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Gay tentacle sex stories

Little did I expect that this was going to be the weirdest sunny afternoon of my entire life. I got to the docks a little early but that wasn't a big deal. Billy was always usually the early one so It was surprising to see he wasn't there and already chugging beer.

Gay Tentacle Sex Stories

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How old am I: I am 35
What is my nationaly: I'm from Wales
Eye tint: I’ve got cold blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: Woman
What is my Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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I could feel it move around in there and suck up all the left over food and stomach acid.

But it did not stop! I needed to be filled with something. However, I did not have much time to enjoy myself as I felt the mushroom head sink into my butt and reach passed my prostate and into areas I never knew existed.

This tentacle was such a tease, unlike the last one which pushed right in. I couldn't help myself. It was so hot, and so weird.

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My dick was actually starting to hurt Boy, was I in heaven right now. At first, I had no idea why they did this and then I felt something pushing at my sphincter. Suddenly, I was yanked from the ground and left dangling in the air with something strange wrapped around my wrists and ankles. Then, a tentacle slowly rose from the pulsating mass below me and headed for my butt hole.

It went down my throat and then back out again. I hit the writhing mass of beings below me and I could smell their horniness as green seed slowly oozed up around me. It was horrifying while at the same time making my dick harden even more.

As this was going on, two smaller tendrils had made their way over my cheeks and were making a path for my nose, but I prayed I was wrong. I could barely breathe and was beginning to feel faint. Suddenly, all the tentacles pulled out of what they were doing and spilled a sticky greenish goo all over me which tasted salty like cum and had a similar consistency. I came like I had never cum before. It seemed to be thriving on it. Just as I did though, the sucking and tugging at my Gay tentacle sex stories reached a climax.

The mushroom head was beading with some greenish fluid I pd was their pre-cum why was it all green?

It began to move rapidly, the monster below me was eating my precum! As the tentacles continued to rape me more furiously by the minute, another cock rose from the earth and pushed itself into my mouth. At first, I felt a tickling sensation at my ankles and then I felt the same weird sensation on my wrists.

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Then I felt something begin to worm its away around my stomach. I was scared out of my brains I actually felt a few of those smaller tendrils touch my brain a few times but I wanted to cum so bad. I could feel them sucking their own green seed mixed with my own off my bare chest. I was enjoying this?

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Then, something shot up from the ground, a tentacle, and made a bee line for me erect cock. However, my screams were cut short when I felt the tentacle shoot inside me.

I was not. I was completely nude and there were tentacles writhing around my wrists and ankles that left me dangling from a floor that now appeared to be alive with movement. I couldn't help myself as moans escaped my lips. These tentacles were mostly elongated cocks! For some reason though, I just couldn't. I felt empty.

Now, it stood a complete 8 inches tall. Within a few seconds I was been nose-fucked by miniature cocks.


I then started to panic and screamed at the top of my lungs for someone to help me. Soon enough, the tentacle headed for my cock had fully wrapped itself around it and was jerking it off back to front. It just throat-fucked me. Everything from my shiny wet cock now semi-hard up to my neck was now covered in sliming oozing creatures. I could stand up but could not tell how high above me the ceiling expanded as I could barely see my own fingers barely centimeters from my eyes. What was it doing? It kept fucking me harder and harder with each thrust in and out and as it got harder, I moaned louder.

Then my head was violently ripped back down to reality as a tentacle wound its way around my forehead and pinned it to the tentacles below so I could not move.

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As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt the veiny tentacle I had seen earlier shoot into my mouth. I woke up and found myself in a dark room I did not recognise. Then, I felt the tentacles pulsate faster and faster and I knew it was close to cumming as it sped up. It kept going until it reached my stomach. It seemed to last for ages and I was horrified to find the monsters below swallowing every last bit like seagulls with a piece of bread.

I should never have looked. As if my prayer had been heard I saw a large, veiny tentacle descend from the ceiling right above my eyes. I was dripping and by just looking at myself covered in my tormentor's fluids, I came. As soon as it touched it, be of precum began forming at the tip of my penis.

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It made me gag and vomit on the tentacles below which only seemed to egg it on rather than stop it. However, the sick part came as soon as a drop fell and touched the floor. This time it did not only jerk me off but it also sucked me really hard. It was so beautiful! Then I felt something down below and I looked.

As soon as the moans started, the monster sped up its molestation. I could hear the squelching sounds as it moved up and down. In all my panic, I could not hear the slithering across the dirty floor but even if I had, my fate would have been the same. I began to panic.

Then, the tentacles holding me let go and I fell. They made a path for my nipples and immediately began sucking and twisting them. Another ed it soon after, then another, and another.

Next the tentacles covered my arms and legs completely so that all that was left uncovered was my balls, my saluting member, and my head. It repeated this for ten whole minutes. How was I enjoying this relentless torture? They kept coming. At first, it just fucked my mouth, then it throat-fucked me. There was no teasing from this monster, it meant business. I could see the tentacles wrapping slowly around my balls until they were completely covered before another of the mouth tentacles came out the mass and descended onto my dick.

Then I heard something fall from above me and some moonlight suddenly appeared above me, giving me some light to see the horror I was in. Something strange that felt so alive. Then, two more tentacles rose from the floor, only these were different in that they had mouths on their tips instead of some weird mushroom-type ending on the rest of the tentacles.

It was like I was strapped down to a living table. I heard another slither and then a bump. Then the truth dawned on me, the mushroom endings were actually penises. I could feel millions of tiny tendril-like tongues licking every part of my penis it could find. I could see a single vein winding its away around to the head which was already starting to bead with pre-cum.