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Extra lay on hands

I am terribly sorry if this comes across as stupid, but can I take the feat Extra Lay On Hands at 1st level? I tried googling this, but no similar question. Unless you somehow managed to get Lay on Hands at first level, no because you don't have the Lay on Hands class feature.

Extra Lay On Hands

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Am I simply misreading this? Seems kinda weird if not. Thanks, -Brad "Special: If a paladin with the ability to channel positive energy takes this feat, she can use lay on hands four additional times a day, but only to channel positive energy. There are reasons to want to lay on hands instead of channel. The mercies for one, you dont get to apply your mercies to channel energy. Precision is another, you may want to heal in combat in which lay on hands is more precise dont want to heal the enemy after all.

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Monks would want extra wholness of body, Blackgaurds more spell like abilities, assassins more illusion spells a day and so on. It'd be nice to be able to heal a team member AND myself after a big battle, and I noticed a few other PotM custom feats around. Quote from: ethinos on May 05,PM. I only asked about this because of some of the current feats such as Extra Music or Extra Turning But, though my question was unanswered, it seems the community is against it. HellsPanda Dark Power Posts: Darkelf Outlander Posts: All in all Pallys should stop wasting spells slots for self buffs if they want to be healers.

Obviously that can't be replicated in NWN but it would be nice to perhaps have a look at a way to make LoH a little more flexible.

Fun part coming when one of your teammates gets killed BY a big bad evil undead. I agree that doing it more then once a day would be a ificant advantage, and while not "Game Breaking" it would certainly give high Charisma build Paladins a opportunity to exploit the system horribly.

News: October 10th, - Server updated to version 2. SMF 2. Also, I support the Pale Master improvements as well.

And you can't do both. Jay Dark Power Posts: Just my 0.

Just curious how hard it would be to implement this feat? October 10th, - Server updated to version 2. That said, I think this topic can be locked. The problem is if you start tinkering around with the class traits of one particular class then people are going to want it for others as well.

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Even at mid level it's powerful. Quote from: Jay on May 06,AM. Threefold Dark Lord Posts: I kinda like it how it is.

Extra lay on hands

Having that ability more than once a day feels like a major overkill to me. Did you miss your activation ? Welcome, Guest. Likely very easy to implement and up to DnD, but I'm for a big no to it, because my little goon at level 16 might do damage to an undead foe, meaning he can take most non-fighter unde in a single strike and the touch attack hits pretty much always.

My two cents. The act of laying on hands should be almost exhaustive for a paladin to channel their diety's power into someone, not a trivial ability to pop a heal whenever and wherever.