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Free caning stories

For perhaps obvious reasons there have not been any school caning stories on this blog.

Free Caning Stories

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Written before the book, it is a parody of a scene from another well-known book. As he opened the door, a little bell rang out announcing their arrival. The first thing she noted was the smell. An aroma of dusty varnished wood and orange zest. Her companion remained impassive in expression. He was familiar with the establishment.

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My backside was boiling, and she was using her entire strength to thrash it raw. From behind the closed door, I could hear some mumbled conversation before a deathly silence prevailed.

Have you anything to say before we begin? Strokes four, five and six fell at a steady pace, each one landing lower and lower, causing me to squirm and yelp like a whipped puppy. Naturally, young ladies do not require the corrective sting of the rod as frequently as their male counterparts, but when necessary she performed her duty robustly, leaving a miscreant with a well-striped bottom that she would find difficult to sit on for days.

Once I was dressed, my hands gently touching my aching arse she went to the door and summoned Lucy back into the room. You might ask what we had done to find ourselves waiting outside the office of the senior schoolmistress? If I thought they were bad, I had not counted on the final two as she planted them diagonally across earlier welts, branding my poor bum horrendously.

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She dropped the cane onto her desktop while I gingerly pulled up my fallen pants and trousers, wincing as the soft cotton brushed against the painful welts. He sometimes caned sixth formers instead of sending them to the headmaster, and by all s his thrashings were awesome. Nineteen years old, thinking you are a man, but crying after having your botty caned, you are a disgrace. I hold you more culpable than Miss Evans, you are nineteen years old and fully aware that what you were doing was wrong. Mr Todd was Free caning stories head of the sixth form, he was much younger than Mr Lawrence, strong, athletic and a stalwart of the local rugby team.

After all, what we did was nothing more than any other young couple does. The next two cuts were lashed down across the crease of my arse cheeks, along the line of my thigh, causing the most intense pain I had ever felt, It was even worse than the time I had broken my arm. A young boy or heaven forbid a girl. Naturally, the older boys began to compete with one another, as males in the animal kingdom are prone to do for a mate, and I had been lucky enough to win the hand of Lucinda Evans, a blonde, blue-eyed stunner, with an hourglass figure and firm pair of tits that sent my cock into orbit whenever she was around.

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The office door was thrust open, and Matron emerged, her top lip curled up in disgust as she glared at us. What if it had been a pupil? I could hardly believe this was happening, after all, we were no longer. Very well then, as the headmaster is not available I suppose I am the most senior member of staff in school, however what about you Miss Evans?

Through her sobs, she reluctantly agreed to the caning. Lucy turned and looked intensely at me, unsure what to do. As such, she had a Free caning stories forehand drive which should occasion merit would be put to good use thrashing naughty schoolgirls. Her eyes were red, and her face awash with hot tears, while her hands were tightly pressed against the seat of her arse.

Until Free caning stories momentous occasion we had been a boys-only establishment, with only a frumpy old Matron, and several domestics and kitchen staff being female, and looking at the state of some of them, their gender may well have been questioned, but suddenly the halls of the school were awash with sexy young ladies.

She swooshed the instrument through the air and pointed towards me. Or should they employ a senior Mistress to cane girls if it was required? Lucy was in the upper-sixth and was just about to sit her finals too, now aged eighteen we had been seeing one another since she arrived two years before with the first intake of girls ever to cross the threshold of our august establishment.

I stood alongside Lucy in front of this formidable woman. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I waited in trepidation outside her room. The old bag screamed like a demented cow, cursing us, and vowing to have us expelled as soon as she spoke to Mr Lawrence.

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The cane struck again, followed by an ear-splitting howl, I wondered how Miss Kerby would punish me, thoughts of lowering my undies and showing her my throbbing cock sent my erection into orbit and I was desperate to whip it out and pull one off the wrist there and then. I can assure you Taylor if that is in your thoughts you may come to regret asking me. I felt a dampness in the front of my pants as pre-cum began to ooze from the end of my knob.

One thing he had insisted upon was the retention of the cane, but he had also been adamant that under no circumstances could he swish a girl if it was required.

I had been caned many times during my years, and I knew his beatings were energetic and memorable. I know you are both over eighteen, but you have broken one of the most sacred rules of this school.

Would you like me to refer you to Mr Todd? I gave Lucy a reassuring pat on the shoulder, indicating that all would be well before stepping into the office and closing the door. I turned to see my girlfriend standing beside me, looking a little more composed, but still clearly in a lot of pain.

