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Doctors office sex stories

When I was 16 I got in trouble for spending too much time in the bathroom and my mom made an appointment with the doctor because i was constipated. When we arrived at the doctor, I johnny was taken back and my mom stayed in the waiting room. I went through all of the normal stuff and then the nurse told me to take off my clothes and put on a gown and wait for the doctor.

Doctors Office Sex Stories

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My age: 42
Sex: Woman
I understand: Russian
What is my body type: My body type is quite fat
Favourite drink: I like whisky
Hobbies: Doing puzzles
My tattoo: None

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As I did this, the base of the dildo started rubbing against my clit. I love the power and control of knowing that I can get any man to do what I want. Please nurse, please fuck me. His weight was really a pound less than his last examination but I wanted to put him on the defensive. Keeping my pace the same, I started pounding his ass, pushing the strap-on all the way into him.

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Applying more lubricant I added a second finger. Please sir, just bend over the examination table. Looking around the room I made sure that things were ready for my next patient.

His build was pretty nice, with a fairly flat stomach and a cute ass. Take your cock in your hand and make yourself cum.

Working my fingers in, and then rubbing the tips across his prostate gland. Reaching down, I pulled the sheer white stockings up my calves and onto my thighs. Complying, he leaned over the table. He was a writhing, pleasured mass. Slowly, I worked the head in.

Reaching over to the table, I grabbed the bottle of lubricant and started generously pouring it on his cock.

Raptly, he took the dildo into his mouth and started sucking. I love this part. Show me how you like having your ass fucked.

Fuck me harder! Everything was in place. Finally, I took out my favorite strap-on. Actually I was lying.

Straddling me, he leaned forward and greedily reached around behind himself and brought the tip to his ass. It has red piping and a ruffled skirt bottom that barely covers the bottom of my ass. For the next several minutes, I did just as he asked. Moving my fingers in, I started to directly massage his prostate.

First time to the gyno

Tell me what you are! It was amazing to watch how his ass stretched and dilated as the full length of the dildo was pushed home into him. By now his breathing was becoming labored and erratic, coming in small gasps and grunts. Snapping on the latex glove, I reached for the bottle of lubricant. It was exciting to see him fully immersed in the pleasure of being fucked in the ass.

The sensations were starting to get to me.

Please suck on it. As I did, his ass stretched to accommodate the bulbous tip until it slid in. Reaching down, I took his cock in my hand again and started stroking it.

Moving up to the examination table, I brought the tip of the dildo up to his ass. Looking down, I could see is manhood starting to swell. After he walked in to the room, I closed the door. Do you want me to keep fucking your ass with my fingers?

Straightening myself, I briskly walked out to the waiting area. Please take off your clothes Mr. Uneasily, he started removing his clothes, folding them and setting them on the chair. Reaching for his face, I brought his lips to the tip of the dildo. Do it now. His groans were coming continuously. With a final glance in the mirror, I checked my makeup. His cock was circumcised, and a perfect length.

‘doctor office’ stories

If I make even the slightest move, the white satin panties that I wear with it are visible. If he had any discomfort it was because his balls were about to burst. Wilson, should I stop? He alternated between stroking the cock in and out of himself quickly, and grinding his ass against me, hungrily trying to get every last bit of the dildo inside him.

Reaching down, he took his cock in one hand. I want to see how much you enjoy it. When the second finger slipped into him, he let out an audible groan. The tops of the stockings were trimmed in lace with a red bow. As we went, I could feel appreciative eyes frankly staring at my satin encased ass.

I want to watch you fuck yourself in the ass. This encounter was going to end with him coming on my strap-on, begging me to pound him even harder. With his other hand, he continued to twist and pinch his nipples. As I fucked him, he began raking his hands over his chest, and then he started pinching and twisting his nipples. Then, I started fucking him.

Pausing, I gave him time to adjust to the intruder.

‘doctor's office’ stories

I had already laid out a latex glove, a thermometer, and some lubricant. All pretenses were gone. When I vigorously massaged his ass, his cock would soften. The dildo I selected was my favorite as well. I was holding his throbbing erect cock in one hand stroking it, while pounding his ass with the strap-on, which in-turn was hitting me just right.

The harness is supple red leather, and it fits me perfectly.

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I began the routine examination process, taking his pulse, blood pressure, and weight. Longingly, I looked at the riding crop before deciding to put it away for another time. Reaching into the cabinet, I pulled out the strap-on and set it on the examination table by his head. In short order he was standing naked before me.

He was a handsome man, in his late forties, with graying hair that gave him a very distinguished look. It immediately swelled. I wanted to let go and hammer his ass mercilessly until I came, but I had another plan for today.

I would stop moving in and out of his ass and stroking his cock. After several minutes, he was a panting and moaning mess. Reaching down with my free hand, I took some lubricant and started smearing it on his cock. Walking quickly, I led Mr. Wilson to the rear-most examination room. Do you want me to keep fucking your ass with my fingers and stroking your cock?

Slowly it swelled until it reached full girth. Admit it! His eyes were large, and made him appear pleasant and thoughtful.