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Forced makeover story

New Girl on the Block by Janet L.

Forced Makeover Story

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Consensual Forced Surprise Time for a Change. Consensual Time for a Change. Consensual Surprise Time for a Change. Consensual Time for a Change What If. Consensual Self Time for a Change. Consensual Self Surprise Time for a Change.

Age: 21
Ethnicity: I'm from Indonesia
Available to: Hetero
Favourite drink: My favourite drink stout
My favourite music: Rap
Hobbies: Reading

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Their days are spent at construction sites pounding nails and hauling wood. These two want to take a break from swimming with their flippered friends and get dolled up for a night on the town to celebrate their birthdays.

Geri feels that an updated style will be ""just what the doctor ordered"" to calm his fears and get him out of his ature suit and tie. Since moving to Boston a couple of months ago they have established themselves within the Jewish community. John Paul picked the most romantic night of the year, Valentine's Day, to ask Libby if she will do him the honor of becoming his wife.

They have since become engaged, and Vanessa is now an EMT at the department where Phil is still a firefighter.

They share a deep love for each other as well as outdoor adventure. Juggling careers and family has left them both with little time for themselves. Not much has changed during their ten-year friendship, including their style. This year marks the tenth anniversary of their marriage as well as the long awaited completion of Steve's electrical training. That all changed when they met at a local bar and what started as friendship quickly turned to love. Every year Colleen's family hosts a huge party known as ""Crab Fest.

Now that they are graduating seniors, these best friends feel there is no better time to reinvent their casual college look and show up as the belles of the ball at the upcoming Calvert Cotillion. They are attending the Forced makeover story party at their martial arts school, and these two karate kids don't have a thing to wear. The sisters are poised to demonstrate to their friends and family that beauty definitely increases with age.

Now these party people are ready to settle down and give up the carefree single life as well as their style-free wardrobes. This year marks Crissy's 30th birthday and Jennifer is planning an unforgettable party. The stakes are high as the friends race to find a winning style. Soon after Dionne's big day, Christine will be following suit with nuptials of her own. They are both mothers of three, and describe their look as ""disheveled. Rosemary was born exactly one year to the day before her sister, Theresa.

The only thing missing is a hip, stylish new look to help the ladies say goodbye to the single life!

She describes her sister as ""my very Forced makeover story birthday present. They want to trade in their ""gi"" karate uniform and black belt for a hot new look that will make the others sweat. Lisa And Kira Lisa and Kira have been best friends for over fifteen years. Christine and Rose want to turn some he and wow friends and family with a daring new look at Christine's upcoming birthday party in downtown Boston. What they don't have time for is style.

Now that Dionne's wedding is a mere weeks away, the ladies feel it's time to put down the bridal planner and hit the town for a swinging bachelorette party. She and her husband Terry work for a music management company and several artists they represent are nominated for awards at this year's Dove Awards, which honors Christian and Gospel music. Laurie is a busy sales representative, while LeAnn doubles as a stay at home mom and part-time babysitter for Laurie's eight-month-old son, Tyler.

Friends and family will be on hand to celebrate this milestone birthday and brand new looks for both dad and his doting daughter. Rosemary and Theresa Rosemary and Theresa are sisters raised in a traditional Irish-Italian family of 7 children. Blair describes him as ""the big brother I always wanted. She has no hair and has been wearing a wig since she was nine years old. Soon Melinda will be moving to Hawaii, but before she leaves the friends are throwing one last bash to say goodbye in style. Since then they have studied together, laughed together, cried together and even toured Europe together during a semester abroad.

Michelle and Jennifer's New Year's resolution is to dump their conservative digs and ring in ""The Year of the Snake"" with a sexy new look.

Emanuel has been instrumental in helping to raise Kieran. Their shared passion for French culture has brought them closer but has had little affect on their fashion sense. The couple is assembling an extensive list of family and friends to help celebrate this momentous event. They grew up on a farm in rural Ohio, and now own an adoption agency together. Before these friends fully turn their attention to the bar exam, they need to make a transformation from studious to stylish for the annual Notre Dame Law Ball.

For Ann Louise's birthday Maria decided Forced makeover story gather the entire family for a celebration at an upscale Italian restaurant. Now, with Theresa approaching 40 and Rosemary turning 41, the women are anxious for a modern look that is appropriate, yet sexy enough to stop traffic. Now living as roommates in New Orleans, these friends are eager to experience the local culture at their Mardi Gras party.

Now for Debbie's 50th birthday her children have planned a surprise party, but Debbie will have a surprise of her own when she and Scott show up in high-style attire. Blair is a single mom of a two-year-old daughter, Kieran. Steve and Tammy believe an electric new look will be the perfect spark for the occasion.

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Before indulging in the festivities, however, some Cajun spice needs to be added to their mild style. When it comes to their appearances, however, their sense of adventure stalled in the early eighties.

Joanne and Susan When Joanne and Susan met at a martial arts class six years ago there was an instant connection. They work together as dolphin trainers at a theme park and have become best friends. Every year for the Kentucky Derby the co-workers attend a ""Derby Eve"" party with their friends and family.

Wreck on hwy 42 oregon today

This year for the Chinese New Year, the friends decided they wanted to share their cultural celebration with their non-Chinese husband, boyfriend and friends. Since then they have become black belts in karate and best friends. They have endured the trials and triumphs of Notre Dame Law School together from orientation to their upcoming graduation. When that relationship ended, Christine and Rose remained best friends and they still are today. Their relationship was strictly platonic until two years ago when they realized they were in love.

As a reward for their efforts, they have been invited to one of Habitat for Humanity's gala fundraising events.

My best friend's brother

This is the first time they will be attending as industry professionals, and Laura and Terry want to look like they fit right in with the Nashville music nobility. Their friendship started playing with Barbies and now, twenty-five years later, they are raising babies. Can these future lawyers attain a look that will exceed the legal limits? The invitation has left them mystified as to how they can change themselves from dirty to divas. They can't wait to revamp their dated appearances with a new trendy look. They want to do a fashion about face and walk into the ROTC ball in style.

The ""new kids on the block"" are now preparing for the largest Jewish event of the year, the Young Leadership Gala. The co-workers daily attire of whimsical dental scrubs may appeal to their pint-sized patients, but will not mix well with the high style Derby crowd. The annual fire department banquet is quickly approaching and they are both very anxious to ditch their grungy work-wear for a hot new look.

They would like complete appearance overhauls to show off at The Jefferson, a historic Richmond restaurant, as they celebrate with friends and family. They dress alike, talk alike, and even have the same major at Kent State University.

Gerald Harris and his daughter Geri have an extremely close father and daughter relationship. The department is holding their annual formal banquet to cap off another successful year and the ladies want to switch style gears and show up with a dynamic new look!

While they love their job, in the past few years their appearance has pretty much dried up. Christine dated Rose's uncle for 8 years and during that time the women became very close.

The friends need to ditch their ripped jeans and t-shirts to construct a new look that will be sure to raise the roof. All mechanical engineering majors, the girls have become the best of friends. For Nancy's 30th birthday the cousins want to be all the rage with their friends and family as they trade in their blah blue jeans for trendy thre.

The friends cannot wait to see the shock on their friends and husbands faces when they finally put their books aside and unleash their wild and sexy side. This year Dr. Harris is turning 50 and is starting to experience the ""old age"" jitters. With little experience in glamour, the friends are desperate for a Cinderella look that might help them find their own Prince Charming.