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Cheerleader tg tf

I got the news this morning. Life is so strange, where a little brown envelope can completely screw you forever.

Cheerleader Tg Tf

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I have been heavily influenced by the Teen Girl Squad videos.

Years old: 32
My sex: I am woman
What is the color of my hair: Golden
What I prefer to drink: Beer
I have piercing: None

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Rich enough that when we find out my mom needed serious medical treatment, she insisted on loaning us the money to help out. She gave me my first pill with breakfast after the letter arrived.

Which, for the next two years at least, meant having me on the cheer squad. It was a bunch of things.

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I got the news this morning. It claimed that, as l was representing Bronte and official bodies such as the cheer squad, during my period of repayment the lender should have total control over my appearance and lifestyle. She hired a team of expensive lawyers, and argued that I had to begin immediate repayment of the money, or go to jail. This would allow Bronte not only the legal power to force me to grow my hair, be constantly made up, and dress as girly as the other cheerleaders, she had the option to start me on hormones too.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I was a weedy nobody before, and she took me to popularity. Visited 2, times, 2 visits today. But I got… distracted. Being that popular, girls throw themselves at you.

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We took it, and with the best medical care mom recovered, and we were free to pay Bronte back at our leisure. Life is so strange, where a little brown envelope can completely screw you forever. Learning the cheers was hard enough, but learning about makeup, and acting feminine enough not to arouse suspicion at championships was the real difficulty. So she offered a lifeline where I could work it off with her, at minimum wage doing whatever she required of me.

Starting with dating the head cheerleader, Bronte. Bronte found out and was furious.