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Drunk wife flirts

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Drunk Wife Flirts

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Ignore anything about him for the moment. Have you spoken to her sober about how her behaviour makes you feel. We eventually went our Drunk wife flirts ways very amicably and he is now getting married again. She feels entitled to pursue this ego boost and rub your nose in it. Wife always flirting with male friend when drunk 23 Posts. You need to put your foot down unless you want to be cuckolded. I don't really know what to do. This is affair territory. If your wife gets upset by this then you can have a chat about the flirting again.

My wife and I have been married 5 years, together for 8. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet. the discussion To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet. Although we haven't really been having sex for a while and I'm the one who always has to initiate.

He didn't. On both their parts. I've seen her literally pawing at married men. Mumsnet Already have a Mumsnet ? I hope you get this resolved.

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About a year ago we made friends with a guy who we both really respect. We are very happy, do lots of things together etc. She defended him and said he's like that with everyone. How would she feel if he made a move on her? I don't know how she can't see that it's inappropriate or why she won't try to stop it. If you behaved the way he does with another woman, how would she feel?

The problem is whenever we go out about once a week and he's there my wife becomes extremely flirty with him - bedroom eyes, biting her lip, touching him. I've sort of hinted to her what people have said about it - not me I'd add but it' s much nastier than I've hinted.

I told her after one particularly boozy night that I was uncomfortable with things and kind of lay all the blame on him. If go, all systems are, go!

Drunk wife flirting with husbands friend spy

Watching this with interest for advice as I have a female friend who behaves like this. She does this when he isn't there and she's drunk it's excruciating to watch. Scott72 in my particular case, I don't think it was that.

It doesn't necessarily mean she is having or thinking of having an affair. Can you imagine if you kept calling another woman and paraded her round your friends telling them how beautiful she was etc???

Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. There are lots of women who will have an affair with a man 20 years older, so don't assume the age is a barrier to anything happening. She may be enjoying the attention or trying to make you jealous but it's not on at all. Oh no, she can see it and because she likes it. I would add that if this is attention seeking, it's incredibly immature and if someone is behaving that way, they're aren't mature enough for marriage.

Flattered or creeped out? Ask her how she would feel if you started treating another woman like this man is treating her.

Wife always flirting with male friend when drunk

It's a cruel thing to do. Her bf is a good friend of mine and I've known him longer than I've known her. Stop seeing so much of him. They text each other the day after saying "that was fun etc.

She is being hugely disrespectful to you. Bloody hell. If you want attention you discuss how you feel neglected If she does nothing to change her behaviour, I would decide if you want to remain in a marriage where you're feelings are ignored.

Talk ยป. Find your self-respect and tell her this stops now.

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If they aren't already having an affair, they're hurtling towards one. Ask her to make excuses next time he asks. Parading another woman round saying how gorgeous they are etc.

Is he meeting her on his own at any point or communicating with her in private without your knowledge? When my now ex and I started to drift apart, I behaved much as your wife does when drunk - and I found that the more miserable I got, the more often I got drunk. Not because of my behaviour but that gave him a reason not to like me Please talk to your wife - it has to be worth trying to avoid divorce, even an amicable one.

Drunk wife flirting black

Perhaps this is why OP is reluctant to say anything either. Neither is showing you any respect. She was standing up next a MM who was sitting in a chair, her breasts were in is face and she was leaning over him in a really proprietal way. Have you suggested a threesome?

Add message Report. Time to cut the ties with this "friend" and tell her if she does that again, you're off. But definitely something for OP to consider. Start new thread in this topic Watch this thread Flip this thread Refresh the display. It wasn't until one night I got really really drunk still can't remember Drunk wife flirts last part of the evening and I was apparently "inappropriately touching someone" that he reacted - but not til the next morning and only because one of his mates had pointed out that he should be offended.

Take a stand up to and including separation. Log in. I just wanted to point out that its not always a need for an affair which makes someone behave in such a way - there's often another more deep seated reason. Seriously, why are socialising so much with this guy?

They banter a lot and he'll make semi inappropriate comments which she doesn't shut down. Once a week is a lot for any friend, let alone a flirty one.

If you expect monogamy, she'd adhereing to the literal terms of that. She just says she's a flirty person and misunderstood. Last week I saw him parade her around to his friends that I didn't know, saying isn't she beautiful, look how gorgeous she is etc.

Add a message.

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Already have a Mumsnet ? I don't really want to say anything more direct as I think it would really upset her.

He ignored it completely. He's a lot older than the two of us over 20 years and has helped us out for various things. Add message Report See all. I had no intention of taking it any further but was crying out for my husband to give me some of the attention I got when flirting. I still think that he ignored my behaviour because deep down he didn't want to be married to me anymore.