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Diapers at school story

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Diapers At School Story

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Diaper stories

DiaperDiva Est. Messages Role Incontinent. This seems to be a fairly popular topic throughout the archives so I figured I would share my one and only diaper experience in school. I don't know if I put up a fuss, and I doubt that I wet it before I got home. New posts. It was just a depends "maximum" protection. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Around the age of 12 and 13 is when I first started taking a liking to the idea of wearing diapers.

I don't remember exactly what I was wearing over the pull-up that day but I assume I wore underwear over it. Click to expand I had to wear diapers to school during my first three and one half years of high school before I regained enough daytime control to go without a daytime diaper in the last few months before graduating. Of course, back in that era, the schools actually had real, qualified nurses on staff.

Did a kid wear diapers at your school? what was the social fallout like for them?

I hated PE. In Grade 7, all PE introduced me to was athletes foot and getting peed on from the back in the showers. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

In eighth grade, I even wore on a couple days that I had PE. I knew that I'd have to change in the locker room with my classmates, so I wore my boxers over them and was carefull not to let the top of my diaper show when changing. The staff noticed after a little bit, and I got changed into a new one.

That was the last time I showered in a group setting. Messages 2, Role Private. Search titles only. It was an absolutely horrible experience! We only needed one year of pe in our high school so I never really wore until after that. I remember it was very exciting and was probably one of the first times I felt anything sexual related to diapers. Messages 2, Role Adult Baby. Install the app. They weren't patterned like a lot of potty training pants are, but were solid colours, white, bright red, sky blue, or yellow.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The ones with four tabs. I did wear more on campus during the summer months when there were far fewer people around. Unfortunately, I did work up a bit of a sweat in class, so, afterwards, I had to dispose of my diaper. Not so much diapers, but thick terry cloth training pants.

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Media New media New comments Search media. I was already potty trained, but I was put back in them for one day by mistake. Thread starter Geekboy Start date Sep 22, Status Not open for further replies. Goodnites are the best. They are usually goodnites though as they are discrete and allows me to go to the potty when i can make it there without an accident there were actually a couple of times when the extra protection came in handy especially when I was sick and having diarrhea.

At 12 I found a package of pull-ups under my grandmas bathroom sink that were reserved for my little cousins. Cottontail Sailing, sailing, I wore diapers to class in college a few times-- not out of need. They were usually sufficient enough to not leak. Log in Register. I vaguely remember being a little nervous throughout the day but for the most part I recall my nerves went away quickly. Messages 44 Role Diaper Lover.

You are at a new grade school, and kids of all grades are in diapers. have fun.

It probably doesn't count. Today, there's no chance of having your child even going to most preschools if they haven't potty trained. Wombat Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Little. I became incontinent as the result of a surgical mishap when I was 14 years old.

Between the end of my first undergrad and the start of my second, I untrained, so, of course, I am now always diapered at school. I ended up taking and wearing them one by one over the course of a few months. Messages Age 25 Role Diaper Lover.

Log in. It's now one of those things that schools won't deal with, but when I was in elementary school mostly K-3rd grade the school was more accepting of the few of us kids who hadn't yet potty trained. I also had a wet goodnite on I think last October and I didn't change it, so I went to the library in a wet goodnite to work on a school project.

LittleBigKid Contributor. One morning, in my 8th grade year I woke up and decided that I would wear a pull-up to school. See, at age four I was still a bedwetter. SoakedSheets said:.

Does preschool count? Geekboy Contributor. INTrePid Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Private. Messages Role Diaper Lover. A couple of times I wore goodnites ATNs are too big and too loud for public to dinner with my hall and I've only told two of my closest best friends I wear.

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I never wore diapers to high school, but I did wear a couple of times during college. I actually posted about this earlier. I'm pretty sure I got rid of it during lunch since the bathrooms were pretty much empty at this time.

I wore to class a couple of times, but found that my concern about being caught made it too distracting throughout the day, so I kind of stopped that. One day I was really tired before preschool, so I didn't really pay attention while I was putting my clothes on, and I forgot to take off my pull-up.

Diapers in school. Long story short I decided to pee in it while I was at the bowling alley amongst my classmates.

My very last class of the day was P. There was a bowling alley right across the street from my school so at this particular time we would walk across the street and bowl for our gym class. The only other time was last spring break I was wearing diapers around my college campus, but nobody was there. You are using an out of date browser. I ultimately decided that it was too distracting and stopped.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. ArchtopK Est. Wow, bowling for PE, that's pretty cool. I stopped wearing them to school after that, but continued to wear them to bed until I was about AnalogRTO Est. Messages 2, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. At the time, that was all I could get, but it was better than nothing.

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Does anyone else have a similar experience? Search forums. I had many pairs, and never really thought of them as anything much different to normal underpants, only much thicker. I wore a few times to school from about eighth grade through my senior year in high school.

Dirty diaper stories — the reformation school

I remember being in my bathroom getting ready and my heart pounding as I slid it on. Messages 7 Role Diaper Lover Little. Inconinmiss Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. I probably only did it a half a dozen times and never wet. Deleted member Guest. There were a couple of times i wore them hehe sometimes to exams and sometimes just because I am feeling a little sick.

I used to wear these to bed, with plastic panties for my light bed wetting problem. I really don't miss school for many reasons lol! Kaliborio Est. My experience with wearing diapers at actual school is limited to two occasions on which I wore pull-ups. Forums New posts Search forums.