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Female vampire and male werewolf love

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Female Vampire And Male Werewolf Love

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Vampire human love movies and TV shows. The list contains the best, new and most relevant vampire human love movies ordered by relevance. Best films.

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Years later she is working in a diner and he finds her there. I kind of hoped she'd continue more, but I think she switched publishers. Thank you in advance. It's filled with alpha males and great sex. I read it several years ago and it may have been around for awhile even then. Write a comment Maria Oct 28, AM 2 votes.

Becky Jun 15, AM 1 vote. The female isn't human, tho.

Good book. I'm looking for a story, I think it used to be on Wattpad?

Vampire-werewolf love triangle

The girl had roommates. K Jan 13, AM 1 vote. Feral sins the Phoenix pack suzanne wright would be right up your street :.

It has two stories in it. Ladybug Jul 18, AM 0 votes. Aug 03, PM 0 votes. But that they dont start of on the best terms and hes an alpha Oh and maybe one or two steamy scenes. It's kind of connected. It ends with her riding off in a car with the vampire. Any help would be appreciated. The male is a wolf shifter, and the female is an African wild dog shifter.

I'm a werewolf that's in love with a vampire

Hi guys, i had seen an advertisement on facebook for a book called the occupying about a human girl, her dad hates werewolfs, they go out for dinner and she defends the waiter who was were. At the same time someone is threatening her of course so she goes away to her father or step-father's cabin. I didn't see your post here.

The guy is an alpha and controlling as fuck. This is the second book in the IAD series, but the first book is a novella, and you don't really need to read it. Around this time she meets a vampire as well. Does anyone know this book? Emily Oct 26, AM 0 votes.

It was about a girl who went to college I think she was a werewolf and her mate followed her there and pretended to be her pet dog. I'm trying to remember the title of a book, though it may be part of an anthology. Actually I have the same recommendation: I think you'll like Lauren Dane. He believes she is dead and is the alpha of his pack. Connie May 12, AM 2 votes.

Does anyone remember what this might be? She's half vamp. It may be part of a series, but this is the only one I've read. Is it called another name?

The first story has a male lion shifter and a human woman. Please help! I think the book you are looking for is one of Kirsten Ashley books.

Best films

I can't remember the name tho It was good. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. V Sep 15, PM 0 votes. Where can i read? Jamie Sep 15, PM 0 votes. I can't find it anywhere and can't find the post on facebook. There's also a dead ex who comes back to life, but there's a twist. At first the girl and the guy fight alot because she doesnt like his masochistic behaviour and stuff.

Hi Miranda.

(chapter 1) i'm a werewolf that's in love with a vampire

Sounds intriguing. I forgot the name of books tried look up but could not find them, sorry. They take her back to their pack where later on after she passes out again she finds out she is pregnant. No one writes a sex scene quite like Kresley. His baby. Hey I've been trying to find this book for a while, but does anyone know about a book where a girl who was taken away for protection from the pack and goes back when she's like 18 or around that age and she's blond and skinny and the rest of the women are really "exotic" and she falls in love with the alpha, but theres this other girl who's trying to win his heart and the alpha owns a furniture store and he made most of the stuff in the store.

Vampire-werewolf love triangle

It's called The Warlord wants Forever. You should read it. Either way her mate the Alpha actually mates with her in the school closet I believe then turns around and rejects her. I recommend the whole series, tbh.

It's not exactly what you're asking for, but it's good. The hero is a werewolf and the heroine is a witch. Chelsea Jan 11, PM 2 votes. The second story involves a male lion shifter and a female wolf shifter. I read this one story once I can't remember the name and it's a shame I wanted to read it again but it was with a werewolf pack and i think there were witches in it.

View 2 comments. The young woman I believe has a unique name if I remember correctly.

The only problem is you really should read book three before reading this one. The hero is a vamp, and he's extremely jealous. Faye Dec 03, PM 0 votes. Witches were evil though. Book three is one of my absolute favorites of the series, so I recommend it. It is a werewolf rejected mate romance. Plus, he's shitty that his mate is a half vamp, so there is fighting. Long story short, bad guys find them at the cabin and attack them there, the vampire is a bit of man-whore and loses interest.

He's the alpha of his pack, and there's jealously and great sex. Arub Dec 06, AM hi guys Does anyone know of any werewolf books where two people are mates I know this is stereotypical but i love the sort where the girl is human and the guy is a pack alpha, and the guy has a jealous streak. View all 4 comments. It's not neccesary that the girl be a human or that there be an ex. She runs away and is found by another pack when she shifts. Jennifer Sep 22, AM 1 vote. View 1 comment. Hey all, I am trying to find a book that I believe I found on one of those Facebook. Both stories have jealously, controlling males, and hot sex.

Both men follow her there and she ends up being mated to both of them. Maybe theres a jealous ex-girlfriend that tries to take the guy away from the girl but the girls not gunna back down coz thats her mate. It's about a female dancer who is attacked one night and saved by a werewolf who is her mate.

Male = werewolf / female = vampire

One book like this is Thanks x The Mating. I mean very unique. Does anyone know the book?