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Cocksucking wife tumblr

Is for you… to test the boundaries of the walls she has raised and see if you are deserving of the secrets she keeps.

Cocksucking Wife Tumblr

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Two girls making out with a cock between their lips. My wife has very nice lips. Your wife is a slut. She was his fucktoy. Your innocent wife during her college days.

Years old: 33
Hair: Brunet
Favourite drink: Stout
Other hobbies: My hobbies dancing
My tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Love to put some panties, bra and a nice pair of high heels! Yes, please!

Somehow it suddenly felt so much more real, like when you start dating someone and it feels unreal and distant, until you sleep with the person, suddenly everything is so much more personal and real. That kiss was a totally new level for me in my sissy life. What made my kiss with Mr.

Handsome in the post so special is that i developed a bond towards him. True story!

Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. It became a point of intimacy on a new level.

Live my high heels! Easy one… Can you give me your bra and panties now? Recently Liked.

For me it has allways been a thing i try to avoid and dont want. Didnt have the attraction for it at all. That is what that kiss did to me.

The Kiss Kissing men has allways been an absolute no for me. I was born to be a bottom. He fucked me into becoming his girl, he fucked me into being a submissive little mess, that would do anything for him.

True story. And i cant explain to you, the feelings that went through my head, getting fucked so deeply and intense, being hugged by him, feeling so small and safe in his arms and getting kissed by him at the same time was wonderful.