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Erotic stories sil

She was home alone doing various things around the house. As is often the case, we sat down in the living room and chatted a bit about wha Elizabeth, Anne, and I got in the car and headed to the restaurant.

Erotic Stories Sil

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My wife and I had invited her sister Jessica and her boyfriend Bill away with us for the weekend. I changed quickly and heard my wife calling for her sister. When we arrived Friday night, we settled in to the house. The three drunks decided we should put on a movie. It was a bottle from one of the vineyards we had been to earlier. I was so turned on by watching her sister get fucked then give an awesome blowjob.

I could not believe how he was speaking to my sister in-law.

Jessica and Bill headed to their room as I lingered in the living room. I had a full view of her tits bouncing as I watched his cock go in and out of her mouth. I was so turned on. I could still hear the bed shaking and I could make out Jessica moaning. We ate dinner and the three of them had even more wine. I have never seen my wife drink this much. I quietly got up and went back to my room and got into bed with my sleeping wife. I was about to get up and leave when Bill pulled out his dick, ripped off the condom and sat up.

She headed off to our room. We had a nice tour and my wife, her sister and Bill had a few glasses of wine. Damn I thought she must be blowing him again.

I had never been so turned on. It was getting late so we headed off. We made it back home around 10pm. Jessica and Bill agreed and we all drove up to the house together. At around 11, Bill had suggested we hit the Jacuzzi. I thought to myself that must be blow job 2. The were so round and perky with big nipples. I drove off the first vineyard. We spent the first night drinking in the house. We all hung out for about a half hour then made our way back inside and to bed. I put in a movie as my wife handed out a glass of wine to everyone.

I was about to leave when he spoke again. Bill lifted his body up and there were her beautiful tits on display for me! We all we to our rooms to change.

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My wife looked at me but I just went into the bathroom and jerked off. My wife and I made it out back to the Jacuzzi first. Damn, I could barely get my wife to fuck me let alone blow me! A few minutes later Jessica and Bill stumbled out.

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After hearing this I quietly left and went back to my room. As she was orgasming, she arched her neck and back, raising her hands over her head. I was the driver for the day. We all went to our bedrooms to change. We stayed for another two hours at he vineyard as the three of them had more wine.

I jerked off one more time and fell asleep. I strained my eye to catch a glimpse of her tits. I told my wife I forgot something and would be right back. My cock was so hard at the though of Jessica sucking Bills cock for a third time. I could make out Bill on top of Jessica fucking away at her. I had never seen her in such a skimpy bathing suit. After a few moments, Bill began moaning and came right in her mouth.

As I approached their bedroom, I was so happy to see that the door had an old fashioned key hole in it. Again I noticed Bill and Jessica walk off together. Jessica never stopped sucking and did not let his cock escape her mouth. We decided to hit a few wine vineyards in the afternoon. My hand was already stroking my cock. My wife suggested we should all change into comfortable clothes.

Damn she was blowing him again! After we got changed, we picked a few vineyards to try.

Erotic stories

After a while I drove us all to another vineyard and we took another tour and the three of the had more wine. I quietly climbed out of bed, opened my bedroom door and slowly walked across the house to their bedroom. My buzz had worn off.

We had rented a house in Napa Valley for the long weekend. Its was the 4th of July weekend. There were three bedrooms, a huge living room with a tremendous couch and big 42inch TV. We had stopped on the way up at a local store to pick up some wine and beer.

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But before I could think another thought, Jessica jumped up and took his cock into her mouth. I was pretty awake from the Jacuzzi. I walked over to my room as my wife was coming out. I blew my load right there on the floor out side their door.

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Bill had some smile on his face. The next morning Jessica and Bill were already up when My wife and I ed them for breakfast. I noticed Bill and Jessica disappear for a while then resurface.

I could hear the bed squeaking and some muffled moans. My wife had passed out quickly. I will never forget it! I was instantly getting hard at the thought of Jessica getting fucked. As we got in, Bill and Jessica made there way over. We stopped off at a small restaurant.

I was watching them all get pretty drunk. I tried not to stare but wow! I watched her through the peephole give an amazing blowjob. Jessica looked really hot! I got on my knees and peeked through.