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Funny grindr stories

Accidentally sleeping with the person your mother lost her virginity to is The 'clothing company' he worked for ended up being Trojan condoms.

Funny Grindr Stories

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After talking for only two dayshe became clingy and I got such a bad vibe from it. He was devastated, tried calling my phone over and over, sent me voice memos of him crying, had two of his [friends] text me from their phones, and posted an Instagram story which I only saw because one of his friends sent it to me about how much he hated some shallow gays along with screenshots of our convo. It was literally a night from hell.

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Created Nov 2, Top posts july 20th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top. Why would you use someone else's pic? Which was fine cause I was only there to "talk". He says something like "look up next time doofus" lmao, doofus.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It fucked with my self esteem cause they fucked off after telling me, but for the sake of my self worth I am going to say it's because they were too scared to reveal themselves; all of them didn't have a picture up. Shallowly, I asked for another picture and whether he was masculine I was scared of feminine gays at the time lol. This is where anyone can ask the manly men for their opinions on various topics.

AskReddit style questions. Not to say he looked bad, just that he hadn't shaved, was wearing glasses, a hat, and an apron.

Hi bro's!, what are some of your funniest/strangest stories involving grindr?

Continue this thread. More posts from the askgaybros community. I go back to work, finish the rest of my shift. So I get rung up for my coffee by another cute guy, a little bit more dirty looking and unkept but cute nonetheless.

The ones that completely lose their shit over it are morbidly amusing to see sometimes. I was on Grindr and saw a really hot guy, shirtless pic, nothing covering his face, really sexy guy.

I didn't even know he had a girlfriend, but started trolling him for a little bit after I found out who his girlfriend was. I see the appeal of grinder, everyone I know uses it, but I just can't now. This guy messaged me dick pics and other nudes, and I realized they were the pics I sent some guy a while ago. Sort by: best. I was still in the closet and started talking to some guys on grinder. I dunno.

Perhaps you didn't mean this,but that's what it's coming across as. Found the internet! Keep in mind I didn't open the app until almost two weeks after he did that. I went over.

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I think you're getting down voted because of your suggestion that feminine guys are not 'normal'. I was like, "We must be twins because we have the same dick and body pics. I used grinder once. They may not be your type, but that does not reduce then to the abnormal category. First, he looked nothing like his picture. For me what is strange about grindr is how often I am rejected by the same people who once they see me in person are checking me out etc Maybe I seem confident in person?

It has happened 3 times, everytime they said " I would've never guess", and they just blocked me or deleted. This convinced me I was straight for about 2 weeks.

We talked for like five minutes until I realized I was sitting next to bunch of wigs he hung up on his walls for crossdressing. Second, he was the opposite of masculine. Hi bro's! I'm not denying that I'm a horrible human being for finding them funny. I asked his what he was talking about, and it turned out that HE was the one who sold me my coffee. I immediately said I was just not ready for this and ran. I'm telling you he looked cleaning his picture but looked like a hobo at work!

I mean, I feel bad that some guys feel invalidated by me not responding to them, despite the fact that I don't log on for weeks or even months at a time. Once in a blue moon I'll log on to do some window shopping.

Similar things have happened to me. One guy complimented my appearance, and then 15 minutes later according to the timestamps bombarded me with a wall of text bitch rant about what an egotistical piece of shit I was - like every other gay man on the planet, he added - because I didn't bother to respond with a thank you.

A good of them I feel bad about the ego of the typical gay is fragile, after all. But it's so funny, the guy I was checking out on Grindr was right in front of me and I didnt even realize it! I also have the same deal going on with Growlr.

Then there are some that are so insane that I can't help but find them hilarious; as in every issue and insecurity they have comes to the surface simply because they couldn't get a response. I don't use Grindr that often anymore.

Eventually, one seemed like a chill dude and I mentioned I was still figuring stuff out, and he invited me over just to chill and talk. I never Funny grindr stories him nor called the police, but it felt good having something to hang over his head. Strangest and funniest story, is getting messaged by random people with no picture saying " I know you are Insert my Name and Highschool and Hometown here " and receiving dick pics, with them only to fuck off and disappear. I was getting a coffee from this place at the mall on my break. After work is done I open up Grindr and sexy guy messaged me.

Reply Share. You don't receive message notifications when the app itself isn't open, so I've gotten varying reactions from guys who thought I was ignoring them. He then called me I guess he still had my and begged me not to tell his girlfriend. Everything in between.

I'm sure he was just an Asshole, you're dick is most likely perfectly normal. I don't understand why they would use photos of other guys like I read Grindr profiles and a lot them stated that some other Grindr profile is using their pic. It said he was like feet away some minutes ago.