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Custom sex story

All sex stories on this site can be customized, so you can tailor and transform them to be about anyone you wish and create your own personalized porn. You choose the name and other attributes of the characters, and your choices are then incorporated into your own bespoke erotic story. It's a bit like Mad Libs, but the aren't stupid.

Custom Sex Story

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You can take the lead role in your own personalised erotic story or buy a fantasy as a gift for a partner or prospective partner. Are you a fan of erotica but struggle to find the right type that suits your fantasies? Perhaps you want to spice up your sex life with a long term partner but find it hard to approach the subject. Why not let me write the fantasy, let them read it, an icebreaker for you to both discuss your wants and desires more openly. Letting them read the fantasy could be the perfect foreplay.

Age: 30
What is my nationaly: Emirati
Gender: Woman
I understand: French
Favourite music: Country
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Appeal to his inner James Bond, where hell be flying helicopters, smuggling diamonds, escaping from gangsters, and of course, ending up getting the girl! The book barely lets us pause for breath. A mild version of this novel is available. A mysterious murder. Blood Lust 'Blood Lust'a vampire romance book for adults sees our leading couple drawn into an electrifying underworld of sex, magic and blood lust, but will they fight against the seductive lure of the local vampires or their ranks forever?


A timeless classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will delight, perplex, and stir the imagination. Hyde' is both a brilliant thriller and a psychological novel that explores the darkest aspects of the human psyche.

If you're a fan of Pride and Prejudice you'll enjoy reading the scenes which offer a lovely balance of romance and lust, and and even people who haven't read her books will laugh when they read these sex scenes described in such a proper, old-fashioned style. Filled with curious characters that can be personalized as well, this is a dazzling frolic for young and old alike, as vivid as only the best of dreams can be.

Star as Romeo and Juliet, Custom sex story famous star-crossed lovers in this timeless classic. Pride and Prejudice and Debauchery From the first flutter of Elizabeth's eyelashes through to its orgasmic finish, Pride, Prejudice and Debauchery takes you on a witty and bawdy romp through one of Austen's most famous titles. Shopping from United States? With Hollywood actor, Roscoe Reed taking a shine to our leading lady will she reject his advances or indulge in the ultimate female sex fantasy and see herself thoroughly worshipped and adored by two gorgeous men?

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The Hound of the Baskervilles A family curse. Anne Of Green Gables A favorite for generations, this all time classic, heartwarming story is of a unique heroine and her quest for a place to call home.

As events unfold we come to learn of a sinister rogue on the prowl, Mr. Edward Hyde, and his horrific connection with the respectable Dr. The Scarlet Pimpernel Action, mystery, love, this is a classic with it all. Watch as mere ink and paper breath life into Jane Eyre's heart--and your own.

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A truly delightful and inspirational story for readers from eight to eighty, now even better as its personalized by U Star Novels to star you! Its still an erotic novel, but for couples who would prefer not to have the involvement of others in the sex scenes.

Star in this heartwarming tale of sisterhood and self-discovery. Shopping from outside the US?. This classic tale of the high seas, mutiny, stealth, and wit continues to entertain readers of all ages. Follow in Dr. Jekyll's tortured steps as he unleashes the evil buried within himself in the form of Mr Hyde.

Now you can put yourself in the shoes of this famous detective with a personalized version of this timeless mystery classic, and you can even choose your assistant too! Never imagining what lies in wait for the two of them, will the game cross into reality? If you ever wondered what went on behind closed doors at Pemberley, now is your chance to find out and experience it first hand as you star as Elizabeth Darcy in this sexy version of Pride, Prejudice and Debauchery.

Fever In France Fever in France is the perfect gift for your guy! A ghostly black dog whose footsteps appear at the scene of the crime.

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Star as Elizabeth Darcy in this erotically charged and hysterically funny version of the story you love but with much more than longing glances and flirtatious conversations. Never before has a novel made a heroine come to life as vividly as Jane Eyre, and now you can take her place in a personalized copy of this special book which can be read and savoured over and over again. After starring in this timeless classic, you won't want to leave Neverland, and some days, you may find yourself staring out the window, looking for that hint of light that is Tinkerbell or the boy effortlessly flying between trees and buildings.

The Railway Children A rollercoaster well, steam train ride of adventures and emotions which will captivate young and old alike.

The tale starts in London's foggy streets with a brutal attack by a mysterious character. It builds with slow burning intensity, introducing us to the richly imagined characters who are to shape, and be shaped, by events far bigger, and with a greater sense of history, then they could ever imagine.

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This story will steal your heart forever and stay readable for years to come. Safari Nights Safari Nights, see our leading couple enjoy safari tours by day and passionate nights under the raw African skies, until things take a sinister turn and they discover a killer on the loose.

