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Collaring ceremony ideas

In the BDSM community, a collaring ceremony has similar ificance to a wedding ceremony among vanilla people. It represents a formal declaration of commitment between two people — the dominant person generally collars the submissive one. However, modern BDSM couples sometimes choose to wear a collar to show their devotion to each other and their relationship.

Collaring Ceremony Ideas

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It is not something that happens overnight, nor is it something that should be done for all slaves. It is also not something a Dominant should take lightly either, as it is two people who are being bound to the collar. While a Dominant must always look out for any sub they choose to be with, including their safety, and well-being. To ensure that the slave is living a better life with you rather than without you, giving them the support they need to be able to grow as a slave and as a person. This will be the most difficult thing a Dominant ever chooses to do.

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My polyamorous collaring ceremony script: committment, bdsm-style

We are still waiting to pick a date since Covid has made us have to reschedule. If you rather it just be you two that is perfectly okay as well. This contract puts forth our rules, hard and soft limits, along with stating anything else that is vital information for the other party to know.

Kitten says:. Older Comments. I featured a picture of it below, it is from Daoire on etsy. After we chose the collar we began to plan the ceremony itself. I have been researching collaring ceremonies recently and this article helped me a lot. Picking a collar is a very personal experience and can be very emotional.

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There are so many ways that you can do your own collaring ceremony but remember you want it to be true to you are your partner. My dominant and I have spent our entire relationship working on building our contract and adjusting as needed. With his key it will remain on a necklace that he wears at all times this is the other half of our uniting symbol and to us is just as important as my collar. For us we are choosing to do a formal service set up much like a wedding would be. A collaring ceremony is much like a wedding. July 28, at pm. : Articles.

Planning our collaring ceremony

Lustfulpet says:. A really important part of my collaring ceremony is the contract. Here is one of my favorite candid photos of me and my dominant. KikiLolita says:.

I dream of something like this! It binds a submissive and their dominant together in a more formal way. Next we shopped for my collaring collar. For our party we are choosing to have it set up as a formal attire rave and I am so excited!

May 26, at pm. We are doing this because our bdsm lifestyle is just a important to us as our EDM lifestyle. My collaring collar has an Allen key lock on it that my dominant will have the primary key for and I will have an extra for emergencies. I have my dress chosen and am extremely excited to wear it! Mine is a lovely thin silver band with my birthstone, opal, in the center. May 22, 0 32 Comments. After the vows are said the collar will be placed around my neck and the contract ed.

If you are familiar with the bdsm community you may have heard of collaring ceremonies, but what are they? Darkcrystal says:. June 5, at pm. We have it set to be redrawn every three months so that everything stays current. Share: Facebook Twitter.

Feel free to follow these steps and ideas for your own ceremony! May 27, at pm.

What is a collaring ceremony?

June 3, at am. DrusilaV says:. Tygerheart says:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Next Next post: Blessed Beltane.

Collaring ceremonies are as unique as the individuals

Collaring ceremonies are not to be taken lightly; they are huge deal and to some are even more important than marriage. Collaring ceremonies can be done in many ways; here we will discuss the planning process for mine. If you prefer small intimate affairs with just a few people do that! We are choosing to do it outside and do a set of vows. June 1, at pm.