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Corruption of champions rut

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Corruption Of Champions Rut

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The Wet Bitch Urta's House.

My age: I am 19
What is my gender: I'm fem
Favourite music: My favourite music heavy metal
Other hobbies: Dancing

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Put your pants back on.

You do have options, but these are the safest bets to start with and boost each level. Upon reading the prologue you will be introduced to the character creation menu.

Probably best to keep it simple at first, and make sure every purple star item you find, you save, and put it in the storage at the Frost Hound. Now onto the pick-a-poisons.

However, the first members you probably meet, Brint and Cait, also work. Light armor for the most part is non negotiable, because heavy armor reduces initiative, which makes your turns slower.

You need a party. I will try to include information supporting other classes and orientations as I see it. As in, pick which one has the stats you want first and foremost.

First, even if it breaks your immersion, think of your starting race as a stat stick. Everything here revolves around what you want to do or be, however there are a few things to keep in mind.

The easiest option is, including you, a damage dealer, meaning someone who wants to deal a lot of damage very fast, a tank, someone at least who attracts threat and preferably has abilities that reduce damage taken, and a dedicated healer.

When starting as each class, you have several options for each one how to proceed.

As of this writing. There are options but those are safe rules to follow. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Thanks for following!

Come, brother or sister or other, as I bathe you in the divine knowledge of Keros himself. Written by UndyingRevenant. There are hybrids out there, melee weapons with less magic power but decent attack and vice versa.

However, the one thing to pay attention to is your starting bonus stats; this value cannot be altered. Hello there. Now the party does leave room for variety, but your party has a max amount, by default, of 3 people.

Corruption of Champions II. Some stats, like toughness, do look mighty fine, and even as a thief or mage you might be tempted to put points into it, however, strength gives armor, agility gives evasion, cunning gives magic defense, and willpower gives lust damage defense, along with their damage increases, so increasing toughness is not as good an idea as it first appears, along with the fact that if you ever need to, there are multiple items that can compensate for lower health pools, and your defensive stats will ensure that you never hinder your party.

Also, you might have different opinions or insight than me, I have the viewpoint of a straight male thief, your might vary. You want a party. Do you not sleep, play League of Legends, eat, repeat? It might take a while in game, but you can change your race with items freely, the starting bonus cannot ever be changed.

While you have many safety features in the game itself, if you wish to change your gender, your race cosmeticallyyour skill points not baseeven your name, you can. This gives you much more variety in your options. So your options will be 2 handers, good damage, good variety, cheap, simple, easy to acquire, big s but lower chance to hit at least once, dual wielding, requires each weapon to be light, attacks multiple times with some combinations on some powers like cleave for wombo combo damage, hard to find uniques, lowered accuracy, lower damage unless you hit with both at the same time, increased chance to hit at least once, sword and shield, increased defenses and evasion, protection from crits, some unique weapons that are too heavy to dual wield but not big enough to 2 hand, bows, similar bonuses as 2 handers, some of the easiest to acquire and highest damage weapons, but you lose the melee exclusive powers, without the benefit of being able to use throwing weapons when dual wielding to use both ranged and melee powers.