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Female masturbation in bath

You shower every single day—why not take advantage of all that naked alone time with a little shower masturbation? Yep, you heard me: shower masturbation. Shower masturbation is the best way to guarantee uninterrupted solo time, and it's legit impossible to make a mess!

Female Masturbation In Bath

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Hot Milf Shower Sex 10 min. Stepmom allowed me to cum inside her pussy 5 min.

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Rebecca Jane Stokes. If you don't understand the appeal of a bathtub masturbation session, allow me to break down how to add the sensual elements to bring yourself to self-love heaven and have the best wet orgasm of your life.

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I still masturbated, and I still had wild orgasms, but something was missing. My favorite place to masturbate is in the bathtub. Hands down. It's like a spa vacation, or like a spa vacation you might see in a porno and you are the star.

Try taking a bath

It's still yours, but it's also foreign and begging to be explored. now for YourTango's trending articlestop expert advice and personal horoscopes delivered straight to your inbox each morning. Whatever, it's not like you're surprised I'm sharing.

up now! A post shared by sisters sistersshoptlv on Aug 5, at am PDT. The minute you close the door, get the music playing, and get the bubbles flowing you are utterly transported.

I call these the dark ages, a joke that kind of hurts my Hitachi's feelings, but whatever, it's the truth. Subscribe to our newsletter. I bet you're super glad you know that now.

You should be good in bed even if you're the only one there.

Spending time gently teasing yourself in the tub is the hottest way to ensure a steaming hot orgasm. The best. Photo: Getty.

in. You feel safe, secure and utter transported. Using it as your own pleasure pet, experimenting with different speeds and temperatures?

For more of her work, check out her Tumblr. For seven years I went without a bathtub.

Hello, I'd like to introduce you to your best friend, the detachable shower head. It doesn't get hotter than that.

I don't know why I find all of that foam so seductive but I absolutely do. In the bathtub the feeling of your entire body is different. There's something deeply erotic about feeling like you're floating in space.

I've also pooped today, maybe I will write about that but probably not. I leap into those steaming suds and my goodness — the wet orgasms that unfold once I've returned to this, the slipperiest of elements. YourTango Experts.

Back to the issue at hand: The orgasmic delights of learning how to masturbate in the bath. It's like a vibrator that's permanently installed in your bathroom. A pleasant scent, and foamy temporary pasties get me immediately in the mood to get down. View this post on Instagram.

It's produced the best wet orgasms I've ever had to date.