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Crazy bets to make with friends

Having some healthy competition with your partner is one of the ways to increase intimacy.

Crazy Bets To Make With Friends

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Wagers can be made with friends or family over sporting events or a life challenge. Making bets with friends can result in some hilarious outcomes. Maybe the loser has to get a tattoo, maybe they just face the shame of defeat. The internet is awash with ridiculous bets people have made with friends. Some have taken years for the winnings to be paid up.

What is my age: I am still in my teens
Color of my iris: Warm dark
Body type: My figure type is quite thin
What I prefer to drink: Tequila
What I like to listen: I prefer to listen country
I like: Diving

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Either that or art imitated life super specifically. No one ended up in the hospital.

The things we would do when we were young! I hate making bets because people become so serious about them, and then inevitably… bad, regrettable things end up happening.

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Call me crazy, but I think this is the plot of a Friends episode and not a real bet this guy did with this friends. Jimmy Fallon kicked it off with this sad tale of a man who ate too many Peeps. The agreement was to eat it, not to keep it down! I love these sort of disagreements about basic facts from your own life.

I love this!

This is horrifying, and I cannot believe they took the money back when he threw it up. This next one is kind of sweet….

This just seems like one smart woman. The next one is great….

Best bets to make with friends

Pastanoodle better track Alex down and deliver those two slaps without saying a word. Where did this girl sleep?! Have you ever made a bad bet?

I had a friend in 2nd grade who would eat any concoction we made in the cafeteria, I think just to prove she could do it. And she would eat it.

Chocolate milk, straw wrappers, ketchup, mustard, all mixed together. This was never going to end well. Share this story on Facebook and tell your friends the dirty details!

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This is crazy! It makes people giggle.

How funny would that be?