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Gods of egypt fanfiction

The god of the sun, Ra was the first pharaoh of the world, back in the days when gods inhabited Egypt. The Egyptians celebrated each sunrise, when Ra emerged victorious again and caused a new day to begin.

Gods Of Egypt Fanfiction

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Anubis god fanfiction. Krueger needs to get a life. If he's here then Voldemort's in huge trouble. In a world where all the gods of myth and legend are real, 8 year old Suzy Miller's having some trouble finding the deity that'll answer her prayers.

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Sekhmet - the lion goddess Serqet - the scorpion goddess Set - the god of evil Shezmu - demonic god of blood and wine Shu - the air god, great-grandfather of Anubis Sobek - the crocodile god Tawaret - the hippo goddess Thoth - the god of knowledge Wadjet - the cobra goddess Gallery [ ] See Also [ ] Glossary.

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Anubis - the god of funerals and death Apophis - the god of chaos Babi - the baboon god Bast - the goddess of cats and protection Bes - the dwarf god Disturber - a god of judgment who works for Osiris Geb - the earth god Gengen-Wer - the goose god Hapi - the god of the Nile Heket - the frog goddess Horus - the war god, son of Isis and Osiris Isis - the goddess of the rainbow, sister and wife of Osiris Khepri - the scarab god, Ra's aspect in the morning Khnum - the ram-headed god, Ra's aspect at sunset in the underworld Khonsu - the moon god Mekhit - minor lion goddess, married to Onuris Neith - the hunting goddess Nekhbet - the vulture goddess Nephthys - the river goddess Nut - the sky goddess Osiris - the god of the underworld, husband of his sister Isis and father of Horus Ptah - the god of craftsmen Ra - the sun god, the god of order.

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Explore Wikis Community Central. A list of Egyptian gods and goddesses in The Kane Chronicles.

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