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Frat boys penis

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Frat Boys Penis

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Amateur lapdance from straight dude 13 min. Fraternity Party gone sexual 3 min.

Years: 43
Where am I from: Thai
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
My figure features: My body features is fat

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At least one guy asked me why I was so out of it that night. I took my underwear off, then pointed the shower up and rinsed off my whole body. I wasn't a big community bathroom, it was just a regular one-toilet one-shower thing. I felt his soft pubes against my bare ass. It was average sized, but on his smallish body it looked great, especially with his blond pubic hair, which I had never seen before.

There was no doubt who was running the show here. Somewhere in the back of my head there was the voice saying "watch out! And oohhhhh, ahhhhhh It took probably 45 seconds in total.

The last time I'd seen him he was a cute 13 year-old desperately trying to be big. Each time he pulled almost all the way out, then slammed back in. No subscription or recurring charges! I barely even knew the guy; he was my brother's roommate. He wanted to give it rough, and rough is how I was going to take it.

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He stepped out of the shower, pulled up his underwear and shorts, tucked his shirt in, and said in a very derogatory tone, "I bet you like that, don't you? He was a half-Chinese kid, four years younger than me, who lived nearby. It was a smooth, long stroke that went all the way in.

Want to listen to Gay Audio Sex Stories? I looked at what he was doing, and I couldn't say anything.

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The tent in my shorts gave way and my stiff cock now peeked out of the elastic waistband. I was so transfixed on the motions of his hand that I hadn't thought to straighen up; I was still bent over with my head cocked to the side. Try a few stories for free and browse the shop and buy just the files you love.

But I was also excited by the fact that my ass was not worthy of his sperm.

I always considered myself straight. what happened with tom left me questioning everything about my sexuality

I glanced at his flat adolescent stomach and his pectorals, then back down to his cock which was at half mast by now. I was disappointed because I wanted his seed inside me, proof of ownership that I belonged to this cocky frat boy. He pulled all the way out of me and shot his load on my back.

He had long eyelashes too, which also sends me reeling. Everyone has a "Rat" in their house.

His thrusts were long and smooth. That tied it one-one.

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He pulled out almost all the way, then went all the way back in with an even tempo. He said, "mind if I take a piss?

Instead my ass muscles clamped down in protest, and he reacted favorably by saying "Awww, yeah. He reached under my arms and grabbed my shoulders from below, then pulled and thrusted at the same time, driving his cock into me as hard as he could. Well the water warmed up and I stepped into the tub, pointed the shower head down, and turned the shower on just as he had pulled his dick out and started to piss. After impaling like this about four times he let loose.

Well this wasn't a late-for-class situation; it was late in the evening, I had just gotten off work and my clique was getting ready to go to a party. His name was Tim and my brother threw a going away party for him. It's the most dangerous feeling of all: I knew I would have given him everything just so he'd keep his cock inside me. I had about ten minutes to get ready. Rob knew the strategy for the time remaining. I think he's getting it from his roommate.

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Damn, if he wasn't a cocky son of a bitch. He was starting college and would be moving out next week. No apologies, no shame, no closets for Bobby. This Rat was about 5'7", very short blond hair, thin but not an ounce of fat on him some freak of metabolism, I don't know. Rat had his cock firmly planted in my ass, and my job was to service him.

Although I didn't know him very well, I knew I would miss him. When you wake up for a class atyou wet your hands and run them through your hair, put on a hat, spray some cologne, and dash out the door. He said "You like looking at this? Brown wrapped his right arm around his waist and flattened his hand on Rob's stomach.

I moved my hand up to stroke my cock, and he smacked my arm really hard. There was still pain--I hadn't been ready for this, remember--but by this point the pain felt good because I totally belonged to him, and every ounce of pain I felt reminded me of that fact. He was cute in a feminine sort of a way, pretty, almost childlike in his innocence I am a 22 year-old college student, 6'1", pounds and have a completely smooth and tanned body. He started to pull my underwear down from behind; I had to pull the waistband over my cock to accomodate him.

I'll have to find out. I turned on the faucet in the tub and waited for it to warm up, when Rat walked in. Apparently there was to be no service for my cock tonight. It was quite a party.

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I knew all of this from across the bar, just looking at him, watching him talk to his friends. Those of you in fraternities know what a Polish Shower is. He spoke just loud enough that I could hear, so that the sound of the running water would drown out his voice to anyone outside the bathroom. He didn't even bother to rub any on my ass before he put his hands on my shoulder blades and entered me. I got out of the shower and dried off in about fifteen seconds, and just managed to get dressed in time to go out with my friends.

As usual, I had woken up at six o'clock for my daily jog around the city. I said, "NO I'm not. I started to straighten up, Frat boys penis Rat put his hand on my back and pushed me back into my prone position. He was thrusting for all he was worth, and all I could do was take it.

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I stripped down to my briefs and went to the bathroom. Be passive and unmovable until Brown became frustrated and began to be foolish, and then reverse him to win the match.

For some reason this really excited me, because I just started thinking about his cock inside me and concentrating on him as master and me as cum dumpster. He took the soap, which was still wet from the last guy who showered, and lathered his cock. At that point I would have sold my life into service of this boy.

He had no hair at all on his chest, something which always drove me nuts. I had to meet him, even just talk to him for a few minutes, I was drawn to him. I came back to my apartment, showered, dressed and left to my summer job.

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He would brandish knives or start playing with packets of cigarettes. I leaned over and put my head under the stream of water, so I'd only rinse my hair out. I stepped back to get my head out of the stream of water, because it had gotten into my eyes. I enjoy exercising and keeping my body rock-hard because of the attention that I get of course. Nothing has happened between me and Rat since then.