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Gotham high fanfiction

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Gotham High Fanfiction

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If you said their names were Craig, Gary, and Melissa, I wouldn't even know this was supposed to be a Batman thing. It looks like some of the kids in the second panel is holding up the first panel. Wait, this is a published comic? This might as well be a new character called.

Selina/bruce fanfic rec

How dare this different take on characters who've been interpreted in different ways go into my brain and actively assault my idiosyncratic understanding of said characters. People would be hating this whatever you'd shared. I'm all for drawing male characters as being prettier than the bulky steroid addicts most Western artists portray them as, but it's kind of ruined when you then go and make said characters children in a High School setting.

I agree about how the love triangle should have had Bruce in the middle, though I was pleased that it was less of a big deal in the comic than the advertising made it look- and that Selina playing them both made the whole thing sort of a moot point anyway. Still, I wish Bruce looked and dressed like that in canon. name: Password OpenID? Clearly it's meant to evoke the Batsuit, but it's painfully unfashionable. No problem! Top of.

It's still fascinating and bizarre that it exists though.

Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. Remember Me. Gotham High Apr. Flat Top-Level Comments Only. What a boring story.

Edited Date: pm UTC. Sorry for misunderstanding you. This is a first-year animation project: reimagine iconic characters in a different way, like teenagers!

This series contains examples of:

It's amazing how much people hate this. ANY scene would be out of context obviously, and I know you can't post more yet.

I dunno. Maybe i am being harsh, but this is not a good. Especially given that Scansdaily is generally not down on hating things aimed at non traditional comics audiences.

Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting. Sorry- that wasn't meant to be a criticism to your choice.

Leaving aside how this relates in any what to anything identifiable as Batman, what's up with Bruce Wayne's outfit? Link Reply Thread from start Parent. Sarcasm aside, this seems basically fine as a concept and execution of "Batman in a High School AU" To be honest, I could actually see a scene like this playing out in "Gotham".

I don't see the inspiration for the characters and it seems to be just riding on Batman's coattail. Expand Cut Tags No cut tags. It looking like the Batsuit didn't even occur to me, I just thought he was cosplaying as the Crow. The thing is, Catwoman has a long history of being non-white going back to Eartha Kitt in the '60s.

Forgot it? Especially based on one out of context scene.

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To be honest, I could actually see a scene like this playing out in "Gotham" In first Season of Gotham, yeah I could see that. Link Reply.

Link Reply Thread Hide 2 comments Show 2 comments. Jack or john or whatever.

Wattpad fanfiction, nothing to get worked up about. Things that interest me about this: 1 Reinventing Bruce Wayne, square-jawed white guy, as an androgynous Chinese-American. Later seasons of Gotham would have used the more interesting parts of Gotham. Only that he lookswalks and talks any thing but Bruce Wayne completely keeping in mind all the points about the au set up.

That's literally what bugs me the most about this entire concept. Hispanic Catwoman is good, but doesn't it matter more that a black Catwoman has apparently become the standard? I have a longer post planned. Personally I loved the idea but I was disappointed with the final story. This right here seems bland.

Gotham high: dc comics ya writer turns batman into self-insert fanfic!

This is like something from fanfiction. I'm all for a non-white Catwoman. People care a lot about hating this comic. Link Reply Thread Hide 4 comments Show 4 comments.

That's very bad of it.