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High school jocks tumblr

The bigger your biceps get, the smaller your mind becomes.

High School Jocks Tumblr

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In your mail you find a small padded envelope, from which a gold chain slinks right into your palm, twisting into three perfectly symmetrical loops. You pull the necklace into the air to admire its rope style construction, and the warm color and bright sheen of the polished gold. The unabashed materialism of displaying gold on your body might also make you seem a bit shallow… or dumb, even. You fasten the chain around your neck and thus seal your fate. All the books you read in the cafes of Williamsburg and all your nerdy extracurriculars at your prep school are replaced by countless football practices and weight room sessions you sweated through in the Texas heat to secure your QB1 spot in high school and your recruitment by Lawrence State. Your muscles bulge and harden.

How old am I: 22
What is my ethnicity: Ukranian
My sexual orientation: Guy
Eye tint: I’ve got misty hazel eyes
What is my sex: I'm female
I like: Diving

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He was going to continue gaining weight all summer.

He liked to eat a carton of ice cream every night as he watched Netflix after dinner. He now looked into the mirror at his face, and saw that even that was beginning to fill out. He cupped them in his palms and realized how much more sensitive they were now that they had so much fat stuffed into them.

Having the same jiggliness as his gut, he realized that his pecs were also just as hard. If Jim was this thicc in the office, I would definitely watch the whole show. Recently Liked. No news from him for a while, but Dud Lite was a gainer who rivaled even Sim Mo! His muscular build as he gradually gained weight was one of the best ex jock bodies ever. His biceps looked even bigger now that extra fat was being stored ther, and even his forearms were growing.

His thickening abs are growing alongside his pecs that are swelling up, and he gets flustered as his wife catches him in the act. You would expect him to gain a lot of weight for working at a desk all day, but the actor himself has been eating CAKE. As he approached his 5th week being home, he realized it had been over a month since he came home from college. He looked powerful with his thick belly and ass, and he felt like he could tackle anyone on the field now.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He knew that he had been gaining weight, but he suddenly realized how tight his jeans were getting. Anyone else get excited to think about how the hot jocks from high school are not doing sports anymore and their matabolism is now slowing down in college? His happy trail bows outwards as he rubs his gut and burps. When he flexed, his biceps grew even more and to the average person he realized, they would not be able to tell unless if they felt them to learn that his biceps were half fat now. POV: You slowly see your swim teammate blow up with fat during the summer as a lifeguard sitting on his ass eating all day because the beaches are empty due to Covid.

Handsome hubby ex-jock sneaking a snack before bed. He felt like he had more presence and if he entered a classroom back in college now, all eyes would turn. To cope, he found himself eating a lot. Looking down and massaging his gut, Brad realized what he wanted. Forced to return home from college early due to corona, Brad found himself with a lot more time and unable to workout.

I love how he has his finger on his belly button and his face suggests he just finished eating and burped. Can we start this trend please?

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Spring was always his off season, but he usually used it for training. Then the middle row. With that, Brad made a milk shake with his ice cream and started to chug. Such a hungry ex jock. When he walked, he seemed to have more junk in the trunk because his ass now bounced, and he realized that his belly now jiggled too.

He was at the heaviest he has ever been his entire life, and looking in the mirror, he realized he had never looked better. In fact, both his gut and pecs were now stuffed to the brim, and he was beginning to get stretch marks from them trying to grow outward to accommodate.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

On an unrelated note, his hair had also grown longer and was beginning to droop down, just like his belly. Right now, his gut was more of a bowling ball that bowed outwards from his body. One of these is not like the other.

His boxers clung desperately to his quickly softening frame under his burgeoning belly, but his jeans steadily were climbing downwards. But over the past 5 weeks, he had gained over 30 pounds! Stepping up onto the scale, he saw the s quickly rise.

After 1 week of his new routine, his bottom row of abs disappeared. Comment below! If his belly was like a bowling ball, his pecs he realized were like mini-melons. Huh he realized as he flexed, he was gaining weight faster than if he had to pack more muscle on at the gym.

Him drinking this 14, calorie shake was one of his best because you could barely see his jock physique still while his new bulging belly was pushing out from his abs! Like for part 2!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He still had the remnants of a six pack, but not nearly what he had before. Kneading his pecs, he realized that they now sat on top of his belly due to how filled out they now were. Luckily, most of the fat went into his gut and ass, so his face still remained relatively untouched.

Brad always was proud of his body, and as the sophomore quarterback of his college football team, he always liked to show it off, Before quarantine, Brad had chiseled abs and a tight ass that his teammates would sometimes slap before their games.

Also his face is so attractive with his growing double chin. And then the top row was stubbornly hanging on after a week, but they ended up fading after 2 weeks instead. Restricted by his belt, his gut started to work its way around it and rise outwards from his frame like dough. As he felt himself out more, he had the desire to see exactly how much damage his ice cream stuffing sessions had done. Trying to sweat off all that soft pudge. His ruggedly handsome appearance was also beginning to fill out, and if he looked to the side, he could see the beginning of a double chin.