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Cumslut wife stories

My wife and I met in college, during the drunken party days of fraternity-sorority life.

Cumslut Wife Stories

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You never know what might be getting yourself into when you meet strange older men in a bar. They say curiosity killed the cat. Well, curiosity has not killed this little kitten yet, but rather has take her to a whole new world where she has explored, learned and discovered feelings of complete pleasure, one right after the other. Discovered a world that sh I want you to make me your complete cumslut, and even move onto the next level eventually.

What is my age: 28
Ethnicity: Australian
Tone of my iris: I’ve got lively dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Silvery
Body type: I'm medium-build
I like: Reading

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I was starting to think that my feelings about there being more to Mindy were true, and that she was fucking those other guys. It was hard not fucking while Ed was away, and although it was tempting to meet with other men, I was able to be faithful to him by masturbating myself at least twice per day. At one point I saw Mindy go into the spare bedroom with two of the single guys, and about ten minutes later Jeff went in there and closed the door behind him. We lived in a nice Cumslut wife stories on a golf course in Jacksonville, Florida, and my mother and father are both avid golfers, but my mother is also a serious tennis player.

I thought you guys were happy together. I was dressed a little more conservatively in a tight t-shirt that did make my tits look huge, and a short jeans skirt. He also likes for me to dress sexily when we go out in public together. Is there any chance that I could fuck him and some of the other men from the club with you? My name is Susan, and at the time of this story I was twenty-one years old and living in Norfolk, Virginia.

Mindy is really cute and we look a lot alike. I remember thinking that she was just as nasty as I am. I could see that she had been crying. And what do you mean by him participating? My husband, Ed, was twenty-two years old and on active duty in the Navy on a ship with Norfolk as the home port. We continued dating and Ed graduated before me and got a good job while I was finishing Cumslut wife stories at school. Shortly after our wedding Ed got laid off from his job, and he then made the decision to the Navy.

Something in the back of my mind told me that I should just be truthful with Ed about what I thought was going on, and as I look back on it now, I think I subconsciously wanted to know how he would react to that type of cuckold relationship, possibly as a preview to how he would feel about me fucking other men. It was a unique feeling seeing so many of our wedding guests as the men that my mother had been and was still fucking, and for the first time I met their wives. That boy with the six-inch cock was the first to break my cherry, but then I started dating other boys, always looking for bigger and bigger cocks.

Watching her eat that cum like that gave me the courage to talk with her about what I saw. But my story of becoming a slut really starts when I was at the end of my junior year in high school, and I caught my mother fucking the tennis pro from the country club. That sometimes happens when the husband has a small dick and he likes to see his wife fucked with big cocks. I noticed that Mindy was very friendly with many of the single guys, and they were dancing with her and rubbing her ass and the sides of her tits, right in front of Jeff.

Some of the boys thought that was pretty cool, but others thought I was nasty to do that. Do you mind telling me what was going on? I think you should just stick with the boys in your school for now.

I was a pretty normal high school girl I suppose, and I had more than my share of dates with some of the more popular boys at my school. In a few minutes I heard the front door close and the sports car start up, and then my mother came down the hall to my room. The thing that made me a little different from the other girls was that I just love the smell and taste of cum. I was starting to think that I might be able to make him my cuckold, and my pussy was soaking wet in anticipation.

‘cumslut’ stories

I also got a job at the commissary on base to help cover our expenses and keep me occupied, especially when Ed was at sea, and we began our life in the Navy. My hair is natural dish water blonde which contrasts well with my sparkling green eyes, and I am the Cumslut wife stories image of my mother Margaret, except that she is a few pounds heavier with a nice full ass and DD-cup breasts. But at least I got to stay in Jacksonville until Ed completed boot camp and technical training and got his first asment on a ship in Norfolk. As the evening continued, I cut back a little on my drinking, but I made sure that Ed always had a full glass in his hand.

I tiptoed down the hall and peeked in the partially open door and was shocked to see Mitchell, the very handsome and fit tennis pro from our club, aggressively fucking my mother. But I tried very hard to be faithful to Ed, so I stopped fucking other men after we were married. My parents were very active socially at the country club and they had a lot of parties at our home.

