 6d6SA, Dex to damage, and whatever other goodies you pick up as feats.

Thanks for the link. The fact that it is a Corellon Larethian relic is nice too. Quote from: zugschef on October 10,PM. Quote from: Pimpforged on October 10,PM. Quote from: Yirrare on October 11,AM. For your 1st 10 levels you want to hop back and forth between swordsage and warblade so that you can the most out of both classes.

Corellon's wrath: I have not found anything similar to this, though I am sure it exists. The only thing that confuses me is this though: What is the targeteer figther for? Quote from: Keldar on October 11,AM. Thanks alot to both of you. I would like to find one without needing to input two levels though.

s: [ 1 ] Go Up. SMF 2. Welcome, Guest.

Rebel: First of all, thanks for the build. Unimpeded movement : This is nice, but seeing how there is a slotless item that gives you this benefit aswell as for medium to heavy encumbarance it looses some of it's shine. I am aware of fighter 2 any 2knight 2 mounted combat and rokugan ninja 1 dodge; but only if armour has 0 ACP. I can now also add battle trickster 2 any 2 to the list.

Otherwise, I don't get why it's not only "fighter 2". If anyone know a better armour than that, tell me.

Limited to certain weapons not a problem for me. Does not work on those immune to crit and SA. Not bad. The only problem is that the more I look at the class, it feels like when I started my swashbuckler all over. But I think even with exotic armours that might be hard to best. Quote from: skydragonknight on May 03,AM. I'm sorry for coming back to you so late muktidata, but I had to look up both the rokugan ninja and the dread commando. Oh and according to the internet, "Nightscale armor from Underdark p. You should look into the Eternal Blade prestige class from the Tome of Battle.

Baldur's gate : the sword coast chronicles : nwn2 persistent world

Is your build intended to make an archer? It has a similar flavor but a LOT more power and fewer crappy entry requirements.

Corellon's blessing: Healing is nice. Well, I like the iconic Elf royal guard flavor of the class.

This will get you access to 4th level warblade and swordsage maneuvers at level Keldar Legendary Member Posts: What's this button do? Gets all CoCL's abilities, just not the maximum value of each one. Bonus feat: The fighters list, only more limited. Reading up on some ToB stuff now, to better understand all your suggestions.

Champion of corellon larethian - general prestige class

Quote from: Yirrare on October 10,PM. Quote from: Rebel on October 10,PM. Pimpforged Member Posts: 55 Can't be simp-in when you out street pimp-in! As for the presented build, one problem is that shadow blade will only work with some selected weapons. Not so great. Please or register. Your 9th level needs to be of warblade and your 10th level needs to be of swordsage.

It's worth a shot.