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If caning was to be administered it would have to be Mr Lawrence, but as we have ascertained he is not here at the moment. Miss Kerby was quite young, in her late twenties, she was tall, slender and athletic, spending a large amount of her free time playing tennis.

I looked down fondly at my girlfriend, the tears glistening her deep blue eyes was getting me hard again, despite my stomach churning over with the possibility of what might happen. Any thoughts that Miss Kerby was going to be a soft touch were completely eradicated from my thoughts. I was only still at this prestigious boarding school to resit my A-Levels, I was nineteen years old and in my last term.

Once again I examined the perfect five bar gate he had etched upon my flesh, before having a furious wank to relieve the pain in my arse. I had heard from some of the girls that she usually raised their skirts and swiped their beknickered bottoms heartily, leaving them in tears.

Caned at boarding school

Lucy burst into tears, while I struggled to comprehend the gravity of her words. I felt my face flush as I unbuckled my trousers and let them fall to the floor. I will tell you now that your girlfriend received six strokes across the seat of her panties, however, for you, I feel I need to really get the message across, so, I am going to award you ten strokes of the cane, across your naked bottom. I can of course give Miss Evans a few strokes, but I am not authorised to cane boys. Mr Lawrence was over sixty years old and had been headmaster for more than a quarter of a century. sociální síť pro dospělé

Regardless of you being on the cusp of leaving such actions cannot go unpunished. I am over eighteen and prepared to accept my punishment from you without complaint. A second stroke lanced into my flesh, just below the first cut, doubling the pain. Take your trousers and underpants right down, then bend over the desk. The board had thought long and hard about it.

You must both understand that sex between students cannot be permitted. Lucy teared up again, her beautiful blue eyes brimming with water made my cock jump with lust once again. Miss Kerby had broken me, and I doubted the pain roaring through my arse would ever dissipate. He had fought hard to prevent girls from coming to the school, but he had been overruled by the board of governors.

She looked coldly at us both, unsure how to proceed. I have to tell you now that Mr Lawrence had to leave school this morning due to an unexpected bereavement in his family, otherwise you would be standing before him at this very moment.

I could not help but wonder if her skirt had been raised, and if so were her panties still in place or around her ankles. I had waddled back to my study in agony, the blisters across my bottom causing me merry hell as they rubbed against the elastic in my pants.

If I had to I would accept such an outcome, but I suspected my words were softening Miss Kerby, and I might persuade her to cane me herself. The sight of Miss Kerby bending the cane between her hands was too much, and before I could stop myself I creamed my pants. Just look at you.

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Lucy looked at me incredulously, and Miss Kerby was clearly shocked too. It was so difficult trying to keep a straight face as my knob oozed creamy semen into the front of my undies. I could not stop myself from roaring in pain, and despite my resolve not to, the tears began to trickle down my face. Two years on and the school was transforming from a male-dominated environment, into a more modern forward-looking establishment, but one thing that was still in place was corporal punishment. That had been the last time, and now over a year later I thought I was finally beyond such childish punishments, but standing outside the office I began to Free caning stories my doubts, even worse though was the fear that at this late stage of my school career I might be thrown out, dad had been far from pleased that I had had to stay on an extra year after failing my A-levels ly, should I now be expelled there would be hell to pay.

The pain shot through my body like a bolt of lightning and my backside was aflame with an intense sting. A broad smile spread across her face. Miss Kerby rose swiftly from her chair and walked across her office, before reaching up and bringing down a slender cane from the top of a filing cabinet. Are you prepared to accept a caning, or do I need to suspend both of you, pending a referral for expulsion?

I was thrusting deep inside the folds of her snatch, my knob getting harder by the second with lustful urges as I neared the point of no return when the door was unceremoniously thrust open. I was topless, with my trousers and pants around my ankles, while Lucy was bent over a bench, her knickers around her ankles, and her skirt raised, giving me full access to her warm, moist cunt.

Should the cane remain mandatory for boys alone? He had last caned me just over a year before, bent over the back of the battered leather armchair in his study, my trousers and pants pooled around my ankles he had given me six of the very best for being caught with tobacco on my person, despite me being eighteen years old. The mistress must have seen something as she flashed me a look of disgust. Further strokes struck across the bending target, each one followed by ever more desperate screeches of anguish, yet despite feeling sorry for her, I was also getting more and more turned on.

What would you suggest I do then, if not Free caning stories you? That was not to say that the boys got away lightly, Mr Lawrence was a proficient caner, who expertly seared lines of pain across the buttocks of misbehaving boys, trousers up, or for older boys and recidivists, down, often with underpants too he left troublemakers nursing sore behinds they would not forget for a long time.