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Glory holes for straight men

More and more, it appears guys like Ricky are using glory holes to anonymously get their needs met. A glory hole aka gay glory hole is a circular carve out in a piece of metal or wood whereby a man can stick his anatomy through a hole and be serviced by another person on the receiving end. Usually, these transactions are anonymous because the person placing their privates through the hole does not see who is on the other side.

Glory Holes For Straight Men

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Last month, in the midst of coronavirus quarantiningthe New York City Health Department encouraged residents to be sexually creative to stay safe.

Age: I am 24
My orientation: Dominant man
My gender: I'm lady
My hair: Thick flaxen hair
Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
What is my body type: My body type is skinny
What is my favourite music: Dance
In my spare time I love: Travelling
Smoker: Yes

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I sucked two more guys off in the space of an hour. It felt so wrong and filthy to allow a complete stranger who could either be hot or very much not, to take my cock into his warm wet willing mouth.

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After I had shot my load in to the hungry mouth of this random guy, I left with mixed feelings about what had happened, I felt dirty, guilty and bad about myself but I also felt exhilarated, satisfied and I thought about it almost every time I jerked off for about a month at least. More often than not these things have a short shelf life unless it goes beyond them just receiving good head.

Get started. Crimson Penguin in Red Curtain Erotica. Within seconds I was on my knees and sucking his fat cock. Girl on Girl. There had been another guy before that who put his cock thru after tapping his feet under the partition and getting the clear al from me that I was interested by tapping my feet back. Whats not to like?

He was a builder working on a house down the road that had a coffee table outside that I wanted to take. I went back a couple of months later and sucked my first anonymous faceless cock. Get started Open in app. More From Medium.

We exchanged phone s and he came over the next day for round two. I felt needy and desperate for love, starved of the true affection I deserved.

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in. I started to turn my attention to straight guys, I found there were plenty of them willing to explore or have a bit on the side from their long term hetro relationships if you knew where to look and they came without the excessive baggage or conditioning of what I now considered a cruel gay world.

I started to enjoy sucking cock much more than ever before and kept getting told how good at it I was. I was grateful for the experience and felt a sense of renewal. My craigslist looking to suck horny straight guys went on for a few months until one day I got a message from a very horny frustrated guy called Sam whose girlfriend did not give good head.

It was only occasionally that I really enjoyed and got off on sucking cock but nowhere near as often as I enjoyed being on the receiving end. It was incredible, the thrill of not knowing who was on the other side and the naughtiness of sucking an isolated hard juicy cock until it exploded in my mouth was so wrong on many levels yet it felt so good.

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You have to remember that at this time for me a whole new world had opened up, a completely new market of hot and horny guys to play with, who were less judgmental and fussy about how I looked, acted, dressed and how much money I made etc. I still had some fun but it was expensive to stay there for very long and the gloryholes were more like well crafted slits in the wall rather than makeshift holes carved out randomly in a public place. After a few s and my brain scrambling for how I was gonna make sure I got this guys cock in my mouth, I came up with an idea, I got an old blanket, pinned it to the doorway and cut a medium to large size hole in the middle, big enough to see full cock and balls, top of legs and stomach.

I started Glory holes for straight men ask all the right questions to avoid this potential threat. I was left with the strong taste of cum in my mouth from someone I had no idea about. Fast forward to my mid thirties, having been single for over 3 years and increasingly disillusioned with the mainstream gay culture, hook up apps and gay saunas, I met a really sweet guy a couple of years older than me and we really hit it off.

After that first initial encounter the very next day I placed an ad on craigslist specifically for the gloryhole just to see what the response would be and hopefully entice a few hotties. Their very full heavy balls that I now had access to. That month I saw him around ten times but the job he was on finished and he was no longer just around the corner anymore. Needless to say, I was hooked.

If only I had known then what I do now but as I say that I realize that life had many other things in store for me and I was more interested in having a partner back then and so being a gloryhole slut was out of the question, it was just something I was doing to relieve my sexual urges whilst single I told myself. My nervousness melted away and I surrendered to the pleasure with wild abandon. At first I thought it was an invitation to him in the cubicle next door.

