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Flash gay fanfiction

The CW's Arrowverse has gained quite the following over the years, between all its crossover events and different prongs of series and storytelling.

Flash Gay Fanfiction

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Tired of his sister being ignored by a certain member of his guard, Prince Shining Armor sends Flash Sentry to Ponyville to learn how to be a proper homosexual. There, he will learn from the best of the best in all of Equestria and learn the true meaning of homosexuality. Co-author: lunarbronie. I showed this to my boyfriend Yes, I'm gay, I don't care. At least we found common ground again. Thank you for a bright story.

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A Flirtationship will draw you into the intricate tapestry of confessions, betrayals, friendship, and love. The Flash Boyfriend Scenarios Fanfiction. Barry is selected by a lantern ring and becomes a Blue Lantern and goes away to train.

Temptation has quickly turned into addiction.

Valerie is a criminal - a thief. He just so happened to be in Central City for a project he was doing for his job. That he wouldn't be returning to work for a few weeks. She is a criminal. Barry Allen, it turns out, is a breath of fresh air. Addison's always dreamed of what it would be like if the books were real. A new criminal mastermind who can manipulate reality and control the actions of others has descended upon Central City, and the Flash must solve the mystery before he falls under the villain's spell.

The Flash set a good example of a strong Arrowverse romance with Barry Allen and Iris West, but other couples have struggled. Intense, hilarious, provocative, and moving, A Long Way Down is a novel about suicide that is, surprisingly, full of life. Fanfiction stories. This is a tale of connections made and missed, punishing regrets, and the grace of second chances.

From the future. Not with my enhanced hearing letting me listen in on his coms when I got close enough on a few occasions.

But Thorne Bay has a dark side. Harry: He'd be extremely sweet and adorable. It was a very uncomfortable silence.

Barry Allen, Leonard Snart. Even if that means heading to some obscure Alaskan town she's never heard of. AN Hey Guys Lolo here. Barry and Iris are He had a crappy day at work, and after stopping petty crime after petty crime, Barry was superheroed out for the time being. Just In. Excuse him for a minute while he attempted to pick up the shattered pieces of his mind.

Summary: When you are kidnapped, The Flash is forced to reveal his true identity as your boyfriend, Barry.

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Five nights at freddy's boyfriend scenarios Oct 24, - After finally defeating Savitar and saving his friends; Barry wanted to focus on loving Iris but fate has other plans for him. Harrison Wells The Particle Accelerator. Best Friend. The series premiered on The CW October 7, Barry Allen.

This one might rile up the fans. Arrow To The Rescue. Barry said sitting across the table from his companion. Labs sweats, determined that his boyfriend has stolen them, which Len adamantly denies. Ray: anybody could be the bunch of idiots who distrusted Flash Barry takes off his mask and reveals his secret identity and Sara's, Ray's and Mick's Barry stares at the lump huddled beneath his sweatshirt that is his boyfriend, Leonard Snart.

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SuperFlash is the het ship between Kara and Barry from the Arrowverse fandom. Found insideAs a threat looms large at the end of Time itself, Barry, his Kryptonian allies, and the Green Arrow seek help from the leading experts on time travel, the Legends of Tomorrow. A genderflipped AU of the Flash with some interesting. Barry calls Len when he can't seem to locate any of his S. The Cw Arrowverse. Iris Flash gay fanfiction with Eddie and Joe knows. Elio believes he has left behind his first love - but as an affair with an older man intensifies, his thoughts turn to the past and to Oliver.

The book builds upon the world of the popular TV show in a new medium by author Barry Lyga. Features full colour, eye-catching artwork. FanFiction unleash She sounded a lot more frightened than her boyfriend, but then again she was the one pinned under an old coffin. You won't regret it. Batman finds Barry to be humble. So enjoy! This is a new edition of the world's leading textbook on journalism. The precinct has never been so quiet. The series now has it's own fanfic. Barry Allen and Sebastian Smythe would do anything for eachother even when they are pissed at eachother, because that's what siblings do.

The Flash. One being her little sister she has had to raise since the death of their parents, the other being the hand she was dealt in life. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame. Also your boyfriend is in human form.

Source: archiveofourown. Your boyfriend smiles at you and moves to his left to explore more of the store.

Barry, along with the rest of his team and family, stared at the young woman, who looked to only be a few years younger than he was, who was claiming to be his daughter. The Flash Fanfiction Rec List. When Barry found out he insisted that they meet Flash gay fanfiction again.

But she has two reasons for the life she lives. Finally, the story of the Dark-Hunter leader, Acheron, is revealed He was made human in order to escape death. Found insideAs the novels biggest fan, she's thrilled when the infamously reclusive author, R. Rosen, contacts her, giving her inside information others would kill for. As Flash fans know, Barry and Iris are destined for each other, we've seen this in comics, movies, and even the show. My heart strained as I watched my boyfriend, Barry Allen a.

Word Count: Give their story the chance it deserves. Most of these stories are Whump, but are all really well written. Buy your copy now! So I know that there are a lot of these fics, Barry Allen is Sebastian Smythe, out there but I hope to make mine different.

Language: S1E Barry heard a new voice behind him but when he turned around he was met with a crowbar to his head, and that was the last thing he could remember. Of course Barry ends up in Gotham. In the police station, Barry checks on Patty.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Barry waved at his father, before heading for the dairy section. After Barry's brush with death, David decides it's time to tell him how he feels and eat spaghetti with him. However, in season 2, we meet the lovable and dorky Patty Spivot, whop quickly takes a liking to the lovable and dorky Barry. There were at least 4 thick textbooks in there. A girl with no special powers teams up with a so-called supervillain to investigate an insidious plot in their city in this action-packed YA debut. A simple story for children in multi-languages. But what happens when Sebastian starts acting differently around people mainly boys and has bruises everywhere?

Eleven thousand years ago, a god was born. The first Marvel Collection in this series. This effort, unfortunately, would cost the dedicated detective and boyfriend to Iris West his life. Season two of the smash CW drama Arrow continues here! Barry was named after his grandfather. Barry gets drunk and Iris makes sure he stays safe until Joe arrives. A place where the primal beauty of the backwoods is rivaled only by a certain pair of steely green eyes.

Barry missed his boyfriend everyday, and Flash gay fanfiction around him was glad that he's gone, making Barry feel miserable as he plays along with his friends. Barry and Becca, still grieving Nora, are focusing on their work, Barry is defeating a record of metas over the summer and focuses on CSI, and Becca is focused on S. The only time it's come close was the 9 months Barry was in a coma.