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Hottest cougar contest

In her eyes, she is the ultimate "older" woman. Not even in joy.

Hottest Cougar Contest

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Massive cock for hungry older 5 min. Battle of the Sexes: The Blow-Off 5 min. Big boobed french cougar hard anal fucked by a young guy 6 min. Mature mexican enjoys a hard fuck and a big facial 5 min. Interracial loving cougar fucked 10 min. Teen having blowjob contest in bathroom 8 min.

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Howard said that was from Psyche. Howard said it was time for the Hottest Cougar contest. Howard said her ass is great for a 42 year old. She said that she had them naturally. He said they have a 40 year old, a 38 year old and a 50 year old. Howard asked if he gave it to her hard. Howard introduced the next woman.

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She said that she has to get her boobs redone because one of the implants is encapsulated. Howard said that she has a kick ass body. Howard asked if she ever tried to impersonate an Asian woman. Howard asked what she does for a living. She just laughed. He played it for Robin. Howard asked her what she hates most about men.

He asked if she dates younger guys. Howard asked BJ if she and her husband role play in bed. The last guy she dated was 29 years old. Howard said he might have to explain it first. She picked Asians because of her husband. Howard asked if she fucked him. She said that he was an Asian man and after having the kids he said that he wanted to have kids with a Caucasian woman but he wanted to go back to Asian women.

Fred had some cougar sound effects that he was playing whenever Howard would say cougar.

He asked if that was a big blow to her ego. She said they did come out of her. Howard said that she has to strip down if she wants to win. Howard played a Baba Booey song parody to the tune of the Abba song he was singing earlier.

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The 50 year old cougar sound clip had less energy than the other two. She said her best talent is chugging a beer in about 3 seconds. Fred played the intro where they talked about what this contest was about. Howard also asked her what race she would exterminate if she was forced to pick one.

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Howard said her husband entered her into the contest. Howard said that a Cougar is an older woman who is looking for younger men.

Howard said the questions were from their employee handbook. She said she runs and she lifts weights.

Howard told her that her ass was her best feature. She said that she did that a few times. Karri said that she does go for the younger guys. Howard asked why the husband left her. Howard asked how that works. She said it was only about 30 seconds. Howard asked if she was going to show them a bathing suit or anything.

She said that she has all boys too. Howard asked how they have such good bodies after having 3. Howard did his ant host voice and introduced Robin and Gary. Howard told Karri not to get too excited yet. Howard saw it and said it was a good stomach. Howard said the lower half might be better than the top. Howard told Karri to show them some skin. She said they Hottest cougar contest younger girls there that get hit on. She said she actually does some modeling and bikini work. Howard asked if she considers herself a cougar.

She said that she did have a first kiss with a woman a while back. Howard asked BJ if they ever have sex more than once a day. She said that she got on his lap and did it. She said they did it in the front seat of a Ford Explorer.

She told a story about making out with a woman for the first time and how she walked around with lipstick all over her face. Howard got back to the contest and said it was time to play the intro. She said it actually is.

She was all covered up so she took some clothes off. Howard said he thinks that she has a shot there today. Howard asked her if she has done any lesbian stuff with her. Howard asked if she gets hit on as a bartender. BJ said she has a 16, 12 and 5 year old. Karri said that Howard said she was good looking so that was great.

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Howard asked how old the kids are. Gary said that his favorite was the Black Hole Sun parody. That was her personality question. Howard asked about her 3. Howard asked BJ what the most embarrassing sexual experience for her was. Howard said he hates that one. Gary said she has a great body. That was 38 year old BJ.

Howard said that was a great name. Howard asked if her stomach is good. Howard said they have pictures of the women up on his web site so people can play along at home.

She said she has fake boobs and lives in New Jersey. She said of course he did. Howard played another one from Ham Hands Bill where he sings about not fucking with Howard.

He said they were going to have Fred judging as well. Robin laughed when she heard the first line. Howard asked if her kids are her biological .