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Hot guy teachers

By Jo Tweedy For Mailonline. When a student posted an image of heartthrob maths teacher Pietro Boselli on a social media site, it sparked an internet frenzy in the weeks that followed.

Hot Guy Teachers

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Attractive teachers unfortunately have the burden of having to deal with students who develop crushes on them, and sometimes they say questionable things. Below are 32 stories of the most uncomfortable things students have said to an attractive teacher. At the end of high school, all the teachers put on a play jokingly ripping into the students and when she came on, all the guys start wolf-whistling like crazy - one dude even shouted "Get your chest out". How did she respond? I'm a first grade teacher so I just get a lot of dandelions.

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It's a job with good vacation time, good pay where I'm from anyway and awesome pension and benefits. My husband taught high school English for two years before burning out. Yes, some people are assholes. And I am not great at it.

32 attractive teachers share the most uncomfortable thing a student has ever said to them.

I think people who have a problem with men being teachers are people I'd rather avoid in all aspects of my life. She's struggled all year Hot guy teachers he's worked really hard with her. I think it's great. I especially appreciate men like your friend who teach younger children, not only because the job is so important, but because it helps break societal expectations that only women should be responsible for the care and upbringing of young children. I don't consider it a bad thing by any means, but it's also not a wild turn on. I have a high respect for teachers.

Being a teacher doesn't necessarily make a woman or man sexy in my eyes, but it's a very respectful career. I have incredible respect for anyone who does it and does it well, regardless of gender. They sound horrible. Some people will be looking for something other than what you have to offer. I grew up with a mother who was a teacher so I know all the hard work that goes into it. It's messed up.

Some of my favourite teachers were men. I know that teaching is very hard and that you don't get into it for the money. Some of my best teachers were men. No matter who or what you are, that will unfortunately always be true. Who on earth would have a problem with men wanting to be teachers? I've been a TA for a couple of years now, and damn. I deeply admire teachers and many of my favourite people are educators. I really have no opinion. He teared up at the last conference because he's so proud of her. It was making him miserable - not the kids, although some of them were shits - but just functioning in that environment.

They're just walking bundles of hormones and angst. My father was a teacher. For example, I have one friend who is a fantastic kindergarten teacher, and some women have openly attacked him for this. About a quarter of the elementary school teachers and half of the teachers at my middle and high school were men, so it was very normal to me.

Man, much respect -- I don't think I could deal with kids at that age. I would be seriously shocked to hear anyone say anything negative about a man being a teacher, frankly. But, I've been told by some of my female friends, that teachers are sexy, while others don't consider teaching a real job for men. You teach middle school? It implies someone that's more interested in making the world a better place rather than improving the state of their wallet, which is a wonderful quality in a human being.

It's a normal job to me. Does it make you feel better to shit on others or? It depends on how good of a teacher he is, and I don't Hot guy teachers any differently of a man that's a teacher than I do about a woman that's a teacher. Teaching is a real job whether it be by men or women. Further, is a man who prefers teacher over administration less sexy or admirable? I think it's a job, is what I think. Teaching is hard!

We need more male teachers! I think teachers are under appreciated, underpaid, and the good ones are incredibly admirable. Being a teacher implies that you're patient, articulate, good with people, and even tempered -- all of which are HUGELY important qualities.

I feel for men who teach in the younger grades and have to deal with the unspoken or apparently loudly spoken, in your kindergarten-teaching friend's case assumption that women are the only fit caretakers for little. It's really ugly and unworthy of people to think that way.

What kind of awful person doesn't think teaching is a real job for men? As someone who's studying to become an elementary grade school teacher, I'm super happy about men who want to be teachers, especially in the lower levels. I'm always astounded when any teacher lasts past their first year.

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He's amazing with her. I'm not bragging or exaggerating when I say he was the best teacher in the department. I'm sorry your friend knows idiots, who attacks a kindergarden teacher? I would assume you are caring, patient, good with kids etc I think it is as good a profession as anything else. It makes me so sad to think of the kids losing him and other bright-eyed hopefuls like him just because the politics of the public school system are so draining.

I personally find "helping" professions teachers, nurses, paramedics, doctors, vets, etc very attractive. And my daughter's kindergarten teacher is a man. I don't really judge whether I'm interested in a guy based on his job -- some people are just better suited for some things than others, y'know? I have a lot of respect for anyone who becomes a teacher, regardless of gender. I've never thought of teaching as a woman-exclusive occupation, and it's bizarre to me to hear Hot guy teachers some people do.

Has nothing to do with that, they are not related. Teachers are awesome. That's incredibly stupid, and it harms all of us if fewer good, talented teachers enter the workforce.

We need more men in education, especially in the younger grades. I've had many great make teachers. I may be biased as I'm a high school English teacher myself. This is a self explanatory question. I'd have more respect for someone who was a teacher versus someone who was a marketing rep for instance.

We have people in this world who care more about football and other tv shows than they do about the education of children.

Things you only know if you're a hot male teacher in an all girls school

Everyone told me he's the best kindergarten teacher in the school, and I believe it. I don't see why gender makes a difference in this case.

It's a noble profession, teachers will always be needed and are under-appreciated. I don't judge men for becoming teachers. This question is terribly depressing, maybe because I assume that by the time someone has become a teacher they have met a solid of people who feel the same way I do about it, but maybe not?

He won best new teacher of the year his first year. I teach middle school English, but does your opinion also relate to the position the man has. I'm just curious what the viewpoint it.

Some people have a calling for it, and I admire doing what you love and doing it well. Teachers are one of the most important jobs a person can be. People need teachers. I think it's funny how you post in fatpeoplehate and are so insecure yourself. I just want him to mostly like his job and have a schedule that works with mine.

Also, loving kids is hella sexy. I think men wanting to be teachers is a great thing.