Treasure every breathtaking passage and every witty turn of phrase. Fate is not on their side, however, and the pair look for a way, against all odds to stay together. Guesthouse Games Drawn into the ancient Hawaiian spiritual world and into the exploration of their own deepest and most forbidden desires, will our leading couple be able to resist the guesthouse games that lay in store for them or help to finally lay a spirit to rest?

Only one man in the whole worldSherlock Holmescan handle a case of this caliber. A beloved and intricate tale, The Hound of the Baskervilles is filled with terrifying twists and turns, all of the most nail-biting elements a timeless mystery has to offer.

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Set during the French Revolution, The Scarlet Pimpernel is fantastically plotted, with a full-steam-ahead plot that drags its readers from the centre of London society to a dark night on the coast of France.

A Tale of Two Cities, in Dickens' own words, is "[T]he best story I have written" and is undoubtedly one of his most moving, exciting and memorable works. Whether youve seen any of the hundreds of film adaptations of this classic or not, you really should treat yourself to reading it first-hand, and experiencing the chilling mix of desire and horror that Bram Stoker brings to this incredibly atmospheric, evocative and sensual novel.

Star as these well drawn characters of The Three Musketeers and them on an "endless adventure" breathlessly moving from one scene to the next: sword-fighting, court espionage, sex scandals, poisonings, assassinations, undying love and more.

The choice is yours as to whether you star as good girl Dorothy in your personalized version, or take on the role as the Wicked Witch of the West. Create a one-of-a-kind gift or bring out the child in you as you star in this tale of imaginative nonsense and trickery. Treasure Island Star in this swashbuckling story of adventure in the role of young Jim Hawkins as you go on a quest for hidden treasure.

English Encounters 'English Encounters' sees our leading couple embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The friendship of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is one of the most celebrated in American literature, built on entertaining adventures and pranks, shared superstitions, and loyalty like none other. Alice In Wonderland - New Edition Heres your chance to follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and find yourself in Wonderland, as you star as Alice in the beloved childhood classic, Alices Adventures in Wonderland.

Whichever you decide, you and your friends can star together as you face colorful characters, frightening villains, and the amazing landscapes that make up one of the most unusual and fascinating stories ever dreamed up. Buried deep within the breast of many men lie the seeds of great terror, dark imaginings that should never see the light of day. Simply substitute the names of the leading characters with your chosen names.

Erotic stories you can customize

Pride and Prejudice Would you like to fall in love with Mr Darcy? Shopping from United Kingdom? Read this book. Star in one of the best-loved romances of all time! Spanish Sizzle In Spanish Sizzle our leading couple are surprised to learn that each are secret agents until they end up working on the same job, to return a stolen blueprint for an unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona.

Choose yourself, family and friends to play six leading characters. Dracula Dracula is one of the most famous horror characters of all time and now you can star right alongside him in this personalized edition of this timeless classic.

Love it. Indecent In Italy 'Indecent in Italy sees our leading couple take in the stunning vistas from the cliffs of Capri, make an amazing find in Naples, and escape with the Italian mafia in this personalized adventure romance novel. Peter Pan - New Edition Take your place in one of the greatest children's stories of all time and experience the magical world of Neverland.

Put yourself and your best friend along with four other leading characters into a personalized edition of this timeless classic.

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The pleasure of reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has kept readers coming back for over a century, and now heres a new way to enjoy the most popular and famous works of American literature. Visit ustarnovels.

Play the part of the mischievous Anne Custom sex story and be drawn into her vivid world of fun and eccentricity. Little Women "Little Women" is one of those rare classic novels that is still relevant, funny, fresh and heartbreaking today. Amsterdam Lessons A chance meeting in Amsterdam with a mysterious and glamorous couple draws our leading couple into an intoxicating world where the fulfillment of sexual desire becomes impossible to resist in Amsterdam Lessons.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Dr. Whilst surprising her man with an extra special vajazzle, she willingly agrees and their first steamy encounter takes place in a hot tub at a celebrity-filled party. The mystery and the multi-layered plot will keep the s turning and many will find the book hard to put down until you reach the book's satisfying conclusion. Louisiana Whispers Its not just our leading couple whispering sweet nothings to each other in Louisiana Whispers, but an earthbound spirit needing their help to uncover the truth of a mysterious disappearance over 90 years ago.

The most famous love story of all time, this play tells the tale of a boy and a girl from warring families who meet and fall in love. Put yourself, sisters or girlfriends into the roles of the four March sisters as you star in this story of a loving and unconventional family welcoming life's joys and bravely facing life's sorrows.

Shopping from Australia? Part autobiographical, this is a powerful portrayal of young women growing up in a post-war American society of strong traditions and modern freedoms. Hollywood Heat Scooping an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood, our leading hero comes up with a fun way to spice up their holiday by daring our leading lady to make love in as many interesting and unusual places as possible on Custom sex story itinerary.

Cast your friends as Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and Captain Alexander Smollett as you set sail for the secret island, accompanied by a crew of disguised pirates led by the powerful Long John Silver.