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Gorean slave outfit

We see it all over gor, slaves running around in expensive jewels and fabrics, often even when doing chores that in the real world would have destroyed these garments.

Gorean Slave Outfit

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They concern themselves with its tiniest details. The clothing, you see, as well as the girl, belongs to the master; it is natural for him, thus, to take an interest in it; both, in their diverse ways, can be a reflection upon him, his taste, his judgement, his discrimination. What a girl wears, if she is to wear anything, is of great interest to him. After all, she is not a wife; she is much more important; she is a prized possession. Some men even dress their girls, and, always, Gorean slave outfit girl's choices of such things as garb, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, and such, and, indeed, her entire ensemble, are subject to the master's approval. Indeed, most often, whether in only a simple tunic, before she hurries forth to a shop, or in luscious slave silk and exciting adornments, before she is to welcome and serve her master's guests, displaying herself as one of his treasures, she is expected to present herself before him, for his inspection.

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No reason at all.

To go all the way: Den from Heavy Metal in the late 70s. And, looking back on what Ceka said, vore fits her description much better. As did Star Wars in that specific example but otherwise not. At first i thought it was Gorean,then someone tells me no,it means like Gory and eating someones body and gross stuff like that.

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She Scylla asked me to drop by and let you know that Gorean slave outfit agrees largely with what Pussycat says, and that she doesn't think that there is any necessary relationship between what or how little one wears and one's relative power in a culture.

According to the Star Wars wiki, the costume was inspired by one deed by fantasy artist Frank Frazetta in his Egyptian Queen painting. In Star Wars, its part of what helps establish Jaba as bad The Princess Leia slave costume predates SL by decades. Already have an ? But the same costume, when worn in a different situation and deliberately chosen by the wearer, could actually quite powerfully ify a woman's power and right to express her own sexuality, beauty, or simply aesthetic sense.

At first i thought it was Gore-an,then someone tells me no,it means like Gorey. Hell, I can top that Of course he isn't.

LlazarusLlong Posted December 21, Posted December 21, Look away NOW, Scylla! The key, of course, is choice. It's easy!

And there are examples all through history of women ing in war - sometimes at penalty of death if found out, and sometimes wlecomed - but more often in between. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Amethyst Jetaime Posted December 21, LaskyaClaren Posted December 22, Posted December 22, LlazarusLlong wrote:.

Queen Nyabinghi may be a legend, but she's one based on plenty of historical examples from the region.

Gorean slave attire

But he's indeed bigger, right? What the person who told you that was probably talking about is called Gore.

Madelaine McMasters Posted December 22, LaskyaClaren wrote:. Can you imagine what Mark Twain would look like draped over a couch wearing Leia's slave outfit? LlazarusLlong Posted December 22, KarenMichelle Lane Posted December 23, Posted December 23, The thread that just keeps on giving TDD Posted December 23, Xena Warrior princess anyone? Dresden Ceriano Posted December 22, Dresden Ceriano wrote:.

Hand made new amelie (20) handmade gorean kajira ta-teera pleasure slave outfit

What the person who told you that was probably talking about is called gore, which is not at all the same as Gor Though I'd thought you'd like Leslie more for her voice instead of better proportion. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. Soft meaning swallowing a body whole and hard meaning, well, chewing it up first I suppose So, it's quite possible for a person to be into vore and not necessarily gore Somehow I cannot imagine you cunningly have your way with linquistics while cunnilinging.

Recommended Posts. And despie to protestations of male gamer geeks everywhere - there are plenty of warrior women historically. Original illustrations for Gor on the other hand depict women slaves naked, in tattered clothingbikini type garments or in the case of dancers, a more harem like costume with sheer skirts or a skirt split in the front.

Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Pussycat Catnap Posted December 21, Real or made up - the little girl hs a good point. Madelaine McMasters wrote:.

None show the 'silks' popular in SL Gor. Scylla couldn't make it tonight -- she's attending a seminar on intersectionality, homosociality and misogyny in My Little Pony -- but she asked me to drop by and let you know that she agrees largely with what Pussycat says, and that she doesn't think that there is any necessary relationship between what or how little one wears and one's relative power in a culture.

Hardly a slave.

Ceka Cianci Posted December 22, I thought Gor was people eating each other N stuff. Clothes make the man. Hence the phrase 'deader than dolcett' well, makes a change from flares anyway.

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Naked people have little or no influence in society. Now it's back to what i first thought it was. in here. Adam Buxton is a very funny man. TDD wrote:. TDD Posted December 22, Ceka Cianci wrote:. Oh yeah, you're right I forgot about vore. There's no reason outfits and fashions like Gor have to be linked to female slavery. There's even plenty of fantasy sources out there with such conventions without the misogyny.

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Whereas, gore is a more general term which can encompass various, more specific activities, such as vore, dolcett, snuff, etc If I remember correctly, there are two types of vore, soft and hard. And then of course Where gamer geeks can believe in 30 foot long flying lizards and little bearded magical guys with Scottish accents, but a girl with gusto Gor just makes the slave link.

The outfit is nice, screw the slave angle. It doesn't take long to fall out of the loop around here does it? Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. Joan of Arc for another. Being a slave means that one has none, and the skimpy costume therefore, in that context, becomes a ifier of that loss of power.