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Gloria who might be my best friend story

Why is Julian lonely at the beginning of the story? B His friend is moving to a new house. C There are no kids his age on his street.

Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend Story

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Gloria who might be my best friend

As the two hold their first conversation, they find common ground. They can't tell one another their wishes or they won't come true. Genre : Realistic Fiction. The wishes must also be gone from the kite tail after the kite is flown.

Sixth Grade. In this story, Julian must test his skills at making friends with the new kid on the block - who just happens to be a girl.

Search this site. Open Court. This is especially evident when they make a kite together with their own private wishes tied into the bows on the string.

Julian knows that the other boys might make fun of him when they find out, but maybe Gloria will be worth that risk. Whe n Julian tries a cartwheel, how can you tell that Gloria cares about Julian?

Third Grade. Why does Julian think his wishes might come true? Fourth Grade. Spelling Words : path, lamp, damp, crash, math, trash, stamp, hatbox, have, grass, rags, back, black, that, plant Bonus Words : Vocabulary Words : teased - annoyed continuously lonely - sad from being alone seriously - thoughtfully, sincerely collection - similar things gathered together to study or to show to others stiff - not easily bent; not flexible probably - most likely.

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First Grade. What does Julian wish about Gloria?

Second Grade. Fifth Grade. Comprehension Questions: 1. What does Gloria probably wish about Julian?

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In the end, it is apparent that they both wished for the other to become their best friend. This is a piece of realistic fiction setting, characters and their behavior could all occur in real life. This story could happen in real life, but is not based on a real story.