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Ed was ased to a unit that rotates the crew on his ship every four months, so he would Cumslut wife stories home for four months and then at sea for four months. She had put a robe on and came in my room and sat on the bed. The idea that Mindy might be in there fucking those guys was driving me nuts, and I just started drinking more to calm myself down. He then surprised me by asking me to marry him, and after a short engagement, we were married at the country club.

Jeff found out that I was fucking the other crew guys when he was out at sea, and instead of getting mad, he wanted to be part of the action when I fucked guys on his crew. I fucked both of those guys in there tonight, and Jeff not only sucked their cum from my pussy, but he sucked their cocks clean of our juices. You're just a junior in high school and those men could get into a lot of trouble if they were caught with you.

For some inexplicable reason I just wanted to get down there and lick it up. And, he also sucks their cocks when they're out on the ship. Are you upset with me?

My wife, the cum slut

She also has a devilish way about her that is very sexy. The only other cock I had seen was six inches long, but this one is at least ten inches long and as thick as my wrist, and his huge balls were heavily slapping against her ass on each of his powerful strokes.

I just looked at her for a few seconds and was wondering if I could possibly tell her how excited I was at seeing her fucking him, and how wet my pussy was. What would he be doing? She looked very hot in a tube top that really accentuated her big tits, and her mini shorts showed a lot of her ass cheeks and a prominent camel toe.

I had the reputation of being a real fuck slut at the college, and I was getting all the cock I wanted.

I saw Mindy go into the kitchen, so I walked in behind her. She had a look of horror on her face and she started to cover herself with the sheet on the bed, and I quickly moved away from the door and back to my room.

I always scoop it out of my pussy with my fingers after I'm fucked, and I just love the taste and texture of it in my mouth. I saw her reach into the crotch of her shorts and bring her cum-covered fingers to her mouth and lick them clean.

After high school, I went to the junior college in my Cumslut wife stories and continued living at home, while dating and fucking a lot guys. Seeing Jeff go in there brought back memories of my conversation with my mother about my dad being a cuckold and sucking the cum from those other men from her pussy. There were four married couples at the party including Ed and me, and another twelve single guys from the barracks.

Jeff had been on that rotation for a year already, so Mindy was very much acclimated to the periods when the men were away. It seemed like only about twenty percent of the men in his group were married. I just stood there and watched as he continued to suck her tits and fuck her, and then I noticed just how big his cock is. But there is no way I can allow you to start fucking the men from the club. I Cumslut wife stories not yet been fucked at that time, although I did allow one of my serious boy friends to suck my tits and finger my pussy, and I jacked off his six-inch cock a couple of times.

I could close my eyes and hear him slapping against her and hear his big balls slapping against her ass, and I especially liked seeing that big load of cum leaking from her adulterous pussy after he ejaculated. Since he was newly enlisted, we had to get an apartment off base, and many of the other married, rotating sailors also lived there. I especially liked seeing his thick cum running out of her pussy.

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I have always felt that it is important for the citizens of our country to support our active duty military in their service to our country, and I got my chance to provide ificant support after my husband ed the Navy. I was surprised when I heard giggling and voices coming from her bedroom. Tell me what you are thinking. To make a long story short, I started fucking the boys in my high school, and by the time I graduated I was getting a reputation as a total cum slut.

I was just standing there in the door spell bound by what I was seeing, and then I realized that my mother saw me at the door. And when I first met you and saw how much we look alike and how well we get along, I was hoping that you could help me fuck all those guys, especially the dozens of them in the barracks. I felt my pussy getting wet just from watching them fuck, and I remember thinking how much my mother looks like me, Cumslut wife stories I was probably seeing myself in her place being fucked by that big cock.

I found that the more I was fucked, the more I liked the bigger cocks. It had been quite a while since I had been fucked by a big cock, since I had been faithful to Ed since we were married, but my pussy was now itching to be fucked by a man who could really fill my vagina.

I finally met Ed at school and we started dating. We are happily married, but your father told me long ago that he wanted to see me fuck other men, and for the past few years I have been fucking men from the club. She invited us to a party to be held just down the hall in their apartment on the Saturday night before the men left on the following Wednesday, and Ed and I were really looking forward to it.

Despite all the sex I had myself, my favorite fantasy to masturbate to was seeing my mother fucking Mitchell. I went quietly to my room to put my books down and then went to look for my mother. I was upset at first Cumslut wife stories for the first time in my life I would be moving away from my parents.

I was really surprised by what I saw before she noticed me.