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D&d wish stories

No two DMs we have played with have allowed the wish spell to do the same thing. While the spell description gives some guidelines as to the specific things that can happen, the DM has probably more latitude with this spell than any other. In return, he promises to his players to not be an asshole and only manipulate their wish for the sake of the game and story.

D&d Wish Stories

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How much leeway do you give the player? For something I may feel is excessive, can I add in a potential negative consequence for a non-standard spell copy?

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Leave them humiliated and battered, but still in a position to pick up where they left off. So I have been DM'ing a campaign for a few weeks and as our party wasn't it's full strength another member DM'ed a side adventure so I could get a little playtime in. Find Us! YouTube Facebook Twitter. AriochQ said:.

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Compared to some editions, the 5e version of Wish is a doddle to adjudicate. I usually reserve 2 in cases where a malevolent being is involved. Deck of Many Things wishes fall into that category. Downlo Latest reviews Search resources. In that case, Decks are random and chaotic, the of the wish should reflect that. Home Post new thread What's new Latest activity Authors. I was carrying a scroll of Wish, and it seemed like the only way to save our bacon. Create wiki. I usually let them know beforehand the spell is not powerful enough to fulfill their request. A wish from a noble efreeti might give you a castle he once owned.

If they ask for something they know is well beyond the normal scope of a Wishhave it fail in some spectacularly humorous fashion, as embarrassingly as possible, but not in a way that massively disadvantages the party. D&d wish stories supporters. For a deck of many things wish, I would just go with option 1. Make them word the wish very specifically and then look for any loophole you can find to make them miserable.

So, he decided to screw with us. The only two PCs standing were my Wizard, and another player's deep gnome illusionist. And baggage. What do they have? Not really what you're asking for, I know, but I've never encountered any really epic examples of Wish misuse - the only ones I remember were from a DM who liked having the party pick up wish-granting items without realising it, in which case whatever desire they next verbalised i. All thre Latest thre Hot thre New posts. Personally, while twisting Wishes can be fun, my own attitude to such things is to remember Wheaton's Law and not set D&d wish stories to screw the party over.

Feel free to scale down their wish if it seems too powerful. Only stoop to that level if they try to get seriously lawyery about it. Post new thread. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, we got out of the fight only letting the Jester get one attack off. AriochQ Adventurer. It has a set of very specific things it can definitely be used to perform, and while it's possible to push beyond those limits, the physical cost of doing so is very high, especially for a spellcaster.

I did not set up nor ask for the spell to be introduced to our middling level game, but I am going to have to deal with it moving forward. Wiki s Latest activity.

Keep it simple and on the scale as outlined in the spell description. Log in. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I agree with the above.

Level up your 5E game! What can they do? So, I aimed for the most benign wording I could come up with in two minutes.

Be very careful how you deal with this

Right on the edge of a volcano, with all the cooling problems you can imagine. But a legendary artifact or Being can probably do better, but there are limits. Log in Register. The 7th level Warlock got struck and happened to draw The Moon acquiring 1d3 Wish spells and he came away with one wish DM might have auto-1'ed him from the unseen roll. Search titles only.

If it's less powerful than one of the listed effects, don't even impose the spell-damage and strength penalty. So, yes, follow Wheaton's Law, but don't be afraid to add baggage. End of the night we end up fighting a demonic jester who threw empowered cards where if struck you had to draw from the Deck of Many Things. Rather than "I wish for a castle" resulting in a mysterious rider suddenly showing up bearing the deed to castle It is a normal castle, but has immense cooking facilities deed for producing small hamburgers.

As a player, there's only one time I didn't deal with a wish as if it were my law school final exam. Any feedback or interesting stories are welcomed. Pretty much every PC who had lived or died with this group over the years of play that got us to 12 level or so in 1e had been a "compatriot" of my PC. And some of them were a little miffed and confused at having been dragged out of their beds, or from fighting monsters elsewhere in the world, and so on.

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Haven't dealt with it in 5th edition but you can basically go one of two ways No attempts to short change wisher, they basically get what they want. It felt cheap and punitive rather than clever and inventive. Olgar Shiverstone Hero. Click to expand Umbran Mod Squad Staff member.

However, I've always used "legendary" wishes as more powerful versions of the wish spell. He realized that my PC was the longest surviving character in the campaign. In the end does the DM have just as much power over the spell as the player? I have never myself had to deal with a player who didn't treat a Wish spell as if it were his law school final exam. If the player just uses normal conversational language to describe what he wants, don't try to trip him up on technicalities. The DM reasonably did not give me forever to craft a bullet-proof Wish, as Stradh was still around and going to whup our spellcasting but otherwise wimpy butts.

If the D&d wish stories the player asks for is not ificantly more powerful than those listed in the spell description, and isn't something that'll snap your carefully-crafted campaign like a dry reed, just let it work pretty much exactly as asked for. The standalone advanced 5E tabletop RPG which adds depth and diversity to the game you love! MarkB Legend.

Thread starter Winterfell Start date Aug 17, Winterfell First Post. I have played it both ways in the past. You are using an out of date browser. Regards, The DM who wished he didn't have to deal with Wish. Search forums. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Install the app.