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Girl raped by alien

Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy said at a Friday news conference that the rape and sex offense charges were being dropped after a "painstaking investigation" of the girl's claim that the two teens raped her in the restroom at Rockville High School. Defense attorneys said the sex was consensual.

Girl Raped By Alien

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In another bizarre claim of alien abduction and molestation by a human being against an unknown alien species, a former United States Air Force worker has claimed that humanoid aliens with reptile like tails raped her repeatedly on the moon. Niara Terela Isley worked as a radar tracking officer and she claims that she was taken to the far side of the moon where she was raped. She could be referring to the Michael Bay film Transformers: Dark of the Moon when she mentions the other side of the moon which is hidden from Earth. But, she explains further that a humanoid with a tail snatched her to be taken to the far side of the moon to lift boxes and for sexual acts without her consent. If you think about it then imagine a species which is so advanced that they can travel to planets like we take a train or catch a flight to go to places but they are sexually deprived that they have to visit Earth to indulge in the petty act of kidnapping a human woman to satisfy their sexual needs. Are multiple orgasms a wonder for aliens as well or is their species only left with male members that they Girl raped by alien ready to indulge in sexual acts with a seemingly younger race of organisms.

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Two alien teens won't be charged with rape of girl

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Jan broberg: abuser used alien conspiracy to control me

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