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How to be a dominant master

Kudos to you for doing your homework.

How To Be A Dominant Master

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First is communication One of the "traps" associated with being the master in a BDSM relationship is too much emphasizing the expectations and fantasies, without paying attention to the other person. We think "Master" and immediately fantasize about power and control and exercising those desires, without acknowledging the reality: we are not the only person here, we are not an actual master and we assume that "Master" means just that, and the other person is just a replaceable prop that we are playing with. And then, to make matters worse, some have the potential to get angry when got an objection - in this case a perfectly reasonable, and react as such. Not at all, not ever, and especially not with someone who trusts you enough to be "in charge" of a scene. Because it must be emphasized repeatedly: as a Master you are not in charge. At best, you are a co - author in this BDSM story.

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I would like to say your site is very informative and I will continue visiting. But just like any relationship, trust needs to be earned.

How to be a dom: a beginner’s guide

To learn more about training for both Doms and subs go here ». As the Dom I always end up holding back out of fear from a past abusive relationship. Pick a place. They strive to exercise control in all things, not just over their sub sexually. You can on that here. We have been together for 28 years. I absolutely loved this article.

Congratulations on getting into the lifestyle. Plus you get to be surrounded and supported by people like you.

Dominant and submissive relationships – top 10 rules to follow

This means that they have order in their own personal lives. And the Dom maintains a stable and safe environment in which their sub may perform their duties in service of the Dom. Doms are not perfect; they will mess up from time to time. Hi Daniel! It turns out I have been a Dom without realizing for a very long time and I am ready to embrace it now.

One challenge my Dom said he had to overcome was being afraid he was being too strict and hard on me with punishments. Thank you so much, Ken! That means so much to me.

Thank you for sharing your story, Charles! I am in the process of training my sub but also training myself and this was great help. I just want to pleasure her in any way possible. Thanks again for all this info!! I am a Vietnam veteran, and spent 13 years in the military, until injuries sustained there, eventually prevented me from doing my job in the military.

Good evening. I am not complaining one bit. We have slowly been exploring; and, learning this new life together. It is not uncommon for a Dom to have an obsessive-compulsive personality. I found someone quite amazing and I want to be the best person I can be. Take care! I know that if I ever did feel that way that is what safewords and my journal are for.

If they focus more on what they are getting than what they are giving that is a huge clue. They crave obedience and need to be in control. How to be a dominant master lot of subs thrive on a set routine, and rules and protocols can help a Dom provide that. Hi, Kyle! It takes constant effort, but it is a beautiful thing when the sub becomes exactly what the Dom desires.

Well this is a comment I honestly never saw myself leaving anywhere ever. Fortunately, there are LOTS of online and offline ways to find local, like-minded people now. Be sure to read this article to help you on your journey. I miss that fun, and after reading all written here I was good at being a Dom. I guess there are places one could meet other like minded ppl. Of course the nature of a Dom can be somewhat selfish at times, but they should always make sure that the sub is satisfied not just sexually, but emotionally and physically too.

Most are people who want to be more dominant sexually in bed, but also in their relationships and personal life. A Dominant can take on many different roles such as:. If we have questions is there a place we can ask? They can still apologize without appearing weak by just admitting what they did wrong and what they will do to fix it.

One of my favorite things my Dom does is tell me to make him coffee. There are multiple points in your article that just made complete sense. I want to be that person but I cant get over the idea that any amount of assertion may lead to her feeling bullied instead of her feeling like my possession like she wants to.

What types of dom exist?

When a Dom trains a sub they are molding them to be a better version of themselves. My wife has enjoyed our sessions thus far; however, i feel we are at an impasse which is my fault. It is a very rewarding process though. Being a Dom can seem very appealing.

They can get mad and angry but they should always strive to be in control. This got me to reading through everything I could get my eyes on the past few days and soaking up lots of information. Training a sub is a lot of work and not to be taken lightly. How could one find like minded people in an area, which sounds like it is more in the open than my days, decades ago?

They take great pride in the health of their bodies, their homes, vehicles, and jobs, knowing these all reflect on them. Doms should have good posture and stand tall, trying to be physically above the sub, often making them sit below them or kneel. I am not sure where we are with satisfying her needs. I may be the Dom; but, it is more as if she Tops-from the-bottom. Many new Doms latch onto the idea of getting sexually pleased whenever they want, even in the beginning of new relationships.

Thank you. A Dom should also talk confidently and be direct.

Also, many many thanks for pointing out that even us Doms can make mistakes; I tend to be hardest on myself for that. The definition of a Dominant is an important, powerful person who likes to be in charge. Whether she from the bottom; or, me from the top…. My wife and I want to try this lifestyle and we are reading all your articles on your site. Every dynamic is different, and you can build your own, the way you want it to be!

How to become a good master or dominant

Ways a Dom can do this are:. Behavior modification is achieved through maintaining structure and order. True dominance is not just a role, it is a way of life. I really like this article! Real emotional harm can be done. A Dom may feel guilty always taking, but they need to remember that most subs want and need to be used sexually.

I am new in the BDSM world. I really enjoy your informative articles! If anything, I think in the beginning I got off too easily sometimes. They should also look the part. The sub can also keep a journal so the Dom can get inside their head. Doms can have all sorts of different styles, and stuffy protocols and all-serious attitudes are not that popular anymore. Being a Dominant means they are held to a higher standard, but it is all worth it.

Thanks Pete!

So you think you can ‘dom’?

Please keep the articles coming! We were together for about two and a half years other than when I was away doing my job, and eventually she needed more, time wise, than I was able to provide due to my job In the military. Feel free to share the articles with others in your community. Thank you for this.

How to be a loving dominant

Punishments are usually necessary to help guide and correct them. The Dom also takes responsibility for the wellbeing and the proper training, guidance, and discipline of their sub. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake doms out there.