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Erotic wife seduction stories

Any guy with a mind to and a reasonably good game can bag a married woman who is interested in fucking around. I had recently decided to up my game and go after a woman who really excited me but who seemed to be a particularly tough one to crack, Eileen. Think about this set of challenges: married to her high school sweetheart, three kids, regular and active churchgoer she even talks about church in the office!

Erotic Wife Seduction Stories

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It was a Saturday night. We had been to a show, got home about 11 PM, and were channel surfing, looking for another hour's entertainment before going to bed. Zebra Lounge was just starting. Well I like it too, it makes me feel naughty. Of course, when we arrive at a lover's house, we both know that there will be sex between them.

Years old: I am still in my teens
Sex: Woman
My piercing: None
My tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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It was a large gathering, over two hundred people, at an upscale hotel. My wife is the opposite. This would likely result in her deciding to leave me, maybe for someone else, or just to experience life. A weekend away in Vegas, which was fun, but it felt like being on a holiday with my platonic roommate.

She was stunning. It became all I could think about. I would need to work hard and think differently to do this, but it was the best, and cheapest, option.

She was wrong. It was difficult to keep my hands off her body; I wanted to fuck her brains out. If my wife had no interest in being sexual with me, why would anyone else? With a nice wide smile, plump lips and high cheekbones, she is a very striking woman. Things at work and in public changed, however. I slimmed down quickly and became more toned. If it failed, well, hello door two. Her regular hours and routine stayed the same, except where I was concerned. I made the usual feeble attempts at romance.


I started to ask her to dress up a little more and went with her buy some new clothes, even though I hate shopping. I started going up to her from behind when she was working in the kitchen, gently caressing her hips, lightly kissing or smelling her neck, whispering "I love you," into her ear. She was feeling older, fat, unattractive, unsexy. I thought I looked great. This would result in divorce and probably financial ruin, for me anyway.

Her moods changed often during the day. She seemed listless, slightly depressed. She still liked her work but thought maybe it was time for a change.

Fresh shave, haircut, cologne, the watch she had bought me on our tenth anniversary. I would get laid but would have to deal with the guilt of cheating and likelihood of getting caught. I continued to tell her how great she looked, how men were always looking at her--younger men At night I went to bed when she did, sometimes before, and very slowly began the approach.

I started with small compliments on how her hair looked good, how that colour of shirt looked good on her, how those white capri pants accentuated her nice ass and hips. She began to return the affection with little kisses before leaving for work, brushing up against me while I was doing something, and giving me hugs more frequently. Have an affair. Get her sex drive ignited, relit, fired back up. Any of my attempts at cuddling or foreplay were quickly rebuffed, so I gave up trying, and she would go to bed while I stayed up and watched the news or whatever game was on.

She usually got out bed before I did, and I would snooze for another thirty minutes or so, before getting up. Although I had a few casual coffee invites and inquiries about my marital status, I had never fallen to the temptation both out of loyalty to my wife Erotic wife seduction stories self-doubt. If she feels sexy she will be sexy, with me. I washed my face and made coffee. Like most couples, our sex life started out fast and furious. She would often talk to me while I had my morning coffee but it was going in one ear and out the other as she told me a variety of things.

As the evenings passed I would give little caresses to her shoulder, her hips, sometimes hold her hand for a moment. Like most middle-aged guys, I still had a strong desire and need for sex. One night we went out to a staff party for her work. I tried to look my best, putting a tailored suit over my six-foot-one frame, and I polished my shoes. Both declined over time and over the last three years, it had vanished.

She stands a little over five-foot-ten tall. Seeing her look so good, getting all the attention, was putting my sex drive into overdrive as well. I am not sure what started it all, it just Erotic wife seduction stories. High-heeled boots, nice fitting jeans, even a few dresses. I jerked off frequently, sometimes so I could fall asleep while in bed next to her, and dreamt of past nights we experienced together. Seduce her.

Her breasts are big, luscious handfuls and still very perky.

She had no issues waking up, like always, ready to go and seemed to enjoy her workdays. More flirting occurred. I am not a morning person. I know a few guys whose wives pulled the plug after twenty-plus years and I witnessed the brutal. Flowers for no reason. She had decided on a tailored red dress that ended just above the knee, revealing her long, fantastic legs, and showed an ample amount of cleavage.

In bed, she would roll onto her side, away from me, and go to sleep in an instant. My wife was always tired in the evenings, sleeping in her recliner byas the tv displayed whatever she was watching.

It happens. I got up when she did. But I stayed patient. Women even approached me at the store with important questions. People always notice her when she enters a room, even in her "mom" jeans and a sweatshirt. After twenty-six years, things had changed. I meet hundreds of women at work, from ages eighteen to ninety, some of whom are very flirty and obviously interested or attracted.

My god, I wanted to fuck her bad. She will leap out of bed, full of energy, ready to face the day. As the days passed she made little comments about her shape, her weight, how her hair was looking. I need my morning coffee and some time to process before I am ready to get going for the day. In the morning I don't talk much. When she started talking I was awake and listening, picking up on things I had been missing. We had been through a lot, from raising children to burying parents, from struggling to being successful, and from fucking all the time to almost never.

All those attractive women of all ages, sizes and builds sucking and fucking some lucky guy, or guys.

She slowly changed her wardrobe over, buying a few things more revealing than before, such as low-cut shirts and button-up blouses in bright colours that looked great and accented her busty figure. She always was--and still is--a busty, curvy brunette with shapely, firm hips and a really nice ass. She drifted away from me. No change. Risky stuff. I would comment on how hot she had looked that day, how many guys had been looking at her. She mentioned feeling older, especially since our daughter moved out and our son graduated high school, and how her "mom" clothes were getting old.

The kisses, hugs, and little caresses we shared were gone.

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I knew I could hook up with at least a few of the women I knew from work if I made an attempt. I started by asking for a good-night kiss, nothing else. Leave things as they were and hope it improved.

I thought it was me so I started to watch my diet and work out a bit. I changed my haircut a little, bought some new clothes, made sure I was clean and smelled nice all the time. I knew she was worried about becoming a little thick in the middle over the last years but I didn't realize how much it bothered her.

I considered an affair. It takes me thirty minutes or more to shake the cobwebs from my brain after waking up. Date night, which flopped. I made it my mission to help her see how desirable and sexually appealling she is. I asked if I could cuddle, and we would just cuddle, nothing more. As life went on and things changed, the frequency dropped but the passion and excitement were there. Forget about the friend-zone, I was husband-zoned. I began giving her little touches on the arm or wrist, holding her hand in the store, asking her for a kiss when we passed in the hallway or kitchen.

I love knowing other guys find you as sexy and desirable as I do I started watching and reading porn, which made it even worse.