There goes my guilty pleasure then, it was probably for the best I thought. BDSM Vs. Nookie Dating Kinky. Yes, Vibrators Can Do Everything! In order to be successful, I began to completely worship their cocks, practicing going deeper on them and I learned within a short space of time how to give mind blowing head. Cruising public t o ilets always felt so naughty and exciting, all of the wanking in the cubicles and pretending to pee at the urinals, it was seedy, the stench of stale piss and old rusty taps dripping, pornographic graffiti, phone s and short stories written on the cubicle walls, it was always easy to find someone you liked to either go into a stall with or have some risky fun in full view at the urinals.

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Open in app. I spent many years in various relationships which never seemed to work out but I hated being single for longer than a month or two, I felt lonely and sad quite often and this increased as I found myself remaining single for much longer in between each relationship that fell flat on its head. Catherine Rudolph. Saying that however, although these straight guys can often keep the rest of their lives very separate from me, a few of them have turned out to be friends and I still blow them from time to time years later.

He had an absolutely incredible looking cock and a totally ripped body with a few tattoos. I would more often than not feel guilty about my escapades for at least 24 hours afterwards.

More from B. Jobsworth Follow. in Get started. If I had known that I was just catching the end of the golden era of public gloryholes I certainly would have taken more advantage of them. Had I really made the same mistake again? I was so turned on and exhilarated by it, my first gloryhole experience in the comfort of my own home.

It took a certain type of guy to get me in the mood to really enjoy sucking cock and it was more common for me in relationships. This is where The Gloryhole Diaries begin, the moment I pinned that old blanket to my living room doorway and put my very first gloryhole ad on craigslist. I wanted them to be coming back for more which plenty of them did, at least for a while.

It was then that the Adrenalin started pumping, I had put two and two together and realized that my now very stiff cock was about to get sucked by a mystery mouth on the other side. If you want to service straight guys its very much on their terms and you have to be available in the moment that they want it for the most part. I was still very much thrilled at the idea of an anonymous stranger sucking my cock, driven by the sheer horniness of man, not caring how or by who and that overwhelming feeling that the men in there were just wanting to shoot a load, temporarily relieving their horniness in order to return to normal life.

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Unexpected sex is always the best and although hard and fast, it was just what I needed. Unsure about age or looks, I felt like a total slut. I eased my cock through the hole which was already dripping with precum and held on to the top of the partition as I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of a fantastic blowjob in this very sordid way.

It was up to me if I wanted to see them again and I started making notes of their names or craigslist ID. It was an interesting pastime, most of these guys were definitely straight. It was a very nerve wracking and exciting 5 minutes. I was surprised at the response, there were seemingly so many at first! He came over and I sucked his beautiful rock solid uncut tool for over an hour, he shot three lo in the time he was here and came back once a week for five consecutive weeks before disappearing without trace. Sometimes they would run off the moment they had cum, vanishing never to be seen again.

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Part 2 coming soon…. I would do anything for a taste of these hot straight guys, driven purely by testosterone and carnal desire. I always got over it but these feelings always came back. It was like a scene from a gay porn movie in my living room half the time and I loved that these guys had zero attitude. It was extremely exciting and validating, the idea that he wanted me, his first ever encounter with another man and the fact I was able to push all the right buttons in him sexually gave me a sense of power and prowess. First of all there were lots of time wasters, probably guys jerking off and that would have let you suck them had you been there that exact moment with them but that had shot their lo before arrangements could be made.

It always seems so obvious in hindsight. I had no idea what I was in store for, how popular it would get and how much of an almost insatiable cocksucker for these horny straight guys I would become. Although we lived in different parts of the country we kept in touch and saw each other once or twice per month.

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It was pretty makeshift but it certainly would do the job. I started to place in the personals section of craigslist…. Lisa Martens in Sex and Satire. I wondered if I had some sort of sexual sickness, it seemed like the drive to go and visit these places of repute would arise out of nowhere and unexpectedly take over me, being all I could think about until I caved in and went.

He offered to help me carry it up to my place and after arriving inside my apartment he asked a lot of questions that led him to the certain conclusion that I was gay.

Gloryholes were just so rare to find by now so aside from occasionally pulling from the wank bank in my fantasies whilst masturbating and coming across the odd porn clip featuring gloryholes, I was happy to explore other things. I felt ashamed of these feelings and I knew it was not attractive either.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated and disappointed with my love life, there was an accumulation of heartache over the years and I would often crash hard after falling for guys that were never who I thought they were.

I had tried bottoming a few times and even did it on a semi regular basis in a couple of my relationships but I could never get comfortable with it, something was never quite right about it for me. A couple of years later I came across gloryhole booths in adult bookstores whilst on holiday in the states.