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Girl pooping story

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Girl Pooping Story

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We all have an Embarrassing Poop Story. But it takes a special bravery to share that story on the Internet. Could make for some great toilet reading, actually.

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Whether it be overhearing your girlfriend use the toilet, or just a story about your classmate having to go really bad, or even a story about you doing the deed yourself, this is the perfect place to share. I visited her last week as her husband was on some business trip. I gave her the key, stayed with my friend and we met again about 30 minutes later. Tuesday morning we had breakfast together with the kids and then went to the nearby playground.

She said it was overpowering and completely filled the air. Created Jan 14, Related Communities.

Toilet stories of women in india: horrified by making choices in a chawl

She just described the smell as disgusting. Story 3: This story was just told to me earlier this afternoon while Kiara was on break. My sister then came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and pretended like nothing happened. As I was curious I touched them and despite being washed out, they still had some brown smear on the ass part. Then suddenly I smell this fart smell, but first I thought it was one of the.

My sister was grabbing her stomach every now and then and tried to get the kids to go home. Friend's Girlfriend Sharted in Her Thong. She asked me to help her with the kids as she had to hurry because she "kinda needed the bathroom". When I went to the bathroom myself a bit later it still smelled like poop although the window Girl pooping story open.

She said she had seen this person around and always thought she was pretty cute. No photos or links to anything. I drank Gatorade mixed with miralax and this happened the morning hours before I was discharged.

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We had not been to the playground for more than 25 minutes by then and the kids, of course, did not want to go home. Posted by 25 days ago. I might have to tell this story to my nephew and niece once they are older I have shared plenty of stories about her already and still have more to tell soon. I tasted my girlfriends shit for the first time. Conclusion: My older sister had just really shit her pants on the way home from the playground!

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We were in town doing a bit of sightseeing when the blonde lady wanted to go home and change as she "felt cold". The kids and I arrived about 10 minutes later and my sister was still in the bathroom. Posted by 23 days ago. I am even creating a few prompts click the link here if you want to see them for people to create some stories with these characters.

Hot New Top. Posted by 7 months ago.

For those that know the truth, girls really do poop. His girlfriend is a really hot blonde with a great figure who was only 21 at the time. Moderator list hidden.

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But this hot blonde must have sharted herself any time this day. Note: We do offer verification. She said she had seen this person around and always thought she was pretty cute Story 2: This is kinda short and was brought up randomly by Kiara after she got off work.

I asked Kiara what the girl looked like and she said she was younger, was thick and curvy, light skin black or possibly biracial, had light brown hair. I questioned her for more adjectives but that was the only word she could come up with that described exactly what she smelled.

However, it came up once again even when the kids weren't around, so I was sure that my sister must have farted in her dress she was wearing some loose summer dress.

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A while back, I found some stories written by syncej that are left behind after he wipes himself from the internet. Kiara said the woman was kinda startled upon seeing her and just left without saying a word. Embarrassing hospital poop story. She said she had walked into the bathroom and immediately the smell just smacked her in the face. Young Mum Pooped Herself at the Playground. If anyone is interested, leave a comment, click the links, read stories and create some stories.

Like word for word thats what she said. If you want to verify you are, indeed, a girl, then feel free message mods. I was in the hospital for two night because I was really constipated for about a week and they admitted me.

At first I did not know that it was her, but when we later left the flat, she was complaining about having an uneasy stomach. Posted by 11 days ago. You can create either create or fufill a prompt. Story 2: This is kinda short and was brought up randomly by Kiara after she got off work. Well those are the stories, hopefully there will be more soon. I felt like I had to poop and so I went to the bathroom. Nevertheless, I could smell poop even in the hallway, so it must have been a bad shit.

Posted by 20 days ago. When I looked closer, there was a grey thong wedged inside and this thong Girl pooping story only had a strong sweat and a little pee smell, but also a major poop streak on the ass part that looked like diarrhea. Surprisingly, her daisy dukes seemed totally clean. Hot New Top Rising. And I could not believe my eyes: Her light blue Victoria's Secret boyshorts were lying on top of the hamper as they obviously had been washed out. Me and my girlfriend had been talking about trying poop sex for a while.

She said the whole time she was smelling the most disgusting smell. She suddenly said: "Oh my god I think I'll have to run She however grabbed her dress on both sides and started running towards her flat. Back to Top.

My older sister is 31 and has two kids aged 2 and 4. Guidelines for this subreddit. We then made our way home when things seemed to get worse with my sister. That's why I decided to repost a collection of those stories on AO3 at this link.

The kids were playing and my sister and I watched them and talked about this and that. Another story I experienced: A very good friend of mine came to visit with his girlfriend because there was a huge festival in my city.

And yesterday I licked her ass clean after she had pooped and I loooved the taste of it. I really loves his stories, but I wish I could have seen more.

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This is the place to share your stories on the subject no matter how simple, how detailed, how dirty, or how reserved they are. Learn More. We all drank quite a bit and the next morning I hear somebody having really bad diarrhea in the bathroom next to my bedroom.

About Community. Kiara stopped for a few seconds then went right back out.

After another 5 minutes or so, my sister said that we should go back. Story 1: I asked Kiara once what was the worst one of her coworkers has blown up the bathroom and she told me this story about her being in there with this other girl. Posted by 10 days ago.

In the evening I got home earlier than my guests and when I went in their room I saw her daisy dukes lying on her suitcase. Found the internet! She said she went to the restroom to try and poop.