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Dirty crapped briefs

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Dirty Crapped Briefs

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My age: 67
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I prefer to listen: Reggae
Other hobbies: I like hunting

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Followers Reply to this topic Start new topic. I also made an Omorashi trait where sims who have it get flirty when their bladder need gets low, and when they wet themselves the embarrassed peed pants moodlet is replaced with a flirty moodlet instead that flirty moodlets makes hygiene increase faster as well so an omorashi sim who's wet themself doesn't have to be dirty and smelly. In almost every instalment to date, Sims can wet themselves. The sims 4 mod that gives you the "pee anywhere" feature can be fun.

May 31, Somebody should probably go digging through that game, there's bound to be a pee scene or two giv. Contrary to what the title screen shows, Little Johnny there is the next in line to use the port-a-potty there, with one of the other characters shown in line behind him. It also causes constipation, and if a sim takes medicine when they're constipated it also causes the bladder motive to decay super fast. Not much of a "game" per se, but a long time ago, the Nickelodeon website had features called Clickamajigs, which were basically animations that played out depending on where and when you clicked.

Don't get too excited about the wetting though as it is not that much. Anyone found that "episodes" scene?

My year-old is either pooping his pants or not cleaning properly, leading to messy underwear almost daily. what should i do?

I'd be happy to share these if people are interested. Link to post. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Clear editor. In the game Fashion Business you can pee on toilets, but there does not seem to be anything else omorashi related. A lot of people have mentioned the sims already I made a Weak Bladder trait that makes bladder decay faster, makes the sim stressed when they start having to pee, and speeds up bladder decay further when it's in the red so it's harder to make it to the bathroom on time. The wetting gets a bit dreary Dirty crapped briefs a while though. Clicking the door causes the person behind him to cut in line, but waiting around lets you see Johnny perform an animation.

Or in with one of these services in with Twitter. If you have anin now to post with your. Edit: I forgot about the visual novel fetish locator. At least, that's how it looks to me. Honorable mention to all the Tycoon games and the games like them. Also, that girl at the front of the line seems like she's about to wet herself as well. Then I made a Sensitive Stomach trait that gives random upset stomach sometimes after eating, sometimes just out of the blue, like IBS that causes extremely fast bladder decay, and if a sim has an accident from an upset stomach, the peed pants moodlet is replaced with a pooped pants moodlet.

Or in with one of these services.

September 27, The Sims is the standout example. And when you decide to quit, he wets himself. It also gives random embarrassed moodlets as the sim recalls accidents.

Replies Created 4 yr Last Reply 5 dy. Then, once there the mere thought of having to fight the Garleans has her comment that she "may" need one of those extra pairs of smallclothes. DsGSilver 13 posts.

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Its kinda funny peeing on people you dont like. Another game I like is House Party. Using console commands you can also make the girls pee, but there is nothing story related peeing for the girls as far as I know.

Ruromo 6 posts. NoWayOmo 6 posts. You can post now and register later. Recommended Posts. Also, as far as visual novels go that game is actually really well made. From the world of visual novels, you have Mythic Manor that has a couple of pee on toilet scenes and one really nice desperation scene with possible wetting.

Paste as plain text instead. I downloaded the game and clicked through some random story but did not find anything like this. DsGSilver Posted September 26, Posted September 26, Sashabear Upvote Loading But then she gets an upset stomach and the second quest in the chain has her asking for five apples and five oranges, where this line comes in. There is quite a bit of omorashi related scenes, but it is for those who like it a bit more hardcore. with Discord. Build a giant themepark with no toilets in it, watch the guests constantly whine about needing the bathroom.

Its mostly about sex, but some of you might enjoy that you can whip out junior and pee wherever you want.

You'd better not be one 'a 'dem damn dirty trolls!

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The main character is the boy on the right side. The one that fits this topic is:. Wasteland 3 gives us this dialogue if you successfully intimidate this one group of raiders. These are all "reward traits" so they won't eat up CAS trait slots, though they have to be added via mod as I can't figure out how to put them in the rewards store. See it in action.

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Thorn, would you send me a link to the Weak Bladder and Sensitive Stomach traits and your Caiden sim if you can? Popular Posts Carys September 27, Callum May 31, Posted Images. Honestly, several intimidate checks and similar things seem to include at least minor mention of pants-wetting. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

No desperation and wetting unfortunately.

The conversation

Couple images in the spoiler. NoWayOmo 5 Posted September 21, Posted September 21, I found this on Tumblr. Some of the newer o. I was just kidding. It can be forced upon them by removing their access to toilets, but the weak AI means that they will ofte.

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or insert images from URL. Search In. Existing user? Top Posters In This Topic 13 6 6. I've created some good scenes. Display as a link instead. Well, she wasn't referring to urinating herself, she was referring to her clothes getting wet by the rain.