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Clerihew poems about celebrities

These Celebrity Clerihew poems are examples of Clerihew poems about Celebrity. These are the best examples of Clerihew Celebrity poems written by international poets.

Clerihew Poems About Celebrities

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With every kick He's closer to a hat trick David Beckham Kicks the ball with a wham He would always bend it So no-one could defend it Lewis Carroll Bought sumptuous apparel And built an enormous palace Out of the profits of Alice. Edgar Allen Poe Was passionately fond of roe. He always liked to chew some When writing anything gruesome. Taylor Swift Has a beautiful gift She can write songs about a breakup After knowing they won't makeup. Martin Luther King Changed everything And captivated a nation With his non-violent demonstration Jamaican Usain Bolt Is faster than a colt Sprinters spend hours in a gym So one day they can finally catch him. Marilyn Monroe A name every man should know Although she pretended to be a dumb blonde Her talents were above and beyond.

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Georgie pours his war efforts errantly, with women finds it effortlessly.

Humor, and intellect. Would Katie have with-held comments, had she done her homework?! Even Emmy Show producers, knew foul words were not transducers. Once a man named Bill. Magic touch with the lady fairs, gave himself a scare. Sir Humphry Davy Detested gravy. Calls himself an independent; on immigration, Lou is adamant. Though his bias, us do show, also on Dems. Walter Cronkite Anchorman Walter Cronkite, says unbiased news is right. Harry Reid is a Mason, middle name's the reason. Although more than other lib hosts, Mathews will be more honest.

As the controversy raged a couple veterans that served with him did support Kerry, although the evidence weighed heavy against him. The clerihew is named after Clerihew Bentley who began writing this simple form as a diversion to the lectures of his professors. Nominee John Kerry. Not expecting did Saddam.

Elaine's first poetry book (february 7,)

Ignorance erodes, apathy corrodes, when one does not care or know the issues. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U. With Americans, she must be uptight.

Supporting baby killings, a shame his mama was not willing. Inform the public of the difference, for fence sitters' alliegance.

States are requiring birth be legal, to find if your employment is illegal. Obama is biding his time, to dump Joe Biden next time. Promotion of perverted will.

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Al Gore. Nature amorality. George W. Leftist Bill. Senator Maria Cantwell from Washington cannot vote well. Mark Twain. Rewritten to place 'Saddam' at end of line to a more pure compliance with the clerihew criteria. Jack asked, "what you can do for your country. Bin Laden may still run with guns.

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Claims to be a hero. Farrakhan the candy man delivers his truth, spinning facts until untrue. Al Gore. Songs she sings so beautifly, but her B. Propapaganda spewed by Alec, is full of hate-filled slapstick. Finacial backer of liberal endeavors; woman's radio show was no show stopper. Though he can be quite contrary, he's a leading Democrat in assembly. Bin Laden. Main-stream news, policies liberal bias; Right rules talk shows, by public midas.

Whoopi TV host Oprah Winfrey, has the money to promote her whimsy. A quatrain, rhyming as two couplets, usually of uneven length. It's rhythm is near to that of prose. Liberal whacko is O'Donnell, shallower than when horizontal.

,+ power poets!

Session, Regardless of the last election, Taxes, Amnesty, controlled consumerism; Democrats vote for socialism! Blames the plight of poor, on white rich men more. Was Benjamin Franklin his optician? The object of the clerihew is usually named at the end of the first or second line.

Should he really be our President, without proof of natural citizenship? Gumbel complained of Republican white, yet, Democrats had opposed his civil rights. Rewritten to place 'Bin Laden' at end of 2nd line to a more pure compliance with the clerihew criteria. Saddam did not expect. As Republican beat Democrat nominee, truly a liberal, we should have seen.

During attempts to get it right, could not 'cause he's on the left! Bought the office of president, promising your mama's betterment. Clerihew Poems. Patty Murray "Hooray!

George W Bush. Let the media stew. It is whimsical as opposed to satiric. He lived in the odium Of having discovered Sodium. Jeremiah Wright Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, hater of the American right.

Gained disfavor of Republican voters. America to call his bluff. Father of our country, no children had; two kids he raised, as their step-dad. Agenda to make illegals legal, and sit again behind the eagle. Narrow special interests.

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I do think she spews too much, though not as much as Whoopi! Infiltrated earth as Mork, deport him back to Ork! We do not give green cards to green men. Only 'Conservative' thing rightly done, was marry Mary Matalin. Up-stepped by his accusation. George tried to buy the presidency, but failed Using wealth to perpurtrate lying, with dem.

Enemies Bin Laden. Careless of humanity.

Return to Index. Kent, concerning that poem. For abortion, not so much for life; one boxing mit with a boxing knife. Soldiers in Afghanistan. See also The Clerihew Poem. On View her lack of logic; stage vulgarities neurologic? Nancy Pelosi a major power player, flagrant wings clipped by American electors.

Independent Whitehouse wannabe, our President he shall never be.