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Frat parties gone wrong

Last year, I was in my dingy basement, dressed skimpily because it was coronacation and who the fuck gave a fuck, doing jumping jacks so I would have some movement in my day, while listening to the FIJI Ryburn playlist so I could at least pretend I was on an elevated surface drunk off my ass scream-singing Mr. Flash forward: this past weekend, I was finally back to living the dream: in a dingy basement, dressed skimpily because who the fuck gives a fuck, and listening to the SPE equivalent of the Ryburn playlist aka just slightly worse.

Frat Parties Gone Wrong

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College itself is a time unlike any other, but things will really start to get crazy when it's time to let loose. Frat parties are a college classic that you have to try at least once if you want the full university experience. So what happens at a frat party? Chances are, your first experience at one will leave you excited, confused, and maybe a little concerned, but you'll learn something from all of it. I promise, these lessons you'll learn will be nothing like the ones you pay tuition for.

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Last year, the New York Times ran a story framing sorority-hosted parties as an anti-rape measure, citing a study from the Department of Justice that suggests women who attended fraternity parties were ificantly more likely to be sexually assaulted. More from Wonkblog: Billionaires show that going to a top college isn't very important. As the broader culture changed, economics didn't. Others say avoiding fraternity houses altogether might be the safest route.

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How to be a frat star

January 22, Share this story. But the alcohol ban can be interpreted to mean a year-old woman cannot sip a glass of chardonnay in bed while watching "The Bachelor.

Sections Menu. Two separate longitudinal studies have found that fraternity brothers are three times more likely to commit sexual assault than their college peers.

She declined to explain where the mandate came from or why it persists. A common urban legend contends that the rule was necessitated by old laws that defined dozens of women living and drinking under one roof as a brothel.

Wp Get the full experience. Sororities caught breaking the rule receive fines or risk probation.

Only frats can. in ProfileSolid.

Author Alexandra Robbins, who went undercover as a sorority sister for her book " Pledged ," said control of the party scene gives fraternity brothers disproportionate social power. This simple addition to college campuses could cut costs for a quarter of undergr.

1. don't go too hard at the pregame

Story continues below advertisement. And then they go in for the kill. This is how Hollywood highlights a decades-old norm that critics say is outdated and possibly dangerous. No law actually prohibits sororities from throwing parties in the United States. A decision by the NPC stressed that member-sororities could only co-host social events with fraternities if they lack substances.

Not all guys are like this, of course, but sometimes it feels like the lions standing in the background and looking at the deer. Choose your plan ArrowRight.